Angel Beats! Episode 13-End-Review


Whew, we made it

Yuri, after crying and passing out, wakes up 3 days later only to find Otonashi, Hinata, Angel, and Naoi to be the only remaining students in this world.

Yuri is concerned over the fact that they are still remaining but Angel points out, Yuri seems to have gotten over her troubles, whatever they were.  Yuri becomes kinda….girlish, something that she never really showed.   Angel…okay fine, i’ll call her with her name, Tachibana happens to be more talkative….

I think we had a little sudden shift in emotion here

The crew had prepared a little “event” for their last moments together, Otonashi also reveals, that obviously, everyone moved on.  Takamatsu also happened to move on as well.

This little event, happened to be a graduation for the remaining 5 people.  The guys note out, Yuri has gotten waaaay more girly.  They also handed out graduation certificates, but they’re dead, who cares.

The group gets the event underway, with a little corny-ass singing, this part just made me cringe rather than feel any bit of good emotion

However, one thing flipped the switch of my tear sequence, Otonashi’s speech kinda got me off guard, cause i was so fed up with all the nonsense i absorbed.

I made this episode short because the last half is what mattered.

After the singing and heartfelt laughing, Naoi declares, he will be the first one to leave

Of course he cries.  To who, the dude who hugged him.  Naoi thanks Otonashi for opening his eyes.

Yuri was the next one to leave, she thanks the guys but apologizes to Tachibana instead.

The way everyone leaves, like the disappearing thing is seriously retarded

The next is Hinata.

Hinata was basically, the best character.  Hinata vows, he’s gonna find Yui.

And Now, our fated two stand alone.

Otonashi, before both of them leave, asks Tachibana to go outside.

Otonashi proposes that the two should stay here, he wants to help those like Yuri, and the crew if any people like them take this world the same way they used to.  Otonashi wants to  stay to help, but he wants to have her with him as well.  He confesses, that he LOVES HER

*cue music*

I really can’t put all the emotion into words can i

But, Tachibana explains to us that her reason for staying, was not being able to say thank you.  To whom? If you remember, Otonashi decided to be a donor when he was dying.  And if you remember even further, Tachibana stabbed him in the heart in the first episode.  Tachibana, had Otonashi’s heart, the whole time.  She wanted to say “thank you” to him, and if she stays, she disappears.

Tachibana asks Otonashi, to say he loves her one more time.

Both of them hug, crying, well mostly Otonashi.  After a heart wrenching sequence of tears and love, Tachibana disappears.


Instead of people appearing, people disappear.

Seriously watch the last 5-6 minutes of this episode.

sniffle, ISN’T IT SAD? BUT WAIT!

And with that, the end of Angel Beats! which finally makes sense (the title)

Comments from



Well, it was a corny, confusing as shit series.  The characters were well made, but if they gave it more episodews detailing their lives, it would have been perfect.  Back to this episodes, it was tearful, atleast the first time.  If you were like me and watched it in one sitting, you would kinda teared up.  I did, and i think blahboy did too.  Above average, below the “Good” level series if you ask me.  Angel died after Otonashi did, Angel was here for a while, the fuck?  I apologize for lazing up on the last few episodes.  Lol, compare this review and the first one we did

I will be reviewing the manga and the OVA as well so it ain’t over yet.

-siegetank- Odd ending. They all send everyone off, but nothing is introduced. Nothing is explained, they just sing and leave. The episode was focused more on spicy tofu than the actual characters. Also, Otonashi gives up his whole goal of making everyone happy by being greedy and trying to stay with Angel in the end. This is a bad series, fun to watch but its like watching Family Guy – people watch it but it has no story.

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