Angel Beats! Episode 9 Review


Prepare for a depressing episode

Lemme tell you beforehand that this is gonna be a short review
Once again, Angel is bedridden, and Otonashi is worried.  He decides to stay alone with her (in a dark room).  Yuri discusses the situation with everyone else.  If you weren’t here, Angel just absorbed all her clones, but turns out that all her clones had seperate consciencs eer however you spell that word.  Because she absorbed all of those evil intentions, her bad side might outweigh the good ones.

Well, while the idiot troop babble, Otonashi falls asleep, and then wakes up in a train tunnel

To those who are confused, Otonashi died in a train accident while on his way to college.  sucks doesn’t it?

Well Otonashi is somehow reliving his painful last days trapped inside a collapsed train tunnel.  Otonashi decides to grasp his percieved reality and help as many people as he can, he’s a doctor, he might as well save ONE life before he dies.  So Otonashi meets this other dude and he starts working his medical magic to any survivors.  So they get better but damn, they’re still stuck and their cellphones ain’t working either.  Otonashi being the one with any useful perks and knowledge is basically the de facto leader of the band of survivors.  Now the only problems are the selfish people and food supplies.

And unfortunetely the first live is taken away.  While a little trouble is going on with one dude trying to drink more water, a man passes away.  And this bad event goes on for 7 days….

Otonashi is thoroughly depressed because one dude dies.

The 7th day is here, everyone is lying/lieing (i don’t know) down from hunger and fatigue.  Otonashi pulls out a card and decides that if he can’t save these people while hes alive, he might as well be an organ donor (okay lemme  tell you right now that this scene is powerful, words, especially my words cannot do this scene justice).  Otonashi dies while the rock walls covering the tunnel crumble, everyone is saved, except for him.

Otonashi wakes up to find Angel awake.  rejoice, happy happy.  But then we move on to Angel telling him why shes doing all this.  She basically wants to keep our friends, the idiots occupied.  It’s no lie that they are all one big family.  This “school” or “purgatory” is a place for the youthful souls.  Angel is basically the sheperd to the flock.  However, self fufillment is something that must happen.  Otonashi decides to help Angel’s cause, happiness, with some blades….

Angel is given back her Student Council seat.  and the cheaters who organized that coup now have to retake the test.

Evacuate the classroom

Thats all

Comments from


Sad episode.  I really have no comment for this episode.  This episode got me when Otonashi got out his card to be a donor.  But, its a fact, he’s dead, we knew that since the first episode.  Good episode.  I kept this episode short because I wanted to get this one ouft of the way.  Episode 10 is probably the best episode in the entire series because it puts all the goods in the series into one


This episode was really sad because it shows the reason of Otonashi’s death. It shows that his death had a cause and he died as a leader and hero.  This episode was pretty good, and I wish there was more episodes that were written like this one. Unfortunately, it isn’t so the next few are pretty lame.


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