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Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door re(view/cap)


Well like i said, imma try to cover 10 chapters. Lets get started.

Chapter 1: Hinata arrives late to an SSS meeting.  Yuri notes that he is in his NPC uniform which makes her more angry.  A guy (presumably Otonashi) and Hinata walk down a hall.  Otonashi asks why Hinata has an uniform like that to which Hinata explains.  Hinata remembers a truck and him getting in the way.  Then he wakes up in a strange school area and he meets the Student Council President.  She advises Hinata to get to class to which he does.  As he enters class and saying that this isn’t his school, everyone seems to recognize him.  Hinata, confused, runs away to the school roof (they let kids to go to the roof? thats retarded) He yells, asking what kind of place is this.  Then a girl kicks him off the school.  Hinata still suprised that he fell down is even more surpised to find himself alive again, next to his infirmary bed however, he meets a girl.  Hinata yells at her for kicking him off the school and tells her that he could have died, the girl responds to him that he would have jumped off anway.  A teacher arrives to tell them to get to class, the girl tells Hinata to follow her.  Back on the roof, the girl tells Hinata, this is afterlife.  She tells him that people usually remember the last seconds of life and end up here.  She proposes that they form a group. Hinata asks who she is though.  She tells him that she is human but Hinata asks if everyone else is not.  She says to him that thats correct (after a few guesses) and that the teachers really aren’t people either.  Humans exist in this world, but those who act like regular people are basically decorations.  With that lesson behind them, Hinata introduces himself, and the grl introduces herself as Yuri.  Hinata finds that particular name “yucky” because that was his mother’s name, he decides to call Yuri, Yurippe.  Yuri finds that name for her disgusting, and the two now try to find God.  Thats the First Chapter

Chapter 2: Hinata questions just how to bring God out.  Yuri proposes the idea of killing everyone in the school.  Hinata finds that plan ghastly and they go to the roof to come up with a less brutal method.  While trying to come up with an idea, the Student Council President arrives to get them to get to class.  Hinata a take this moment to ask SCP about God.  Hinata’s questions are ineffective and now he tries to get personal.  He asks something about love and asks the president to marry him, to which Yuri kicks him, off the roof.  Hinata wakes up again in the infirmary to see Yuri once again sitting near him.  They have a little arguement about not being able to die and something about love in this world (life after love?) Hinata’s stomache growls and they head to the cafeteria.  Yuri explains hat dead bodies still need some food, she also explains i you are content with life here, you will disappear (they need to sleep too).  Yuri heads to her dorm and Hinata heads back to his.  The dorms are for 2 students, Yuri kicked hers out and Hinata finds another kid in his dorm room named Ooyama.  Hinata notices that Ooyama has nothing interesting about him.  Next morning, Hinata jumps for Yuri as he misses the feeling of just being around a real person.  Suddenly, a gunshot is fired and the two head off to where the sound came from

Chapter 3: The duo arrive in the principals office to find a man with a gun took the principal hostage.  He demands to know what the hell is going on in this world.  The SCP, takes action and as they duo enter the room, the man with the gun has been stabbed through the chest.  The two leave, baffled about how the SCP pulled a move to kill a dude with a gun.  Yuri is distressed at this strange development.  Yuri and Hinata try to deduce if the SC Pres is God with her amazing abilities to spawn a blade from her arms, while debating over this idea, Hinata’s roomate, Ooyama finds the duo.  Yuri leaves, and Hinata tells Ooyama the horrifying things Yuri does to people (him).  Back in the dorm room, Hinata hatches a plan.

Chapter 4: Hinata’s idea to get God/Angel to reveal itself is to take the principle hostage, only this time, they have 2 people instead of that lone gunman.  And they have some access to convetional weapons.  Yuri is baffled by the idea Hinata came up with.  They pull off the plan and while they wait for the pres. too arrive, she arrives without warning and draws her wristblade onto Hinata.  Yuri threatens to kill the principle if she doesn’t let go of Hinata.  She decides to get rid of Yuri instead.  Hinata tries to fight back, but is put down by the pres.  Yuri then lets go of the principle only to pull her gun out again on the president’s temple.  However, pres does not stagger and mumbles “Hand Sonic” and a white blade forms on her wrists.  Hinata gets in the blades away to protect Yuri.  Then he wakes up again in the infirmary.  Then the two go off to dinner and decide that the council president is an Angel, with powers bestowed by God and the job to ensure order in this realm.  The two go off to their dorms and Hinata talks Ooyama about his hectic day of being hurt.  While talking Ooyama says that he knows that he is dead.

