Angel Beats! Episode 12 Review


3 reviews in one week?  Yep, i wanna get this series finished so i can start doing another episodic review

Episode starts off with the sun rising, and Angel murding a bunch of shadows.  Otonashi walks through the halls and meets the remainder of the Girls DeMo band along with the majority of the entire SSS.  Hisako, Irie, and Sekine, the girls who we really never got to know encourage and approves of Otonashi’s ideals.  With a few parting words, 90% of the cast is gone

Shadows appear again and the trio (Otonashi, Hinata and Naoi) make it to the courtyard

They all start fighting and one by one, our Left 4 Dead style of survival

TK quotes Bob Dylan, to which Noda notes out……how old are these kids…

Holy balls its Matsushita

We skip scenes to Yuri fighting a few shadows and going through an underground passage

Back to the slaughter, Shiina is here to have the day

Yuri meets Chaa (the oldass dude from episode 2) and he lends her another gun.  Chaa thanks Yuri for her leadership and leaves the world

Yuri after more fighting, daydreams about her past life, turns out her last name is Nakamura.

Yuri’s dreams turn into nightmare but she is awoken by the trio and angel who then assist her into fighting down the darkness.

While Angel and Trio fight off the horde, Yuri ends up in a small room with a shitload of computers and a strange person in the middle (it is the guy with the glasses that got eaten by the shadows at the start of the episode)

After a little conversation, one could probably say, this dude is God.  He tells the backstory of Angel Player but the story is still vague.  This dude then offers Yuri to become God of this world.  After a little strange laughing sequence, Yuri declines the offer, saying that she won’t fall for a strange trick…i don’t know, this scene was confusing as shit.  Then she starts shooting up the place.

Yuri after destroying everything in the room, sees a vision of her siblings, and then she cries her eyes out

Yuri finds herself in the infirmary bed with Angel, Otonashi, Hinata, and Naoi next to her bed.


Comments from


Holy hell, this episode was madness.  So much shit packed up into 5-10 minutes.  This episode had the biggest problem with pacing.  Like i said, 11-13 will be bad, i promise you.

-siegetank- This episode is horrible. It would be better to skip it in order to have a happier view of this whole anime. There is nothing in this episode to talk about. Some things happen after another and in the end everyone is gone.

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