Sora no Otoshimono Review


Lets do this

Sora no Otoshimono is a story about Sakurai Tomoki who lives in a small town.  He has a cute next door neighbor who is a predictable childhood friend.  Tomoki wishes his ordinary ableit boring life to continue.  We also find out in the beginning that Tomoki is a huge pervert too.  Also we see that his neighbor Mitsuki Sohara is a predictable childhood friend and neighbor who happens to beat Tomoki (or any other guy who they were friends with) senseless.  There are also the crazy New Continent Club President whose name i never really cared to remember and his sadistic friend, the student council president who comes from a family of Yakuza, or thats how i remembered lol.

Well, everything is fine and dandy until one day, a disturbance occurs and then the Club Pres. tells Tomoki to investigate a location while he himself tries to get there.  Then things get out of hand and he tells Tomoki to back out.  Tomoki decides to stay but then, something falls down from the sky.   Tomoki tries to catch that “something” which happens to be a girl…with wings.  The thing refers to itself as an “Angeloid” named Ikaros, and from now, Tomoki is her master.  Tomoki soon discovers the wonders Ikaros can do (he told her to strip herself and immediately she did only he stopped her) like summon a million dollars or panties.  After a little “talk” or beating with his friend, and a little explanation to his colleagues, Ikaros stays with Tomoki.  Then later in the series, 2 more angeloids stay at his house named Nymph and Astraea.  Nymph is a stealth angeloid, shes the smarter one out of most of the angeloids.  She’s the “tsundere” in the story, and shes a loli…..the infamousd duo that i rarely encounter, i hate her.  Astraea is dumb, and shes a blonde….i have no idea if that was a coincedence or not, but hey, shes hot.

Behind this is kind of a dark story where these guys or people with wings (they’re kinda evil to be called Angels) who basically created the Angeloids and made them their playthings.  Angeloids are like warmachines, they fight pretty well.  Ikaros or Alpha is like the most powerful but also the most emotionally week.  Ikaros was the first to be freed from the “Angel”‘s power.  Nymph or Beta was sent down to subdue Alpha but seeing how her masters are cruel decided that Tomoki should be her master.  Astraea or Delta is literally stupid and just doesn’t want to listen to them.  Most of the time its just perverted scenes and Tomoki getting beaten up or a romantic subplot, or plot i guess.  If its not that, its fighting to some extent.

The manga series is going on while the first season ended a few years (or was it a year?) back.  The 2nd season Sora no Otoshimono Forte just ended, and i have no idea if theres gonna be a 3rd one.

I also wanna tell the people reading ( if there is anyone reading D: ) why i like this series when it itself is jam packed with ecchi.  First off, the main character like most all guys of this type of genre of manga/anime is a pervert. But this dude isn’t afraid to admit it, he has millions of magazines, he once made a telescope to see every single girl’s panties.  But most of the time, when hes not in his serious attitude, hes in his chibi form which made me forget how he looked like.  What i hate about this series is the neighbor, jeez, if she likes him, why beat him? beating someone senseless won’t help, unless they are masochistic (i spelled it wrong i know) She’s cute but damn, ease off on the guy. 

Otherwise, funny series.  I would reccommend it

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