Chapter 5: Hinata tries to take Ooyama to meet Yuri who Ooyama has heard of doing terrible things to Hinata.  When they meet, Yuri is wondering why he is scared.  Hinata explains that Ooyama is scared of her.  Yuri then kicks Hinata off the roof (for the third time) yelling that its his fault for telling the violent actions done to his roomate.  Hinata wakes up to find out that Ooyama ran away due to seeing his roomate fall of the school, and now they have to find him.  Hinata then realizies: If Yuri keeps this sort of reckless attitude, no one is going to follow her

After telling her the fact about her leadership, she disbands this group and leaves.  Hinata leaves as well and then meets Ooyama again.  The two have a talk about Yuri’s leadership and her ideals.  Sorta gets kinda tedious to write for me, so lets leave it at they decide to get Yuri back to making a team again.  Hinata and Ooyama are like RPG characters.  Hinata finds Yuri and before anything happens, chapter ends.

Chapter 6: Hinata finds Yuri aggressively questioning Angel about the world.  She gets pulled off of Angel by a teacher, but Hinata steps in.  In that scrap, before Hinata intervened, Yuri yelled about no one knowing how she feels.  Hinata says he know how she feels but he gets his ass kicked.  After a vicious beating, Angel helps Hinata get up and apologizes for him being her scapegoat.  Yuri vows that she will uncover God from Angel.  The duo leave the room and find Ooyama running towards them.  Yuri explains that this was a ploy to draw Ooyama out (which is a lie).  Ooyama agrees to join the team.  Then scene shifts to the trio playing tennis.  Then, the tennis ball gets shot, and then we meet the dude with the gun from chapter 3.

Chapter 6.5:  Omake Chapter: Yuri just sees the boys’ room, only to find it completely boring.  Read it for yourself

Chapter 7: We see our new trio digging holes, out in the forest.  We see that our trio is doing this under the orders of the dude with the gun.  Flashback sequence shows us that the dude with teh gun doesn’t want to ally if the trio and shot Yuri across the face to prove it.  His plan is for them to dig a hole deep enough so they can bury Angel and make sure she never resurfaces.  Present time, they keep digging until Yuri notices that the dude is sleeping.  The trio closes in on the dude and take his gun, only to have another gun pulled on them too.  The trio runs after shooting the dude in the stomache.  Even with the hostilities, Yuri says she needs more people to join their cause, and so far, hes the only human not recuited (so far as we know).  Yuri then has an idea.  She says that she will challenge the gunman to a duel with Angel as their witness.  Angel after a few minutes of talking agrees, Yur also asks for them to have tea in their room after the quarell is over.  Now to give the dude the challenge note. 

Chapter 8:

Yuri decides to give a challenge note, the old fashion way, with an arrow.  The crew heads to a nice location and finds the gunman sleeping.  Then Yuri fires her arrow….only that she fired it too low and hit the dude in the head.  The crew backs out and they wait for the dude near the location where she challenged him too.  Yuri is on the road, Angel is watching and the duo is hiding behind the bushes.  The dude happens to sneak up on the guys instead of Yuri.  He demands to know why Angel is here too, Hinata tells him that she is here to observe the fight.  The dude then takes his place and readies himself to fight Yuri.  Both take 10 steps, they turn aaaand….chapter ends

Chapter 9: Both challengers take the shot, but it seems that Yuri got shot.  Ooyama and Hinata are worried but Yuri smiles to them.  Gun dude pulls the last shot, only for Angel to intercept that shot.  Angel pulls her blade, and tells him to give up the weapon.  At that moment, Yuri gets back up and shoots the dude in the head.  Everything was planned and now Angel must do what Yuri says. 

