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Cromartie High School Review


The funniest thing i have ever seen/read

Ever been in the same grade (in school) with a rich kid?  A guy with a mohawk? How about a fat kid?

Okay….Ever been in school with a gorilla? A robot? Ever been in school with Freddie Mercury??

Probably the only anime i know that ended because the author didn’t want to draw anymore.

Takashi Kamiyama (the dude in the middle, he’s fricken 16, LIES I TELL YOU) is a regular dude.  When he was getting bullied, his friend came and rescued him.  His friend pleaded that he enroll in the same highschool as him.  His friend, frankly, was a dumbass and was aiming for Cromartie High School, the school for delinquints.  The duo take the entrance exams, and only Kamiyama makes it, how stupid was that guy?  Well Kamiyama has to settle in for the worst school wether he likes it or not.  On his fateful first day, he meets Hayashida (dude with a purple mohawk), Maeda (dude who is ignored because he doesn’t have an awesome nickname), freakin Freddie Mercury aptly named Freddie, Mechazawa (a robot), Gorilla (….gorilla).  On his next few days, he meets Takenouchi (fatty who has motion sickness) and Hokuto (rich bastard and his servant).  There are rival school gangs but damn, its a lot of characters and all of them are hilarious.  I might as well tell you the gang leaders of other schools.  In Bass High, theres Jackson, strange name for a japanese kid.  Then theres Destrade with Yamaguchi who has a hilarious perception of life regarding comedy.  And Fujimoto for Manuel High who owns his own message board.

The show/manga has no comprehensible plot, its just days and days of the most unique school in the world.

Let me tell you now that it has the best English dub EVER.

The series’ staple are its many deadpan jokes which i can’t really explain so, go watch it, i’m tellin you, you will love it….if you have a sense of humor

I really have no comment, its funny as shit and both the manga and anime has ended (a long time [it ended in 2003] ago).  The first few episodes will make you chuckle but the later episodes will make you lol.

Goddamn, i wish my school was this awesome

Oreimo Review


Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, wow, longass title.  It translates to My Little Sister can’t be this cute, it started off as a Light Novel series

To me, the most suprising anime i ever saw.  First i called it “Crap” now i call it “Holy crap, that was actually good.”

The very idea of a sexual relationship between brother and sister can either be viewed by the following 4 examples

  • 1: DISGUSTING! (Mostly the religous view it this way)
  • 2: Age difference matters, so i go both ways
  • 3: …..if she’s hot
  • 4: Why???

Well i was the 4th option when i first heard about this series.

The story spins around the Kousaka family, mainly between Kyosuke and Kirino, they are siblings.  The two, for as long as they remember are the most disfunctional sibling relationship.  Kyousuke, the protagonist sees his sister as someone who just lives in his house, their relationship is sour, and they rarely talk to eachother.  All that changes when one day, Kyousuke finds a anime DVD.  He mentions it during dinner but his anti otaku father (my hero lol) completely bashes it, his sister then gets up and leaves.  Later that night, she invites Kyousuke into her room.  She reveals that she collects anime, manga, light novels, DVD’s, and eroge gamees (basically, anime sex games) all based around brother-sister relationships, in a simple term, she’s an otaku.  Kyousuke is baffled to say the least and Kirino tells him to be basically her “confidant” or someone who someone bases some type of trust.  Kirino is still an angry little sister to him, most of the time.  Eventually, Kyousuke decides to take on for the duo and say that some games are his and he’s the otaku to protect his sister.  Later we meet a few of Kyousuke’s friends in which the anime only gives them little screentime.  Then we meet a few more principal cast members.  In the beginning episodes, Kyousuke encourages Kirino to find some people who share her passion to which she reluctantly agrees.  There she meets Saori and “Kuroneko”

Left to right: Saori, Kuroneko, Kirino, Manami (Kyousuke’s friend), and Kyousuke

Saori is a girl who doesn’t really care.  Make fun of her looks, she won’t care, she knows she looks bad.  And damn do i hate those glasses.

Kuroneko (real name Gokou Ruri) is a girl who basically is Kirino only that she is focused on teenage related anime unlike Kirino’s little sister one.  In the light novel, Kyousuke goes out with her.

The meetings between Kirino and her new friends continue and more banter between her and her brother continue. Some friend problems shows up whatever, go watch it

The manga, i don’t even read it.  But the anime follows the good ending in which the cold case tsundere Kirino finally breaks.  The bad end special which is coming up, i don’t want to even know.

