Seitokai Yakuindomo Review


Along with Durarara, Seitokai Yakuindomo was the more enjoyable and less fanservice garnering show.

Above: Porn tapes are really hard to watch, use the internet!

Well, Seitokai Yakuindomo centers around Tsuda, the only noticeable and only importany male student, in an ex-all girl school.  He is a first year and on his way to the first day of class, he is stopped by the Student Council President, Shiino Amakusa.  She gives him a lecture about wearing ties and dressing up nicely and gives a few sexual jokes on the way.  Tsuda complains that he is late and Shiino decides to let him in the Student Council.  And then we are introduced to Hagimura and Aria who are also members of the Student Council.  There, Tsuda realizes, girls around here don’t shut up on how steriotypical Tsuda is.  Tsuda now has to adapt to his life in mostly female student school.

Now this show was first a 4-Koma, or a 4-panel comic.  These days, not many anime adaptions are that original, and most of them happen to be ecchi to the max but this one suprised me.  With a ratio from guys to girls being 2:50, the ecchi level was actually in the same level with Naruto or Bleach, barely no fanservice.  But what did get me was the sexual jokes and innuendos that were constantly made.  The sexual remarks and jokes kept me watching and laughing and because of this, i really enjoyed the show.  There is no plot but basically details school life


The sex jokes got me good, and thats my 3rd time saying that and it really is, never heard all those “Vocabulary” in japanese.  The thing i liked the most were the characters, no not the girls but the main dude.  Unlike the rest of the pervs in anime, this dude wants to have normal school life, he doesn’t want girls all over him.  In short, good series but the ending just gives you a rotten feeling, there arent plot stuff so the ending remark was just distrubing, lets leave it at that.


This was very… interesting. There wasn’t anything really sexy, other than sexual remarks. Some recurring events are: showing how short the blonde is, sexual jokes, and stamps that show funny messages and make up a lot of the comedy. The ending was absolutely horrible, nothing funny or sexy about it. Since they’re making a second season, the ending isn’t complete bs, but it still sucks. I’m hoping to see an improvement in the second season. I honestly hate the main character. He’s too perfect, too innocent. He needs to learn to grow a pair, then he needs to take a class called Sex Ed. Finally, he needs to learn to get a boner.


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  1. Sex jokes done right. the main reason why I still enjoy this show every time I watch it. I also like one of the main songs in the soundtrack. I forget which one it is. No wait, there are two of them. I’ll have to search the soundtrack sometime.

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