Chapter 10: The gunman wakes in Angel’s room with our trio and Angel near the bed.  Yuri comments how disappointing this is, she thought Angel’s roo would be more extragavant.  Yuri comments on Angel’s clothes and well and asks the gun dude to help her, literally, sniff out something unnusual.  The dude laughs at this and says that Yuri is one interesting person and asks her name.  She responds, and he responds with his name: Chaa.  Chaa remarks that Yuri reminds him of his wife, which catches everyone offguard.  Chaa was somewhat married in highschool and left his home to find paradise with his love.  In the end, they were seperated and he ended up here.  Yuri asks Chaa to finally join them.  Chaa seems to cry (not bawl, just silently cry) over the loss of his friends and love, but he, decides he can make his paradise here.  Now with 4 peopl, the crew head off. 

Yuri declares that she found something significant in Angel’s room and tells the guys to prepare for tomorrow, then they walk past someone extremely familiar. 

Yuri stops for a moment only to continue her walking.  Then the familiar girl looks back…

Thats 10 chapters for you

I really like the manga, gives some real plot to uncover something, unlike the anime.  Yuri is a lot more appealing, less of the lazy bitch in the anime who just orders people around.  I think i find her more pretty here too.  Lemme say that we get to know why Chaa is here, this dudes in highschool? question is over….i guess.

Expect monthly post!

Angel Beats Heaven’s Door Preview


The fist ever preview.

For those who don’t know, Angel Beats Heaven’s Door…

(hah, you thought i was done with this series? this is probably the last though, until i actually review the manga)

Is a prequel to the AB anime series.  It details the beginnings of the SSS with Hinata meeting Yuri who then form a small group to find out who Angel is. It is updated monthly

The manga is good for many people in the Western side of the world because light novels (the first form of an AB prequel was released as one) are not sold here in America.   

Since this ain’t a full on review, i would recommend you to all read it.  Because its a prequel, a lot of our characters dont show up.  According to the ligh novel, the starting members are Yuri, Hinata, Ooyama, Chaa, Noda and Shiina.

Im going to review the first 10 chapters sometime this week (and start the new episodic review) and do monthly reviews of new chapters.

Angel Beats! Episode 14 (OVA) and Alternate Ending Review


Its good to see these guys again

The events in this episode is placed between episode 4 and 5.

The episode focuses on the Tension Meter? What is the reason for that? Well, Yuri introduces a new plan, Operation High Tension Syndrome.  Our crew here (obviously does not understad english….no wait, they understood tornado..ah screw it) has no reaction, partly because this is the first time they ever heard of such a thing.

Yuri’s plan involves everyone (except her of course, lazy bitch) to act in high tension for most of the day.  Yell when talking, laugh, anything that makes them seem like having the time of their lives in high school.  This would confuse Angel and force God to come out and stop them.  If they fail, Yuri will starve them for a week.

Yui asks out Hinata, who says hes gay he wants to play some baseball with Otonashi, Yui goes off to play more guitar.  Noda decides to join the baseball duo.  Matsushita and Takamatsu join the eccentric Hinata and Noda (along with Otonashi) to the field. 

Apparently, TK wants to party.  Fujimaki,Ooyama, and TK head off to the cafeteria to eatas much as they can.

Just as planned

The trio eat as much as the can.  Outside, the 5 idiots happen upon Angel who informs them about 2nd period starting, the 4 chant while Otonashi just goes with it.  The guys end up in the classroom and they start yelling and screaming about famous historicl figures.  AFter class, they proceed to play baseball, only to end up in cleaning duty.  They start cleaning with towels and we skip scenes to Yui


The other 3 guys who just ate shitloads decide to dance in the field, with TK as their guide to awesome dancing.

So we have our baseball guys, the band, and the dance troupe wanting the field to themselves.  Which causes more rioting, Otonashi (while screaming) suggests they hold a sports meet, which everyone agrees to (while screaming)

Never really noticed Hisako…NOT UNTIL NOW

Yusa and Yuri oversee the actions of students and Angel while all this goes on

Capture the flag, good ol style (notice one of “someone’s dolls here)

Shiina eventually appears out of nowhere to retrieve her doll, and then she is intercepted by Angel.  Will Yuri’s plan fail?

