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Ichigo 100% Review


It ain’t on the list, but hey, its Thanksgiving Break for us.  Heres your weekly post, well i might post something in a few days, episode 8 to be specific.  Oh well here you go

Ichigo 100%

Chapters 1-167

This review is pretty late (the manga finished 2005)

You’ve been warned right now, Spoilers.

Well where do i start.

The story focuses on Junpei Manaka, an aspiring movie director who attends highschool.  The story tells his story on his dream to become a director and his relationship to the girls he meets.  My summary won’t do this series justice, lets head on over to Wikipedia

             Strawberry 100% chronicles the school years of Junpei Manaka, a high school student and aspiring movie director, and his relationships with the girls that enter his life. At the start of the series, he encounters a mysterious girl with strawberry-print panties, whom he quickly becomes intrigued with. Hoping to find her, he finds the notebook of Aya Toujou nearby, who turns out to be an ordinary-looking girl. However, he soon discovers that Aya is a gifted writer and the two become friends with the collaborative ambition of creating great stories into movies. Meanwhile, he believes the mystery girl to be Tsukasa Nishino, the most popular girl in his school.

Manaka wanted to recapture the moment he saw the girl on the roof. Believing it was Nishino, he felt the only way to get her to pose for his shot is to date her. Stunned by his peers, Manaka ran up to Nishino and yelled out to her, requesting a date while doing a pull-up. Amused by his requested, Nishino agreed to go out with him and eventually the two soon start a relationship together. However, he eventually realizes Tsukasa is not the mystery girl he had been searching for, but chooses to continue their relationship. During his entrance exam for his desired high school for film studies, Izumizaka High, he discovers that Aya is in fact the mystery girl. After realizing Toujou had always been the girl he saw on the roof, a part of his heart gravitated towards her as they continued their awkward friendship. Eventually, Nishino caught on that Manaka doesn’t entirely have his heart, but continued to see him as they attended separate high schools.

On his first day of high school, he meets a feisty girl named Satsuki Kitaoji, whom he later discovers to be his classmate. The two gradually become friends and Satsuki eventually falls in love with him. Junpei wanted to join the film club at Izumizaka High to develop his dreams of becoming a film-maker. Unfortunately, the club was disbanded and there was only a graphics club. Eventually he restarts the film club with Aya, Satsuki, the girl-crazed Hiroshi Sotomura, and two of his high school friends.

Later Yui Minamito, an old childhood friend, re-enters his life Around the same time, Nishino grown impatient and breaks up with him as she couldn’t stand his lack of decision. This created a new series of awkward moments as Satsuki tried to aggressively chase after Manaka. Manka also experienced many awkward moments with Satsuki and Toujou as time passes. This would continue on for the next three years of their high school days, but Manaka remains indecisive about whom to declare his love for.

Well that was a copy/pasta full.

Well, because i liked this series so much, i might as well go over the main 3 girls who will face off for the love of the main character.

Aya Toujou

If you look at the first pic at the beginning of this review, if you look to the right, theres a brown haired girl, this is Aya Toujou.  Aya is quiet, shy, sympathetic, and really nice.  When Manaka and Toujou first met, she looked extremely unnattractive, but when they entered highschool, she became like the first picture.  Part of her name means East.  Toujou and Manaka share the same dream, she aspires to be a writer and Manaka aspires to be a director.  Toujou was Manaka’s first lover interest.

Tsukasa Nishino ( Lol, Tsukasa is pronounced Su-casa, and Su Casa in Spanish means Your/His/Her house, coincedence? you tell me)

Tsukasa is the blonde girl on the left.  She is kind, supportive, extremely optimistic, and somtimes flirty when she has too.  Manaka thinking Toujou was Nishino asked her out instead and they dated for a while.  Later she moves to a different school while the rest of her friends went to same one.  Nishino was Manaka’s “official” girlfriend.  Part of her name means West.  She tries to be a pattissier.

