Nagasarete Airantou Review


Well my finals are over and i have a 4 day weekend so lets see what i have to review today

Oh boy,  another harem/ecchi manga

Well you’re right, but this one has a most valid reason for every girl after one loser.  He’s the only guy….that lucky bastard…

Ikuto had a fight with his old man, and finally decided to leave his family.  On a boat with no destination in sight for him, a freak tidal wave throws him overboard.  He awakes on an island, with no electricity, no communication, no technology.  On the bright side, this island is full of women who for the past few years, never saw a man.  So our dense headed guy of a main character decides NOT to bring hope to this lonely island (lol) by impregnating multiple women and decides just to live his ordinary life.  The girls also have no idea HOW to “love” a guy either, the guy doesn’t try to find a girlfriend….he HAS TO BE GAY

So whats the story here?  Honestly, its just multiple girls trying to get him to marry them.  Also, because of the lack of tecnology, almost every girl is stronger than the dude, which is sad but he later mans up and becomes the stud of the entire island.  Did  i also mention animals talk here?

So whats the catch here? Well besides the glorious amount of innocent eye candy (theres only like 1 girl who knows about “Sexual activity” and the rest learn rather slowly) theres a large amount of girls (obviously) and most of them have a different perk, for example: One’s a miko, one’s a carpenter, one’s sadistic, one’s…flexible, hell one’s retarded at math but shes hot.  There are like 9 girls to chose from too.

Like i said before, we have a valid reason why everyone loves the loser so i don’t hate it as much as the other ones where they like the guy for his niceness or nothing at all.

I actually like this series and i appreciate the art but the art level went down in the anime, go read the manga, its still ongoing

That bastard has no idea how lucky he is

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