Whats cute you may ask? her doll of course

Shiina finally cracks

And so does Angel.  Seemingly distressed she goes into an unknown part of the school in which the rest of the team follows Yuri to chase down Angel.  Upon reaching a humongous door, Angel enters and then they follow to see…

Radish fields

Well anti climatic, so much for bringing God out.  Angel explains that she wanted to tend to some radish because of a yet un-made gardening club.

Yuri in rage declares all of them to starve

You have failed the Dark Gods.

Well everyone is starving, and that where it ends :D, it ends with the words “Bad End”

The review aint over yet though

For those who didn’t like the happy ending with Tachibana and Otonashi, we have a more serious one.

A blonde kid is taking a test in one of the classrooms.  He stands up and screams that why is he here, and declares his death and more nonsense to the people listening.  Then, our new Student Council President enters the room

Otonashi has now had enough of your shit

Otonashi is now the new president and he says to the new kid, “Stop complaining and do something about it” then, he asks him, what does he need right now.  New Kid answers back with “the courage to stand up agains you” Otonashi, pleased with his answer, settles back to his calm side and tells him if he need help, he should visit the council room and he leaves.  The students in awe start going wild about him and says “He’s waiting for someone”, Otonashi sits back in the empty council room while the short ends with “Next stage”

And so, our hero decided to remain.

Comments from


The OVA did what it had to do, give us more character randomness.  It did exactly that, it was funny.  Didn’t really have big meaning, i did learn that Hisako had…okay i’ll stop.  The other one though, is basically the alternate ending.  Otonashi doesn’t disappear to reunite with Angel, instead he stays behind like he said.  Maybe its a new start for 2nd Season? Whatever, im outta here

Angel Beats! Episode 13-End-Review


Whew, we made it

Yuri, after crying and passing out, wakes up 3 days later only to find Otonashi, Hinata, Angel, and Naoi to be the only remaining students in this world.

Yuri is concerned over the fact that they are still remaining but Angel points out, Yuri seems to have gotten over her troubles, whatever they were.  Yuri becomes kinda….girlish, something that she never really showed.   Angel…okay fine, i’ll call her with her name, Tachibana happens to be more talkative….

I think we had a little sudden shift in emotion here

The crew had prepared a little “event” for their last moments together, Otonashi also reveals, that obviously, everyone moved on.  Takamatsu also happened to move on as well.

This little event, happened to be a graduation for the remaining 5 people.  The guys note out, Yuri has gotten waaaay more girly.  They also handed out graduation certificates, but they’re dead, who cares.

The group gets the event underway, with a little corny-ass singing, this part just made me cringe rather than feel any bit of good emotion

However, one thing flipped the switch of my tear sequence, Otonashi’s speech kinda got me off guard, cause i was so fed up with all the nonsense i absorbed.

I made this episode short because the last half is what mattered.

After the singing and heartfelt laughing, Naoi declares, he will be the first one to leave

Of course he cries.  To who, the dude who hugged him.  Naoi thanks Otonashi for opening his eyes.

Yuri was the next one to leave, she thanks the guys but apologizes to Tachibana instead.

The way everyone leaves, like the disappearing thing is seriously retarded

The next is Hinata.

Hinata was basically, the best character.  Hinata vows, he’s gonna find Yui.

And Now, our fated two stand alone.

Otonashi, before both of them leave, asks Tachibana to go outside.

Otonashi proposes that the two should stay here, he wants to help those like Yuri, and the crew if any people like them take this world the same way they used to.  Otonashi wants to  stay to help, but he wants to have her with him as well.  He confesses, that he LOVES HER

*cue music*

I really can’t put all the emotion into words can i

But, Tachibana explains to us that her reason for staying, was not being able to say thank you.  To whom? If you remember, Otonashi decided to be a donor when he was dying.  And if you remember even further, Tachibana stabbed him in the heart in the first episode.  Tachibana, had Otonashi’s heart, the whole time.  She wanted to say “thank you” to him, and if she stays, she disappears.

