The World God Only Knows Review


An original manga now an anime, which ended a day ago but was renewed for a second seasons, was it that good?

Above: Probably 75% of the girls the main character had to romance (i will explain…)

During the time i was completely bored with manga and the games i had, i went to Mangafox to find some random stuff to read, then i stumbled upon this.

The Premise: Gaming nerd (no not the CoD or Mass Effect kind of games, this kid plays dating sim games) Keima Katsuragi is the school’s nerd.  He plays dating sim games on his PFP (PSP) all day, even in school.  As much as he is a gaming nerd, he’s a freaking genius.  Even if he’s smart, he is constantly ridiculed by everyone.  He personally declares that all 3D women are shit and all 2D women are worthy of him.  While on his conquest to beat more dating sims, he gets an email from a strange contact which asks him if he will able to conquer (or get some girls).  Keima agrees and then boom, big explosion.  Out of the explosion appears a girl who is basically a low class reaper from hell named Elsee.  That contract Keima just agreed to was basically a deal with the devil, if he doesn’t do what he is told, he shall have his head blown off (a collar appears on his neck) Keima has no choice but to agree to the contract, then he happens to find out that he has to romance REAL GIRLS, which is bad news for him, but his head is on the line so he has to comply.  Now the picture above makes sense and shows how much this guy pimped out and thats only roughly 75%. 

Souls from the afterlife inhabits special girls’ souls,  Keima basically has to make the designated girl fall in love with her to “fill her heart”.  Once they have their heart with Keima, the soul will be driven out, in which Elsee will capture the soul.

Like i said, first anime season ended, 2nd season is announced and will air next year

Elsee isn’t the only spirit who works with people, the other prominent girl who is like Elsee is Hakua.  She’s a fan favorite.

The series is creative, a unique read and watching experience.  It has a strange but entertaining story.  Goes to show that nerds can get chicks too

Basically, all the girls he charmed.  Real life sucks you say? FAG

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