Angel Beats! Episode 11 Review


Fall from grace

I will make this short because the next two episodes, its gonna be painful to watch because of all the absurdity

Yui doesn’t exist now

Otonashi thinks about who should be the next to leave, as he enters the school courtyard, Hinata and Naoi appear of out nowhere.  The two argue about their reasons of meeting Otonashi here and then

More hypnosis.

Hinata falls into despair and then something strange comes up behind Naoi.

This strange shadow blob thing (no seriously, i ain’t kidding) envelops Naoi and hinata and Otonashi retaliate.  Yusa (the blonde girl) reports this event.   Word reaches to Yuri and now they trio and Angel are questioned by Yuri. 

While the talking goes on, Christ (our nerd) reports some strange happenings.  Then the shadow blobs appear outside.  Angel now with some wings, procedes to kill them.  Yuri also drops down.  Eventually, most of the crew joins up for the killing, about time, the last time they fought, they ended up dying.

After the little skirmish, Fujimaki tells us that Takamtsu got attacked by one of these blobs, and only his glasses remain.

The next day, we find Takamatsu without his glasses and wearing a normal NPC uniform.  The crew tries to talk him out of this but it seems that he has become an NPC

The remainder of the crew discuss in the staircase and Yuri calls in a meeting with all of the SSS members

Yuri discloses that these shadows are attacking indsicriminately and that a few members have taken new ideals.  Yuri calls Otonashi to enlighten everyone with his ideals.  After Otonashi’s speech (which is never shown to us) a few members yell in protest that this “happiness” and “fulfillment” cannot exist in this world.  Hinata and Naoi step up to argue Otonashi’s claim. 

We had that many people???

Yuri’s message to the other members is to choose their path, she finds her plans and Otonashi’s plan both viable.

Yuri dissmisses everyone but calls Otonashi, Hinata, and Naoi for a talk.

Yuri, with the three guys, and angel meet in a small area and Yuri tells Otonashi to order Angel to fight against the shadows, Yuri also tells them that she is not an Angel


Well, it was obvious, she told us so in the first 10 minutes of this entire series.  Well lets put that aside, Yuri is going after the source of the shadows and she won’t care if she comes back to find everyone gone (but she says that a lot nicer, lol)

*cue music*

We got a scene of mostly everyone reminsciing (or however you spell it) about their time here


Thriller or Smooth Criminal or hell, maybe Billie Jean by TK

Fujimaki praying? wutever, we never got to know his character that much

Ooyama had enough of everyone pushing him around

2 lead singers gone, worst band evaa


So people can read what dead people write? scary

Yuri, armed to the teeth meets a strange man in the school’s computer lab and finds a small secret passage way.

No ending picture today, the ending were those people (staring with Noda) today.

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For now, im the only one posting so no super reviews for now.  This episode was not the best.  Prepare for some more nonsense in the next one

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