Tachibana asks Otonashi, to say he loves her one more time.

Both of them hug, crying, well mostly Otonashi.  After a heart wrenching sequence of tears and love, Tachibana disappears.


Instead of people appearing, people disappear.

Seriously watch the last 5-6 minutes of this episode.

sniffle, ISN’T IT SAD? BUT WAIT!

And with that, the end of Angel Beats! which finally makes sense (the title)

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Well, it was a corny, confusing as shit series.  The characters were well made, but if they gave it more episodews detailing their lives, it would have been perfect.  Back to this episodes, it was tearful, atleast the first time.  If you were like me and watched it in one sitting, you would kinda teared up.  I did, and i think blahboy did too.  Above average, below the “Good” level series if you ask me.  Angel died after Otonashi did, Angel was here for a while, the fuck?  I apologize for lazing up on the last few episodes.  Lol, compare this review and the first one we did

I will be reviewing the manga and the OVA as well so it ain’t over yet.

-siegetank- Odd ending. They all send everyone off, but nothing is introduced. Nothing is explained, they just sing and leave. The episode was focused more on spicy tofu than the actual characters. Also, Otonashi gives up his whole goal of making everyone happy by being greedy and trying to stay with Angel in the end. This is a bad series, fun to watch but its like watching Family Guy – people watch it but it has no story.

Angel Beats! Episode 12 Review


3 reviews in one week?  Yep, i wanna get this series finished so i can start doing another episodic review

Episode starts off with the sun rising, and Angel murding a bunch of shadows.  Otonashi walks through the halls and meets the remainder of the Girls DeMo band along with the majority of the entire SSS.  Hisako, Irie, and Sekine, the girls who we really never got to know encourage and approves of Otonashi’s ideals.  With a few parting words, 90% of the cast is gone

Shadows appear again and the trio (Otonashi, Hinata and Naoi) make it to the courtyard

They all start fighting and one by one, our Left 4 Dead style of survival

TK quotes Bob Dylan, to which Noda notes out……how old are these kids…

Holy balls its Matsushita

We skip scenes to Yuri fighting a few shadows and going through an underground passage

Back to the slaughter, Shiina is here to have the day

Yuri meets Chaa (the oldass dude from episode 2) and he lends her another gun.  Chaa thanks Yuri for her leadership and leaves the world

Yuri after more fighting, daydreams about her past life, turns out her last name is Nakamura.

Yuri’s dreams turn into nightmare but she is awoken by the trio and angel who then assist her into fighting down the darkness.

While Angel and Trio fight off the horde, Yuri ends up in a small room with a shitload of computers and a strange person in the middle (it is the guy with the glasses that got eaten by the shadows at the start of the episode)

After a little conversation, one could probably say, this dude is God.  He tells the backstory of Angel Player but the story is still vague.  This dude then offers Yuri to become God of this world.  After a little strange laughing sequence, Yuri declines the offer, saying that she won’t fall for a strange trick…i don’t know, this scene was confusing as shit.  Then she starts shooting up the place.

Yuri after destroying everything in the room, sees a vision of her siblings, and then she cries her eyes out

Yuri finds herself in the infirmary bed with Angel, Otonashi, Hinata, and Naoi next to her bed.


Comments from


Holy hell, this episode was madness.  So much shit packed up into 5-10 minutes.  This episode had the biggest problem with pacing.  Like i said, 11-13 will be bad, i promise you.

-siegetank- This episode is horrible. It would be better to skip it in order to have a happier view of this whole anime. There is nothing in this episode to talk about. Some things happen after another and in the end everyone is gone.

Angel Beats! Episode 11 Review


Fall from grace

I will make this short because the next two episodes, its gonna be painful to watch because of all the absurdity

Yui doesn’t exist now

Otonashi thinks about who should be the next to leave, as he enters the school courtyard, Hinata and Naoi appear of out nowhere.  The two argue about their reasons of meeting Otonashi here and then

More hypnosis.

Hinata falls into despair and then something strange comes up behind Naoi.