Good series, i really hated Kirino’s attitude, if i ever had a sister, i’d beat that bitch.  Whether im too cruel, or if i just grew up from a rough family, im not letting a bitch whose my OWN sister to which i am the older sibling ever get away with that kind of behavior.  I was really suprised at the end, but im guessing you could see that ending coming.

(Really unorthadox review, i’m sorry x1000)

Sora no Otoshimono Review


Lets do this

Sora no Otoshimono is a story about Sakurai Tomoki who lives in a small town.  He has a cute next door neighbor who is a predictable childhood friend.  Tomoki wishes his ordinary ableit boring life to continue.  We also find out in the beginning that Tomoki is a huge pervert too.  Also we see that his neighbor Mitsuki Sohara is a predictable childhood friend and neighbor who happens to beat Tomoki (or any other guy who they were friends with) senseless.  There are also the crazy New Continent Club President whose name i never really cared to remember and his sadistic friend, the student council president who comes from a family of Yakuza, or thats how i remembered lol.

Well, everything is fine and dandy until one day, a disturbance occurs and then the Club Pres. tells Tomoki to investigate a location while he himself tries to get there.  Then things get out of hand and he tells Tomoki to back out.  Tomoki decides to stay but then, something falls down from the sky.   Tomoki tries to catch that “something” which happens to be a girl…with wings.  The thing refers to itself as an “Angeloid” named Ikaros, and from now, Tomoki is her master.  Tomoki soon discovers the wonders Ikaros can do (he told her to strip herself and immediately she did only he stopped her) like summon a million dollars or panties.  After a little “talk” or beating with his friend, and a little explanation to his colleagues, Ikaros stays with Tomoki.  Then later in the series, 2 more angeloids stay at his house named Nymph and Astraea.  Nymph is a stealth angeloid, shes the smarter one out of most of the angeloids.  She’s the “tsundere” in the story, and shes a loli…..the infamousd duo that i rarely encounter, i hate her.  Astraea is dumb, and shes a blonde….i have no idea if that was a coincedence or not, but hey, shes hot.

Behind this is kind of a dark story where these guys or people with wings (they’re kinda evil to be called Angels) who basically created the Angeloids and made them their playthings.  Angeloids are like warmachines, they fight pretty well.  Ikaros or Alpha is like the most powerful but also the most emotionally week.  Ikaros was the first to be freed from the “Angel”‘s power.  Nymph or Beta was sent down to subdue Alpha but seeing how her masters are cruel decided that Tomoki should be her master.  Astraea or Delta is literally stupid and just doesn’t want to listen to them.  Most of the time its just perverted scenes and Tomoki getting beaten up or a romantic subplot, or plot i guess.  If its not that, its fighting to some extent.

The manga series is going on while the first season ended a few years (or was it a year?) back.  The 2nd season Sora no Otoshimono Forte just ended, and i have no idea if theres gonna be a 3rd one.

I also wanna tell the people reading ( if there is anyone reading D: ) why i like this series when it itself is jam packed with ecchi.  First off, the main character like most all guys of this type of genre of manga/anime is a pervert. But this dude isn’t afraid to admit it, he has millions of magazines, he once made a telescope to see every single girl’s panties.  But most of the time, when hes not in his serious attitude, hes in his chibi form which made me forget how he looked like.  What i hate about this series is the neighbor, jeez, if she likes him, why beat him? beating someone senseless won’t help, unless they are masochistic (i spelled it wrong i know) She’s cute but damn, ease off on the guy. 

Otherwise, funny series.  I would reccommend it

The World God Only Knows Review


An original manga now an anime, which ended a day ago but was renewed for a second seasons, was it that good?

Above: Probably 75% of the girls the main character had to romance (i will explain…)

During the time i was completely bored with manga and the games i had, i went to Mangafox to find some random stuff to read, then i stumbled upon this.

The Premise: Gaming nerd (no not the CoD or Mass Effect kind of games, this kid plays dating sim games) Keima Katsuragi is the school’s nerd.  He plays dating sim games on his PFP (PSP) all day, even in school.  As much as he is a gaming nerd, he’s a freaking genius.  Even if he’s smart, he is constantly ridiculed by everyone.  He personally declares that all 3D women are shit and all 2D women are worthy of him.  While on his conquest to beat more dating sims, he gets an email from a strange contact which asks him if he will able to conquer (or get some girls).  Keima agrees and then boom, big explosion.  Out of the explosion appears a girl who is basically a low class reaper from hell named Elsee.  That contract Keima just agreed to was basically a deal with the devil, if he doesn’t do what he is told, he shall have his head blown off (a collar appears on his neck) Keima has no choice but to agree to the contract, then he happens to find out that he has to romance REAL GIRLS, which is bad news for him, but his head is on the line so he has to comply.  Now the picture above makes sense and shows how much this guy pimped out and thats only roughly 75%. 

