Angel Beats! Episode 7 Review


Hopefully my friend will update my otherwise, unattended posts.

Because of Fallout New Vegas, Mass Effect 2, AND Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, its gonna be harder for me to review, and i ain’t looking foward to the time when my friends here have to review the entire episode, i just might get that out of the schedule.

The episode starts off casually.  Yui tries to show Hinata a technique she made, TK and Matsushita try to dance, Fujimaki just sleeps, Takamatsu polishes his multiple glasses (he also has his shirt on), Ooyama compliments Shiina’s toy pet collection (she smiles for a few seconds then says her catch phrase), Noda cleans his halberd.

Yui loses interest in Hinata so she decides to find another victim.  Hinata complains and it seems that Naoi has joined their ranks.  Hinata teases him and Naoi once again, demonstrates his power.

Otonasi intervenes, and a whole new side of Naoi is shown, an albeit, gay personality.  Then Yuri walks in and requests Otonashi and Naoi to come with her.  Yuri explains that with Naoi’s power, they can find out their memories, strictly speaking, Otonashi’s memory.  Naoi at first refuses, but Otonashi convinces him otherwise.  Otonashi thinks about his current state of living.  He enjoys living like this, with his friends and he questions if his memories are returned, can he still live normally? reclunctanly he agrees to it.  (By this time, we ignored that they were dead) 

Suddenly, Naoi takes off his hat, epic music starts playing and then

I’m not convinced hes a guy around Otonashi

But his approach is met with a silence. and epic music stops.

Yuri assures Otonashi that shes here to make sure things go well and epic music starts up again.  We skip another gay comment from Naoi and then we get to buisness.  Naoi then peers into Otonashi’s soul and reactivates his memories.

(enlarge to see what i’m talking about)

Well ain’t THAT  a kick in the head, Otonashi had a younger sister. And it turns out, he was a delinquint esque as he did not go to school and would rather play video games.  He also was pretty stupid.  Also he had faggoty hair, i mean seriously, good god get a haircut.  His sister, Hatsune is a bed ridden girl who is unable to attend school, Otonashi being a nice brother always visits her and brings her manga to read.  Otonashi’s life was very, badly planned, he had a job and he failed to see a point in his life.  He always visited his sister, and his sister would be grateful, she never was dissapointed by him.  Little did he realized, he lived for his sister, he wanted to make her happy.  Winter was nearing and Otonashi wanted to take his sister outside of the hospital for Christmas.  He promised her that he would take her to the streets where the lights were nice and fancy, at her request.  He would ask the doctor for permission, but even if the doctor said no, he would take her outside anyway. 

Epicly bad hair

The doctors said no of course, but Otonashi and Hatsune didn’t care, they went outside.  Otonashi kept talking, self denial, this scene was hard for me to get a hold off, it’s a sad scene.  Otonashi regrets that he failed to notice that all he ever wanted (WAS TO SEE YOU SMILIN!) was to hear “Thank You” from his sister, and that his sister was basically his only reason to live, now that she had gone, was his life over?  Then after wandering the town, he finds a little girl and her family outside a hospital, the girl had been treated and was being released, Otonashi saw this and realized his new purpose. 

Otonashi decides to study medical sciences, get more jobs, attends school and most importantly, he cut his damn hair.  He would devote his life into saving others, he started studying and was one of the top students.  Then he goes off to gain entry in a college.  While on his way there, the train he was taking slips (it was winter) and crashes somewhere, and the screen goes black as Otonashi tries to retrieve his college enrollment I.D

We return to present (Life, death? screw it) time with Otonashi being thoroughly depressed, he requests for some alone time.  Otonashi cries his eyes out, he now fully understands and his infuriated on how he couldn’t accomplish anything.   After that, he talks to Yuri for a while and thats where our dramatic part of this episode is cut from

Unfortunatly, this episode could have been the most heart wrenching, tear jerker but guess what? no screw that idea, the SSS is gonna go freakin  river fishing.

While the members and Naoi walk down to the river, Otonashi spots Angel, and decides to take her along with the team, the response?

Sea-Bear, wut?

So they finally go down to the river and find some random dude who won’t ever be mentioned again and they start fishing.  So lets skip the fishing montage, everyone fishes, say their catch phrases and Takeyama (nerd) gets a Team Rocket pulled on him by Angel.  Angel then reels in a gigantic fish and gets everyone’s help.   Angel lifts the damn thing and up does everyone go.  The fish opens its mouth, and everyone is falling toward it, except Yuri, shes just chillin’

Angel pulls of an unseen move which copies herself and murders the gigantic fish.

The group decides to give the food to everybody at school and our ending theme plays as Otonashi tells Angel, that he wants to be friends with her, Angel being the straightfoward girl, accepts. 

Night falls, and the group tallies what food they have while finding Yurippe injured, and then they find another Angel with blood red eyes…

Our episode ends here

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Okay i’m sorry but i really couldn’t tolerate this half of the episode, imagine you’re watching Lord of the Rings (first) movies and when  you get the scene where Gandalf falls, and after that, imagine everyone just partying their asses off, its like “WTFDEATH” to a “LOLOLOLOL PARTAAY”  Also the thing i hated was that we only needed Naoi to see Otonashi’s past.  Kinda makes more plot holes and confusion.  Other that, good first half, bad the second half, seriously, fishing? Couldn’t they have advanced the plot here? cause im failing to see it now.  But the end does show some plot, even if it is a speck.  Little Trivia: Otonashi means “No Sound”  Yuzuru means “(To) Play” while his sister’s name, Hatsune, means “First Sound”






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