This strange shadow blob thing (no seriously, i ain’t kidding) envelops Naoi and hinata and Otonashi retaliate.  Yusa (the blonde girl) reports this event.   Word reaches to Yuri and now they trio and Angel are questioned by Yuri. 

While the talking goes on, Christ (our nerd) reports some strange happenings.  Then the shadow blobs appear outside.  Angel now with some wings, procedes to kill them.  Yuri also drops down.  Eventually, most of the crew joins up for the killing, about time, the last time they fought, they ended up dying.

After the little skirmish, Fujimaki tells us that Takamtsu got attacked by one of these blobs, and only his glasses remain.

The next day, we find Takamatsu without his glasses and wearing a normal NPC uniform.  The crew tries to talk him out of this but it seems that he has become an NPC

The remainder of the crew discuss in the staircase and Yuri calls in a meeting with all of the SSS members

Yuri discloses that these shadows are attacking indsicriminately and that a few members have taken new ideals.  Yuri calls Otonashi to enlighten everyone with his ideals.  After Otonashi’s speech (which is never shown to us) a few members yell in protest that this “happiness” and “fulfillment” cannot exist in this world.  Hinata and Naoi step up to argue Otonashi’s claim. 

We had that many people???

Yuri’s message to the other members is to choose their path, she finds her plans and Otonashi’s plan both viable.

Yuri dissmisses everyone but calls Otonashi, Hinata, and Naoi for a talk.

Yuri, with the three guys, and angel meet in a small area and Yuri tells Otonashi to order Angel to fight against the shadows, Yuri also tells them that she is not an Angel


Well, it was obvious, she told us so in the first 10 minutes of this entire series.  Well lets put that aside, Yuri is going after the source of the shadows and she won’t care if she comes back to find everyone gone (but she says that a lot nicer, lol)

*cue music*

We got a scene of mostly everyone reminsciing (or however you spell it) about their time here


Thriller or Smooth Criminal or hell, maybe Billie Jean by TK

Fujimaki praying? wutever, we never got to know his character that much

Ooyama had enough of everyone pushing him around

2 lead singers gone, worst band evaa


So people can read what dead people write? scary

Yuri, armed to the teeth meets a strange man in the school’s computer lab and finds a small secret passage way.

No ending picture today, the ending were those people (staring with Noda) today.

Comments from


For now, im the only one posting so no super reviews for now.  This episode was not the best.  Prepare for some more nonsense in the next one

Classics: Samurai Champloo Review


“The Journey beats the Destination”

Shinichiro Watanabe made himself a legend (in the anime world of course, but his works were famous in America too) by making the series called Cowboy Bebop which detailed the life of Spike Spiegel and his job of bounty hunting onboard the ship, Bebop.  Go to Google and type in “Cowboy”, the words “Bebop” will most likely be your Number 1 most recommended answer.  Now type in Samurai in Google.  Right after Samurai Jack, should be Samurai Champloo, and it is a well deserved spot

Cowboy Bebop was influenced by American Jazz and Blues era of the 40’s to 60’s.  Samurai Champloo follows the tradition of strange mixups.  This time Rap and hip hop blended with Samurais

Samurai Champloo takes place in the Edo period of Japan (Roughly the 1600’s all the way to the 1800’s) but more earlier than the 1800’s.  Anyway, our main character which happens to be a girl, works in a small teashop in a town owned by a feudal lord, or Magistrate.  Fuu (our main character) and her employers are having a lack luster day.  The shop is currently occupied by a group of misfits.  Another mis fit man with an (more or less) afro enters the shop.  He calls Fuu to him and whispers into her ear that he will get rid of all the misfits here for some food.  Fuu refuses the offer but when some complaints arise from the misfits and when an uproar seems iminent, she agrees to our afro-ed friend.  The afro man literally starts beating the misfits with a array of dazzling display of break dancing and sword mastery.  While hes in the middle of killing, another man enters the teashop and hes wearing glasses.  The dude with the afro already killed the dudes who were causing a ruckus, and now he decides to kill the man with glasses too.  The two get in a fight and with some epic fighting, the two accidentally burns the teashop down.   they are arrested for the murder of the magistrate’s son, who happened to lead the band of misfits the afro dude killed.  The two are about to get executed, only that they escape with Fuu’s help and soon meet up in an alleyway.  Before the two samurais being to kill eachother, she proposes a bet.  She will flip a coin, and if it lands heads, they follow her on her personal journey to find a mysterious man, dubbed, “the samurai who smells of sunflowers.” If it comes up tails, the two men can start killing eachother.  Oh yeah, the 2 guys names are Mugen (the afro) and Jin (glasses).  Mugen tosses the coin, pretty hard and it takes a while for it fall down.  Eventually, it lands and Fuu yells Heads and the new trio dash off while being chased by the magistrate’s army.  And the epic journey filled with awesomeness begins.