Souls from the afterlife inhabits special girls’ souls,  Keima basically has to make the designated girl fall in love with her to “fill her heart”.  Once they have their heart with Keima, the soul will be driven out, in which Elsee will capture the soul.

Like i said, first anime season ended, 2nd season is announced and will air next year

Elsee isn’t the only spirit who works with people, the other prominent girl who is like Elsee is Hakua.  She’s a fan favorite.

The series is creative, a unique read and watching experience.  It has a strange but entertaining story.  Goes to show that nerds can get chicks too

Basically, all the girls he charmed.  Real life sucks you say? FAG

Angel Beats! Episode 9 Review


Prepare for a depressing episode

Lemme tell you beforehand that this is gonna be a short review
Once again, Angel is bedridden, and Otonashi is worried.  He decides to stay alone with her (in a dark room).  Yuri discusses the situation with everyone else.  If you weren’t here, Angel just absorbed all her clones, but turns out that all her clones had seperate consciencs eer however you spell that word.  Because she absorbed all of those evil intentions, her bad side might outweigh the good ones.

Well, while the idiot troop babble, Otonashi falls asleep, and then wakes up in a train tunnel

To those who are confused, Otonashi died in a train accident while on his way to college.  sucks doesn’t it?

Well Otonashi is somehow reliving his painful last days trapped inside a collapsed train tunnel.  Otonashi decides to grasp his percieved reality and help as many people as he can, he’s a doctor, he might as well save ONE life before he dies.  So Otonashi meets this other dude and he starts working his medical magic to any survivors.  So they get better but damn, they’re still stuck and their cellphones ain’t working either.  Otonashi being the one with any useful perks and knowledge is basically the de facto leader of the band of survivors.  Now the only problems are the selfish people and food supplies.

And unfortunetely the first live is taken away.  While a little trouble is going on with one dude trying to drink more water, a man passes away.  And this bad event goes on for 7 days….

Otonashi is thoroughly depressed because one dude dies.

The 7th day is here, everyone is lying/lieing (i don’t know) down from hunger and fatigue.  Otonashi pulls out a card and decides that if he can’t save these people while hes alive, he might as well be an organ donor (okay lemme  tell you right now that this scene is powerful, words, especially my words cannot do this scene justice).  Otonashi dies while the rock walls covering the tunnel crumble, everyone is saved, except for him.

Otonashi wakes up to find Angel awake.  rejoice, happy happy.  But then we move on to Angel telling him why shes doing all this.  She basically wants to keep our friends, the idiots occupied.  It’s no lie that they are all one big family.  This “school” or “purgatory” is a place for the youthful souls.  Angel is basically the sheperd to the flock.  However, self fufillment is something that must happen.  Otonashi decides to help Angel’s cause, happiness, with some blades….

Angel is given back her Student Council seat.  and the cheaters who organized that coup now have to retake the test.

Evacuate the classroom

Thats all

Comments from


Sad episode.  I really have no comment for this episode.  This episode got me when Otonashi got out his card to be a donor.  But, its a fact, he’s dead, we knew that since the first episode.  Good episode.  I kept this episode short because I wanted to get this one ouft of the way.  Episode 10 is probably the best episode in the entire series because it puts all the goods in the series into one


This episode was really sad because it shows the reason of Otonashi’s death. It shows that his death had a cause and he died as a leader and hero.  This episode was pretty good, and I wish there was more episodes that were written like this one. Unfortunately, it isn’t so the next few are pretty lame.


Hayate No Gotoku Review


Lets finish this one

I remember stumbling upon this manga during my 8th grade year in Middle School, ah good times, good times.  I was an A student back then, and now i’m an average student in an All Boys, All Honors school.  I’ve read this thing from beginning to the recent chapters.  I loved this manga, why? It has humor, it has great characters, a suprisingly nice drama.  I also introduced this manga to Genesis who loved it as well. 

