Oreimo Review


Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, wow, longass title.  It translates to My Little Sister can’t be this cute, it started off as a Light Novel series

To me, the most suprising anime i ever saw.  First i called it “Crap” now i call it “Holy crap, that was actually good.”

The very idea of a sexual relationship between brother and sister can either be viewed by the following 4 examples

  • 1: DISGUSTING! (Mostly the religous view it this way)
  • 2: Age difference matters, so i go both ways
  • 3: …..if she’s hot
  • 4: Why???

Well i was the 4th option when i first heard about this series.

The story spins around the Kousaka family, mainly between Kyosuke and Kirino, they are siblings.  The two, for as long as they remember are the most disfunctional sibling relationship.  Kyousuke, the protagonist sees his sister as someone who just lives in his house, their relationship is sour, and they rarely talk to eachother.  All that changes when one day, Kyousuke finds a anime DVD.  He mentions it during dinner but his anti otaku father (my hero lol) completely bashes it, his sister then gets up and leaves.  Later that night, she invites Kyousuke into her room.  She reveals that she collects anime, manga, light novels, DVD’s, and eroge gamees (basically, anime sex games) all based around brother-sister relationships, in a simple term, she’s an otaku.  Kyousuke is baffled to say the least and Kirino tells him to be basically her “confidant” or someone who someone bases some type of trust.  Kirino is still an angry little sister to him, most of the time.  Eventually, Kyousuke decides to take on for the duo and say that some games are his and he’s the otaku to protect his sister.  Later we meet a few of Kyousuke’s friends in which the anime only gives them little screentime.  Then we meet a few more principal cast members.  In the beginning episodes, Kyousuke encourages Kirino to find some people who share her passion to which she reluctantly agrees.  There she meets Saori and “Kuroneko”

Left to right: Saori, Kuroneko, Kirino, Manami (Kyousuke’s friend), and Kyousuke

Saori is a girl who doesn’t really care.  Make fun of her looks, she won’t care, she knows she looks bad.  And damn do i hate those glasses.

Kuroneko (real name Gokou Ruri) is a girl who basically is Kirino only that she is focused on teenage related anime unlike Kirino’s little sister one.  In the light novel, Kyousuke goes out with her.

The meetings between Kirino and her new friends continue and more banter between her and her brother continue. Some friend problems shows up whatever, go watch it

The manga, i don’t even read it.  But the anime follows the good ending in which the cold case tsundere Kirino finally breaks.  The bad end special which is coming up, i don’t want to even know.

Good series, i really hated Kirino’s attitude, if i ever had a sister, i’d beat that bitch.  Whether im too cruel, or if i just grew up from a rough family, im not letting a bitch whose my OWN sister to which i am the older sibling ever get away with that kind of behavior.  I was really suprised at the end, but im guessing you could see that ending coming.

(Really unorthadox review, i’m sorry x1000)

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  1. i have a little sister….. so this anime seems a little freaky and uncalled for. dont know if i would enjoy it

    • Well, the little sister is a COMPLETE B*TCH until the last few minutes of the end to her brother so it ain’t really romance-y between the main character and her sister. It’s a pretty good show, I went in thinking the exact same thing but I came out pretty happy with the watch

  2. The Kirino pointing to the sky picture still exudes a badass aura from her…even when the character herself isn’t badass at all, unlike Kuroneko. I enjoyed the messages and serious moments on the show…and Kuroneko. I didn’t like the Alternate Route much (I refuse to call it True Route but I have no choice now, it would seem) but I did like the megane girl who was introduced in that route…and Kuroneko. Still, I’m eagerly awaiting the 2nd season…and more Kuroneko.

    P.S.: Ruri Gokou was no fun at all.

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