Angel Beats! Episode 8 Review


This is pretty late, i know and i apologize for not posting this episode, i was just waiting for my friends to update the other episode (which they haven’t)

Naoi is now one of these guys

Well presuming that you forgot about what happened last episode, lemme do a quick recap.

Basically, we see Otonashi’s memories last episode, quite sad.  But then they decide to go freakin river fishing, way to drop the sad atmospheric setting.  Otonashi also invites Angel.  And they later end up catching a damn big fish, and started serving dinner for everyone, ain’t that sweet.  Otonashi also says he wants to be friends with Tenshi too.  Then later, we see Yuri injured, and then we see Angel with red eyes with an epic moon (wait, moon? the hell? arent they DEAD?)

Now the red-eyed angel attacks the bunch and the good angel gets in the way and kills eachother

Double Coup de Grace

The scene shifts to the infirmery where the good Angel is asleep.  This scene lasts for a good 3 minutes about repeated talks on speculations.  To keep it short, Yuri states that she will research on Angel and her clones.  She orders everyone else to just blend in and go to classes.  This is basically the one of the funny parts of this episode, heres a video

Or heres a picture

While this happens, Yuri is in Angel’s room studying the effects of “Harmonix” .  She later discovers that if the original uses the skill again, it will absorb the clone.  Yuri gathers the troop and announces her discovery.  The team goes to the infirmary to find it completely trashed. Yuri orders everyone to do a search to find where Angel might have been taken to

After a brief 6 seconds of TK doing a headspin, the group meets at the gym and conclude they have to go down to the Guild to find Angel.

As soon as they get down, they encounter another clone of Angel and then

The remaining group opens fire on the clone and suddenly, another clone appears.  They retreat by using a secret door

In the hidden passage, Naoi explains that the copy might have made more copies.  And like as Yuri said, they have to get to the original to stop all this madness.

The crew takes a passage that is supposed to take them right to Angel, but they are intercepted by clones, and here is basically the highlight of the episode

Yuri, Yui, and Otonashi remain.  As they make the final descent to Angel, Yui gets knocked out.  Yuri engages in combat with Angel’s clone while Otonashi tries to reawaken Angel.  The clone then reveals another technique called Howling, which basically damages the enemies hearing, but Yuri who looked into the system while researching prepared for this attack with earplugs and then kills the clone.

Otonashi wakes Angel and requests her to use Harmonics again to Absorb all the clones.  Angel activates the skill and one clone appears.  The clone explains that every single clone of Angel has their own conscience, and if they merge again, the bad might outweigh the good.  The clone smiles and disappears.  Waves of red (being the essence of the clones) merge into Angel.  The original Angel screams in pain, Otonashi tries to ease the pain….and thats where we end off

Comments from


First, i apologize, err i wonder if its right for me to apologize.  The past few weeks, i was feeling kinda lazy to do an episode review.  I just did like 2 Series reviews.  Whatever, im gonna try and finish this series.  Also, im still waiting for my friends to freakin update.  This episode, nice laughs, and guess what? PLOT DEVELOPMENT.  Something i haven’t seen in a while.  This episode went somewhere but being cheap, just focused one 4 characters.  Gosh, why have so many characters if you’re gonna use like 5 of them?  Anyways, the repeated episode 2, not that original.  They killed off half of the crew, seriously, they are only used for humor and meatshields.  Otherwise, its funny


This episode is… interesting. Funny, and sad and fast as always. The first part of the episode was totally differnt from the second. Aside from that, the episode was again, characters dead and the last move on. Death is a joke in this world, even if they are reborn – its like a cod game where you die and respawn. I wish they still took it more seriously, and maybe the people could make the characters more developed than just using them as explanations on how the others make it through. And aside from that it was a joke that a clone with immense power and a blade could not get through a human shield. How uncreative!


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