Hayate no Gotoku tells the story of Ayasaki Hayate.  Probably the most oblivious, and most unluckiest guy ever (in some terms).  Instead of attending high school, he works at the expense of his greedy parents.  During one of his day jobs, he gets fired after lying about his age.  When his former boss says that he mailed his check to his house, Hayate just knows that his parents are going to use it all for gambling.  Hayate returns to his house to find that his money has been spent and that his parents have sold his organs to the Yakuza.  Immediatley after finishing the letter, the Yakuza arrive to harvest Hayate’s organs.  Hayate (due to his years of work, his body is extremely durable) runs away.  Hayate then realizes that the good never wins, he must delve to be a criminal to achieve anything, the bad thing is, this kid is the nicest kid ever.  He spots a lone girl.  And seeing that she has an expensive looking cloths, he decides to kidnap her and ask for ransom.  He approaches the girl, tells her that he loves her and asks her for her number.  He escapes and goes to a phonebooth and calls the number, and then he accidentally tells the person on the other line, his name.  Hayate now thoroughly depressed tries to committ suicide but instead he gets run over by a bicycle.  The person who was riding the bicycle apologizes and helps him.  Then she mentions a girl named Nagi, the girl who Hayate met earlier.  She just happened to get kidnapped.  Hayate borrowing the bike from the lady crashes into the kidnapper’s car and recsues Nagi.  Hayate passes out, Nagi happens to be one of richest people in Japan, the lady with the bike was Maria, Nagi’s maid.  Nagi decides to hire Hayate as her butler.

Thats what happens in the first chapter.  From there, Hayate gets tangled in the world of love and spoiled kids.  Hayate meets like 12-20 girls in the short period of 4 months.  Yeah, 300+ chapters in 4 months. 

8 Girls above like Hayate.

You might have noticed, theres another guy.  He is Wataru, one of the few important male characters.

In the beginning, it was slight romantic comedy.  Now theres drama, romance and comedy.

I don’t want to go into story because i don’t know where to begin but heres the sped up version

  • Hayate meets like a bazillion girls, 1/3 find him very, likeable
  • Hayate is liked by Nagi Sanzenin, the blonde girl with pigtails and Ayumu Nishizawa, the purple haired girl with pigtails
  • Maria, the maid Izumi Segawa, the girl on the right in the flying box and Sakuya Aizawa with the gray/green hair and Isumi Saginomiya like Hayate but as much as the above
  • Katsura Hinagiku (the fan favorite) meets Hayate, she falls in love after a few meetings.  Realizes her love when happens.  She has a fear of heights.  She is the student council president for a prestigous school.  Her office is at the top of the clock tower but she never looks outside.  On her birthday, Hayate helps her get over this.  Now if you read it, then what i just said will seem a lot more dramatic.
  • Hayate’s past is revealed, it is revealed how he is so damn strong even for a femenine looking guy.  It was his first girlfriend who made him strong and courteous.  Big screw up happens which seperate Hayate and his girlfriend, Athena
  • The cast decide to go to Greece for Goldenweek (Japanese Holiday)
  • Hayate sees Athena for the first time in 10 years (Hayate is 17-18, he had a girlfriend when he was 7? that bastard)
  • Athena has an ulterior motif, something to do with a castle where they used to live
  • Athena pretends not to remember Hayate and pushes him aside
  • Hayate gloomily has a date with Hinagiku, seeing him depressed makes her kinda depressed too
  • Hayate explains his story with Athena and then is told by Hina to after her
  • After some chapters with nailbiting by me (because each chapter came out each week, god i hated waiting)
  • Hayate finally confronts Athena, she admits that she remembers him.  Some shit happens, he gets rescued by Isumi (girl with kimono)
  • The royal jewel which Hayate has is the key to free Athena out of this demon, i have no idea but hey, it had some supernatural stuff happen
  • They break the jewel and once again meet Athena
  • Fight enues, they win, Athena and Hayate  reunite, yay yay,
  • Athena says that Hayate’s is good as is and she doesn’t want to get in the way.  The cast leaves for Japan after all this.  Athena then says she will go back to Japan too
  • The Royal Jewel was basically the inheritance Nagi would recieve (shes stinking rich), because of the jewels destruction, she loses the mansion
  • Nagi, Maria, and Hayate now reside in a apartment complex with a few more characters, actually i think just one

Read the damn manga, i can summarize most of the non-important chapters but the important ones you should probably read.  Also, if you have read up to Athena’s story, then the background for the first picture might seem familiar

Currently Nagi’s arc just ended, and Athena enters the picture

Other than that, i have nothing to say, great story, comedy, drama and romance.  But it takes time for the romance to settle in.  I also have to note the artwork.  The beginning artwork like i posted above where like the first 50 chapters or so, its been a while since i read the first 50-100 but now the artwork has changed… A LOT.  Also another reason why i like this: It’s a harem manga/anime (harem basically, girls outnumbering guys or vice versa) yet, the fanservice is kept to an minimum, and they give shots like the one below for wallpapers and such.  Not bad, considering the reviews before this post.


 What needs to be said by me, is basically said in the review 😀