Satsuki Kitaoji

Satsuki first meets Manaka a few weeks before they entered highschool.  Satsuki and Manaka’s relationship started bitter and then to sweet, and then to bittersweet.  Satsuki is probably the most attractive out of the 3 heroines.  (In case you haven’t noticed, shes the one on the top, and as you guessed, part of her name means North)  Out of all the girls, Satsuki is confident in her love to Manaka and is a lot more aggresive. 

Spoilers, highlight to see

According to Wikipedia and a few terms i have learned over the years, Satsuki can be properly labeled as a “Tragic Heroine” Out of all the girls, she tries to hardest for attention and love, and that affection is rarely, if not never returned.  (But never is a “Strong” word)

I covered the three girls but that pic in the top of the post says there are 4, well yes there are.  But this one ain’t that important but here it is anyway

The fourth girl, the one on the bottom of the picture is Yui Minamito, shes more of the friend and comic relief type character.  She doesn’t really show affection but does show some protectivness.  There are few more characters, one in particular who likes Manaka but she isn’t as important as the 3 i mentioned and gave some details on.

Truth be told, my brother read this manga before i did.  I thought it was just “Another Harem/Ecchi manga/anime with the same typical scenes and mishaps (most of which exists as anime series today) but i was wrong when i started to read it.  It started like the way i expected but then, during the last 50 chapters, the entire cast scrambles.  Unlike the other harem mangas, this one did not have a definitive ending for one heroine.  And thats what made this manga amazing,  it kept giving you moments that would lead to some sort of relationship but the 3 characters keep fighting.  If i go more into this, i might spoil you, so READ THE DAMN THING, I THINK A LOT OF PEOPLE WOULD LIKE IT, UNLESS THEY ARE GIRL/BOYS WHO DON’T REALLY LIKE THESE SORT OF THINGS 😀

Oh yeah, this series had an anime, it wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good, nice opening theme though

Thats all! Have a Happy Thanksgiving with a dead turkey on the table 😀

Basically, all the girls that matter in the series are above

Ahh, highschool love, something i will never experience (Note: I’m in highschool but i go to an All Boys school, no i’m not gay.)

Angel Beats! Episode 7 Review


Hopefully my friend will update my otherwise, unattended posts.

Because of Fallout New Vegas, Mass Effect 2, AND Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, its gonna be harder for me to review, and i ain’t looking foward to the time when my friends here have to review the entire episode, i just might get that out of the schedule.

The episode starts off casually.  Yui tries to show Hinata a technique she made, TK and Matsushita try to dance, Fujimaki just sleeps, Takamatsu polishes his multiple glasses (he also has his shirt on), Ooyama compliments Shiina’s toy pet collection (she smiles for a few seconds then says her catch phrase), Noda cleans his halberd.

Yui loses interest in Hinata so she decides to find another victim.  Hinata complains and it seems that Naoi has joined their ranks.  Hinata teases him and Naoi once again, demonstrates his power.

Otonasi intervenes, and a whole new side of Naoi is shown, an albeit, gay personality.  Then Yuri walks in and requests Otonashi and Naoi to come with her.  Yuri explains that with Naoi’s power, they can find out their memories, strictly speaking, Otonashi’s memory.  Naoi at first refuses, but Otonashi convinces him otherwise.  Otonashi thinks about his current state of living.  He enjoys living like this, with his friends and he questions if his memories are returned, can he still live normally? reclunctanly he agrees to it.  (By this time, we ignored that they were dead) 

Suddenly, Naoi takes off his hat, epic music starts playing and then

I’m not convinced hes a guy around Otonashi

But his approach is met with a silence. and epic music stops.

Yuri assures Otonashi that shes here to make sure things go well and epic music starts up again.  We skip another gay comment from Naoi and then we get to buisness.  Naoi then peers into Otonashi’s soul and reactivates his memories.