  • Mugen: An ex-band of rogues and was an ex convict (he has rings around his ankles).  Mugen has escaped to the life of a wandering warrior whose main problem being his hunger for food and his hunger for fighting.  Mugen carries an oversized Sai like weapon and fights in an unpredictable manner, using his feet and break dancing skills.  He’s brash, vulgar, yet turns into a more calmer person in the end
  • Jin: A former student of a dojo now on the run because he killed his former master(not on cold blood though).  He swore to never serve a master because of human nature of greed.  Jin also wears glasses, yet they are only an accessory.  Jin unlike Mugen fights in single style he has mastered and also is a lot more calm.  In the end, Jin becomes less tense about his life.
  • Fuu: Fuu is the glue that holds this trio of unlikely heroes.  There is nothing special about her, only that she can eat an enormous amount of food.  Fuu is just a regular girl who has not fighting abilities.  Through her journey, she learns to become a more patient and less complaining lady. She’s also accompanied by a small flying squirrel.

So let me sum up why this anime was amazing

  • First of all, it has a plot, unlike most animes and manga nowadays, this has a obscure (wonder if i spelled that right) yet linear storyline
  • Second, although secondary characters last no longer than 3 episodes, the main characters, even with their archtyped natures go really well.
  • Some animes focus solely on romance, Samurai Champloo summed up a huge romantic subplot in one episode, and it was great.
  • Mugen gets high on weed once, and its definetely a memorable scene.
  • The battles are amazing, Mugen’s break dancing was always fun to watch.
  • The blend of music are a nice thing to listen too, the ending songs are great

Out of most of the anime series i will ever review, this is one of my favorite series.  A nice story packed into 26 episodes and most of the time, the events of a the past episode rarely leads up to the next one.  The series is filled with comedy, action, and for each small arcs of episodes mirror some other genre of anime.  Go watch episode 11, a nice romantic story summed up into 1 episode.

So is it good?

Well, no shit its good.  Although it ain’t the new “Bebop” the show is a funny and action packed piece of art.  It also has a decent dub, which is very rare.

The music, is fine, although i find the opening credits not as good as the ending themes.

Best ending song….ever. A beautiful song with beautiful images

Another great song


Highlight to see

The ending, was kinda the best ending i would have hoped for.  The ending is realistic (compared to other anime, i’m looking at you Angel Beats, but hey, we didn’t even cover the ending of that one yet.) and ends in a nice tone of reassurement.

In the final episodes, the trio finally tracks down the “samurai who smells of sunflowers” and learns that they need a boat to cross to a small island.  While trying to gain money, a wandering bounty hunter and a band of pirates Mugen defeated from his past surface and fights with Jin and Mugen respectively.  The battle is worth seeing, one is realistic (seriously, its a damn swordfight, it shouldn’t take an entire episode.) and one happens to be less realistic, a scythe that cuts rock, hmmm.  Fuu manages to glimpse at the “SWSOS” and it reveals to be her father.  Her reason was that he abandoned her and her mother and she wanted some explanation.  However, her father is bedridden and she can’t really do anything now.  An old couple who were taking care of him tells her, that he never once forgot about his wife and daughter. 

The ending, spoilers

Oh man, i still feel kinda sad, and damn do i love the song.  Words cannot describe this perfect ending

Go watch it dammit