Cromartie High School Review


The funniest thing i have ever seen/read

Ever been in the same grade (in school) with a rich kid?  A guy with a mohawk? How about a fat kid?

Okay….Ever been in school with a gorilla? A robot? Ever been in school with Freddie Mercury??

Probably the only anime i know that ended because the author didn’t want to draw anymore.

Takashi Kamiyama (the dude in the middle, he’s fricken 16, LIES I TELL YOU) is a regular dude.  When he was getting bullied, his friend came and rescued him.  His friend pleaded that he enroll in the same highschool as him.  His friend, frankly, was a dumbass and was aiming for Cromartie High School, the school for delinquints.  The duo take the entrance exams, and only Kamiyama makes it, how stupid was that guy?  Well Kamiyama has to settle in for the worst school wether he likes it or not.  On his fateful first day, he meets Hayashida (dude with a purple mohawk), Maeda (dude who is ignored because he doesn’t have an awesome nickname), freakin Freddie Mercury aptly named Freddie, Mechazawa (a robot), Gorilla (….gorilla).  On his next few days, he meets Takenouchi (fatty who has motion sickness) and Hokuto (rich bastard and his servant).  There are rival school gangs but damn, its a lot of characters and all of them are hilarious.  I might as well tell you the gang leaders of other schools.  In Bass High, theres Jackson, strange name for a japanese kid.  Then theres Destrade with Yamaguchi who has a hilarious perception of life regarding comedy.  And Fujimoto for Manuel High who owns his own message board.

The show/manga has no comprehensible plot, its just days and days of the most unique school in the world.

Let me tell you now that it has the best English dub EVER.

The series’ staple are its many deadpan jokes which i can’t really explain so, go watch it, i’m tellin you, you will love it….if you have a sense of humor

I really have no comment, its funny as shit and both the manga and anime has ended (a long time [it ended in 2003] ago).  The first few episodes will make you chuckle but the later episodes will make you lol.

Goddamn, i wish my school was this awesome

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