(enlarge to see what i’m talking about)

Well ain’t THAT  a kick in the head, Otonashi had a younger sister. And it turns out, he was a delinquint esque as he did not go to school and would rather play video games.  He also was pretty stupid.  Also he had faggoty hair, i mean seriously, good god get a haircut.  His sister, Hatsune is a bed ridden girl who is unable to attend school, Otonashi being a nice brother always visits her and brings her manga to read.  Otonashi’s life was very, badly planned, he had a job and he failed to see a point in his life.  He always visited his sister, and his sister would be grateful, she never was dissapointed by him.  Little did he realized, he lived for his sister, he wanted to make her happy.  Winter was nearing and Otonashi wanted to take his sister outside of the hospital for Christmas.  He promised her that he would take her to the streets where the lights were nice and fancy, at her request.  He would ask the doctor for permission, but even if the doctor said no, he would take her outside anyway. 

Epicly bad hair

The doctors said no of course, but Otonashi and Hatsune didn’t care, they went outside.  Otonashi kept talking, self denial, this scene was hard for me to get a hold off, it’s a sad scene.  Otonashi regrets that he failed to notice that all he ever wanted (WAS TO SEE YOU SMILIN!) was to hear “Thank You” from his sister, and that his sister was basically his only reason to live, now that she had gone, was his life over?  Then after wandering the town, he finds a little girl and her family outside a hospital, the girl had been treated and was being released, Otonashi saw this and realized his new purpose. 

Otonashi decides to study medical sciences, get more jobs, attends school and most importantly, he cut his damn hair.  He would devote his life into saving others, he started studying and was one of the top students.  Then he goes off to gain entry in a college.  While on his way there, the train he was taking slips (it was winter) and crashes somewhere, and the screen goes black as Otonashi tries to retrieve his college enrollment I.D

We return to present (Life, death? screw it) time with Otonashi being thoroughly depressed, he requests for some alone time.  Otonashi cries his eyes out, he now fully understands and his infuriated on how he couldn’t accomplish anything.   After that, he talks to Yuri for a while and thats where our dramatic part of this episode is cut from

Unfortunatly, this episode could have been the most heart wrenching, tear jerker but guess what? no screw that idea, the SSS is gonna go freakin  river fishing.

While the members and Naoi walk down to the river, Otonashi spots Angel, and decides to take her along with the team, the response?

Sea-Bear, wut?

So they finally go down to the river and find some random dude who won’t ever be mentioned again and they start fishing.  So lets skip the fishing montage, everyone fishes, say their catch phrases and Takeyama (nerd) gets a Team Rocket pulled on him by Angel.  Angel then reels in a gigantic fish and gets everyone’s help.   Angel lifts the damn thing and up does everyone go.  The fish opens its mouth, and everyone is falling toward it, except Yuri, shes just chillin’

Angel pulls of an unseen move which copies herself and murders the gigantic fish.

The group decides to give the food to everybody at school and our ending theme plays as Otonashi tells Angel, that he wants to be friends with her, Angel being the straightfoward girl, accepts. 

Night falls, and the group tallies what food they have while finding Yurippe injured, and then they find another Angel with blood red eyes…

Our episode ends here

Comments from


Okay i’m sorry but i really couldn’t tolerate this half of the episode, imagine you’re watching Lord of the Rings (first) movies and when  you get the scene where Gandalf falls, and after that, imagine everyone just partying their asses off, its like “WTFDEATH” to a “LOLOLOLOL PARTAAY”  Also the thing i hated was that we only needed Naoi to see Otonashi’s past.  Kinda makes more plot holes and confusion.  Other that, good first half, bad the second half, seriously, fishing? Couldn’t they have advanced the plot here? cause im failing to see it now.  But the end does show some plot, even if it is a speck.  Little Trivia: Otonashi means “No Sound”  Yuzuru means “(To) Play” while his sister’s name, Hatsune, means “First Sound”






Seitokai Yakuindomo Review


Along with Durarara, Seitokai Yakuindomo was the more enjoyable and less fanservice garnering show.

