Angel Beats! Episode 14 (OVA) and Alternate Ending Review


Its good to see these guys again

The events in this episode is placed between episode 4 and 5.

The episode focuses on the Tension Meter? What is the reason for that? Well, Yuri introduces a new plan, Operation High Tension Syndrome.  Our crew here (obviously does not understad english….no wait, they understood tornado..ah screw it) has no reaction, partly because this is the first time they ever heard of such a thing.

Yuri’s plan involves everyone (except her of course, lazy bitch) to act in high tension for most of the day.  Yell when talking, laugh, anything that makes them seem like having the time of their lives in high school.  This would confuse Angel and force God to come out and stop them.  If they fail, Yuri will starve them for a week.

Yui asks out Hinata, who says hes gay he wants to play some baseball with Otonashi, Yui goes off to play more guitar.  Noda decides to join the baseball duo.  Matsushita and Takamatsu join the eccentric Hinata and Noda (along with Otonashi) to the field. 

Apparently, TK wants to party.  Fujimaki,Ooyama, and TK head off to the cafeteria to eatas much as they can.

Just as planned

The trio eat as much as the can.  Outside, the 5 idiots happen upon Angel who informs them about 2nd period starting, the 4 chant while Otonashi just goes with it.  The guys end up in the classroom and they start yelling and screaming about famous historicl figures.  AFter class, they proceed to play baseball, only to end up in cleaning duty.  They start cleaning with towels and we skip scenes to Yui


The other 3 guys who just ate shitloads decide to dance in the field, with TK as their guide to awesome dancing.

So we have our baseball guys, the band, and the dance troupe wanting the field to themselves.  Which causes more rioting, Otonashi (while screaming) suggests they hold a sports meet, which everyone agrees to (while screaming)

Never really noticed Hisako…NOT UNTIL NOW

Yusa and Yuri oversee the actions of students and Angel while all this goes on

Capture the flag, good ol style (notice one of “someone’s dolls here)

Shiina eventually appears out of nowhere to retrieve her doll, and then she is intercepted by Angel.  Will Yuri’s plan fail?

Whats cute you may ask? her doll of course

Shiina finally cracks

And so does Angel.  Seemingly distressed she goes into an unknown part of the school in which the rest of the team follows Yuri to chase down Angel.  Upon reaching a humongous door, Angel enters and then they follow to see…

Radish fields

Well anti climatic, so much for bringing God out.  Angel explains that she wanted to tend to some radish because of a yet un-made gardening club.

Yuri in rage declares all of them to starve

You have failed the Dark Gods.

Well everyone is starving, and that where it ends :D, it ends with the words “Bad End”

The review aint over yet though

For those who didn’t like the happy ending with Tachibana and Otonashi, we have a more serious one.

A blonde kid is taking a test in one of the classrooms.  He stands up and screams that why is he here, and declares his death and more nonsense to the people listening.  Then, our new Student Council President enters the room

Otonashi has now had enough of your shit

Otonashi is now the new president and he says to the new kid, “Stop complaining and do something about it” then, he asks him, what does he need right now.  New Kid answers back with “the courage to stand up agains you” Otonashi, pleased with his answer, settles back to his calm side and tells him if he need help, he should visit the council room and he leaves.  The students in awe start going wild about him and says “He’s waiting for someone”, Otonashi sits back in the empty council room while the short ends with “Next stage”

And so, our hero decided to remain.

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The OVA did what it had to do, give us more character randomness.  It did exactly that, it was funny.  Didn’t really have big meaning, i did learn that Hisako had…okay i’ll stop.  The other one though, is basically the alternate ending.  Otonashi doesn’t disappear to reunite with Angel, instead he stays behind like he said.  Maybe its a new start for 2nd Season? Whatever, im outta here

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  1. Yui is my fav (cause she the most crazy) then its TK, then its Shiina. and Hisako and Yui’s conversation made me lol XD. but now i gotta find the epilogue cause the episode i watched didn’t have it. 😦

  2. *spoilers*

    I get this impression that the story is looped.

    Guy A makes a program to make sure no one ever falls in love again, because he went insane waiting for his love to return.

    Then, given that time seems to be weird here, what with Tachibana getting Otonashi’s heart, but her being there before him.

    And now, in the alternate ending… Otonashi remains, helping others… but waits for his love to return some day.

    Could Guy A and Otonashi be the same in a realm where time seems to not make sense?

    I’ll just accept the happy ending and not think to hard on it…

    • Thanks for commenting and thanks for the nice opinion!
      I think Otonashi is waiting for his loved one, but I always thought it would be perfect setting for the 2nd season if there ever is one

  3. I Love this anime, never seen this or the alternate ending though. Plausibly it doesn’t have to be an ending it could be what he did after Angel left and he eventually gets freed himself later, similar to Angel and passes the role on. Could really make for a great second season.

    • The regular ending showed Otonashi meeting up with Kanade after they reincarnate. But this ending made Otonashi stay in the afterlife. I would love a second season, but i would much rather see everyone’s backgrounds being revealed

  4. I agree it ended to fast, needed more back ground story on the rest of the group, but i heard from a friend that use to live in Japen that Angel Beats was originally written to be 23 episodes, but was cut down to 13.

  5. Lol, great review. 😀
    My favorite characters (not that anyone cares) are:
    1. Shiina
    2. Noda
    3. Yui
    4. Oyama
    5. Kanade
    Shiina likes cute things and is the only character/person I know from my life experiences who balances a broom on their finger for concentration BESIDES ME. I feel so special :3.
    I’m probably going to watch the OVA as soon as my computer stops being a moron. I don’t know why it’s betraying meh D: IT WAS THE BARRELS!!!!!!!

  6. I think that alternate ending isn’t an ending at all because at the end it says next stage so if you use your imagination and paste this “alternate ending” video between the scene in ep 13 that kanade gets obliterated and the part that they reunite but then reborn. i know he is waiting for someone but i would be curious to come to him. and maybe he gave the job to the other guy where he was talking to in the class room. and then he was obliterated. Just some possibilities like the other comments about this

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