Highschool of the Dead Review


Lets get this one outta the way

Judging from the cover, what can you expect?

When i first heard of H.O.D i thought: “Huh, i think this might be good for some action.”  Guess what? i was spot on, it had action alright, oh yeaaah, it had loooots of “Actiooooon”.  What was the action filled with? Oh it was good (BOOBS) with some guns, swords (BOOBS), lancing (BOOBS), tanks and driving (BOOBS), oh and Boobs, did i mention that?

Highschoo of the Dead is a story about 5 highschool students and one of their teachers fighting their way through a wave of zombies after a serious screw up.  The characters i will not go into because they lack something called depth, you don’t feel for them.  Why? i’ll tell you why.  Sympathy is given when extreme sadness or something near the sort is befallen on characters, individual or group.  In this case, group.  Why can’t I feel sympathy?  Why should they? 2 guys, one normal and one fat are surrounded by girls who have breasts as LARGE AS THEIR DAMN HEAD.  Now I’m a guy, but the amount of scenes that feature breasts, panties, and all of those sorts, are just STAGGERING…..and thats supposed to be a  GOOD THING, but this is just waaaaay too far. 

The female cast, 99.9% of them have breasts as large as their heads, and unlike the zombiese who are basically the ones who should be focused on.  And after a few episodes, they arent even in a highschool anymore.  The male cast has only 2 characters that matter.  One dude who almost every girl wishes to reproduce with him, and one fat dude who actually does something.

In short, if you want to have fake boobs flabbing ALL OVER THE DAMN SCREEN then go watch this.  It’s fanservice after fanservice, its like the women have no shame in revealing atleast 70% of their bodies to 2 losers.  you can tell i hated this series, just goes to show how low something can get, is this seriously those Japanese watch? I tried to find pictures, but i only get half naked woman, its a good thing, but in this anime’s case, crap.

And after that little rage i threw, good night to you.  I wouldn’t really recommend this series but hey, i’m not stopping you if you do

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  1. It was enjoyable for what it was. If it had cut out the harem bits and focused more on the survival aspect of the story (which it did well imo), it would have received more respect. Unfortunately, booby matirx is all this show will be remembered for with the passing of time. As ridiculously awesome as that moment was, it’s sad that that’s what people still remember. Cranky Pinky and Fat Man FTW!

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