Above: Porn tapes are really hard to watch, use the internet!

Well, Seitokai Yakuindomo centers around Tsuda, the only noticeable and only importany male student, in an ex-all girl school.  He is a first year and on his way to the first day of class, he is stopped by the Student Council President, Shiino Amakusa.  She gives him a lecture about wearing ties and dressing up nicely and gives a few sexual jokes on the way.  Tsuda complains that he is late and Shiino decides to let him in the Student Council.  And then we are introduced to Hagimura and Aria who are also members of the Student Council.  There, Tsuda realizes, girls around here don’t shut up on how steriotypical Tsuda is.  Tsuda now has to adapt to his life in mostly female student school.

Now this show was first a 4-Koma, or a 4-panel comic.  These days, not many anime adaptions are that original, and most of them happen to be ecchi to the max but this one suprised me.  With a ratio from guys to girls being 2:50, the ecchi level was actually in the same level with Naruto or Bleach, barely no fanservice.  But what did get me was the sexual jokes and innuendos that were constantly made.  The sexual remarks and jokes kept me watching and laughing and because of this, i really enjoyed the show.  There is no plot but basically details school life


The sex jokes got me good, and thats my 3rd time saying that and it really is, never heard all those “Vocabulary” in japanese.  The thing i liked the most were the characters, no not the girls but the main dude.  Unlike the rest of the pervs in anime, this dude wants to have normal school life, he doesn’t want girls all over him.  In short, good series but the ending just gives you a rotten feeling, there arent plot stuff so the ending remark was just distrubing, lets leave it at that.


This was very… interesting. There wasn’t anything really sexy, other than sexual remarks. Some recurring events are: showing how short the blonde is, sexual jokes, and stamps that show funny messages and make up a lot of the comedy. The ending was absolutely horrible, nothing funny or sexy about it. Since they’re making a second season, the ending isn’t complete bs, but it still sucks. I’m hoping to see an improvement in the second season. I honestly hate the main character. He’s too perfect, too innocent. He needs to learn to grow a pair, then he needs to take a class called Sex Ed. Finally, he needs to learn to get a boner.


Durarara!! Review


Well this is the first series review and it will be about Durarara!!

Being one of the more memorable, and actually watchable anime this past year, Durarara tells the complicated and entertaining story of 3 teens that live in the city of Ikebukuro.  The series was first a light novel series then turned into an anime.

Mikdao Ryuugamin is invited to Raira Academy in Ikebukuro by his childhood friend, Kida Masaomi.  Mikado arrives by train and is instantly greeted by his good friend.  Off the bat, Kida tells him the people he should never screw with.  Izaya Orihara being first, Shizuo Heiwajima, Kadota’s Gang, Blue Squares, Yellow Scarves, and the urban myth, the headless Black Bike.  But he foremost warns him, about the enigmatic group of people called Dollars.  On the first few hours of his arrival, he is greeted by many of the warned people.  He meets Kadota’s gang, consisting of  Kyohei Kadota he ring leader, Erika and Walker, the otakus, and Saburo Togusa, the driver.  They seem pretty nice but Kida warns Mikado to not mess with them.  Mikado meets a few more people and then goes back to his house.  Later in a few episodes, we are introduced to Anri Sonohara, another crucial character in the series.  Recently a chain of murder is committed and the city is in shock, the characters then are placed in a chain of events that would change their lives forever.

The anime is finished but the light novels still continue

The series is heavily story based, unlike Angel Beats so no spoilers here 😀

The series have two endings and openings.


The anime was very nice, the story was good and the pacing was very well done.  The characters are diverse and likeable, actually i love and hated Izaya’s guts but i kinda act like him.  Durarara is not for everyone.  The story is kinda hard to understand but if you can understand it, you will love it.