Angel Beats! Episode 10 Review


The best episode of this series.  Genesis was supposed to review this but i think he’s dead, or ignoring me, or hell, both….. I think i like using commas.

Well, Otonashi and Angel decides to give the people he know freedom.  Basically, he wants them to pass on, but with good intentions.  First to move from the list is Yui.

Angel reveals her new weapon.  Hand Sonic Version 5

The two devise to plan where Otonashi can have a talk with Yui.  The plan was to make Angel steal Yui’s guitar and bring it out to the yard where Otonashi would intervene and talk with her.  Angel returns with the guitar, only the pink haired devil wasn’t chasing her.  They try to plan again and it works.  While having a talk about her “actions” and recklessness and such, she metions that playing the guitar and singing are one (or i guess two) of the things she wanted to try.  The two decide to go somewhere private to talk about this matter.  Yui finally reveals her backstory. 

When she was a child, she was hit by a car and was paralyzed, she was completely bedridden.  She watched a lot of tv so she had a lot of stuff she wanted to do.  Well she wanted to be better in the band and she wants a homerun in baseball.  She wants to play soccer and pull off a German Suplex.  Otonashi with some thought tells her hes gonna help her.  Starting off with the german suplex. 

After much practice…


Now Yui wants to pull of a “Maradona” or a dribble shot after getting past 4-5 people.

Now Otonashi has to go find 4 more people.  While trying to find Matsushita, TK (while doing a headspin) tells him that hes in the mountains.  Otonashi asks him to find 3 more people.  TK being the awesome dude he is, agrees. 


After faking a challenge note from Angel, the newly formed team of TK, Fujimaki, Hinata, Noda and Otonashi go to the field.

Although Youtube had a video of this but its gone watch the damn episode!

The 5 man group see Yui on the field (with a nice hairstyle change!)  She kicks off and Otonashi somehow convinces the guys to follow along. 

Noda charges first and tries to steal, with Angel’s help he misses his slide.  Fujimaki gets kicked in the back, and TK gets tackled.  The only guy whose left is Hinata, as goalie.  Yui kicks and then

and it goes in by the way

Yui cheers in happiness while the guys except Otonashi and TK leave in shame.

Now theres only baseball left. 

Yui in the first day was hopeless

Second day, she seemed to do better but no quite there.  At the end of the day, Hinata shows up to see what they were doing.  Otonashi throws the ball and Hinata slams it for a homerun..

The scene skips to tomorrow’s twilight, Yui is obviously worn out. 

Otonashi tries to help her has she falls, she gets back up and tells him that she had used her body when in her real life, she couldn’t.  She was happy, even if she didn’t hit a homerun.  *Cue emotional music*

Otonashi asks if all her wishes are fufilled.  Yui answers with


and Otonashi stops in his tracks. 

Yui tells him that she really can’t do anything as a wife, she asks Otonashi, with the most serious face: Will he marry her?

And then Hinata appears out of nowhere and says he’ll do it.

And because words cannot capture the moment, heres a video that will summarize both the scene and ending of this episode

oh god….so touching…but kinda random…

Scene shift…Noda just cut something, didn’t really feel like flesh and bone…Ooyama is shaking in fear.  what the hell is going on?

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The best episode of this series…ever… I never liked Yui until this episode.  Otonashi fufilling everyone’s wishes kinda makes you wonder.  He’s kinda selfish, only making room for him and Angel.  But hey, he’s making them happy so i guess it evens out.  Yui’s character, behavior, and her past kinda make up for her actions, i understand her now.  This episode was really the best, but the plague that killed most of the other episodes infected this one as well, pacing.  Once again, Hinata and Yui who usually fight are lovers now? Someone once said “Hate is another form of love.” but this is just too sudden.  Oh well, the music went well, and damn, sunsets DO make everything better, i almost cried on this one.  Best episode, you could only wish everyone had a nice sendoff like this…..hah




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