Angel Beats! Episode 6 Review


Prepare for the most serious episode, yes even serious than the last one 😀

The episode starts off with everyone (including Yui) is released out of their Reflection Rooms.  Reflection Rooms are basically prison cells and you have to think about what you have done wrong.  If you paid attention to last week’s episode, the team was sent to the reflection room.  As they are released, Takamatsu states that they should be gaining advantage now that Angel is gone, not the other way around.  Oh yeah, he’s topless this time, following his epic revelation of him being muscular, he refuses to put on clothing.

Shiina is uninterested

Back in their headquarters, Yuri tells the team to go to classes and do whatever they want, try to experiment, see what happens.  Yuri stays behind and thinks about the future of this organization.

In the classroom we are shown what the guys and girls are doing.  Ooyama is somewhat paying attention but is more focused on his snacks.  Yui plays the idiotic student who always asks to go the bathroom.  Noda is sleeping, Takamatsu’s working out, Shiina is balancing yet even more stuff on her fingers, and Otonashi and Hinata are being gay discussing some stuff.  Also, Hisako, Fujimaki, TK, and Matsushita are playing Mahjong.

It is revealed in the light novel that Hisako is a major cheater in this game, no wonder, TK can NEVER lose.

Yui returns from her trip from the bathroom, then she immediately asks to go again.  As she walks to the door, she is confronted by Naoi.

As Naoi arrives, Ooyama hides his chips, Shiina and Takamatsu disappears, Yui runs away, Otonashi and Hinata do nothing.  Now watch how our friends playing mahjong leave

Epic sendoff

Naoi obersves the room and finds Noda sleeping, as he orders the NPC’s to take him away, Noda wakes up and threatens to kill Naoi, as hes about to do so, Hinata and Otonashi run in and carries him away. (Because they are not allowed to harm NPC’s).  Change in scenes.  Yuri tracks down Naoi to the roof of the school, seeing him viciously beating NPC’s.

We see Otonashi walking into a classroom and finding Tachibana (Angel) alone (as always) and he says that he wants to treat her to some lunch, Angel refuses at first, then Otonashi mentions Tofu, and she gets up to go the lunchroom.  As they eat, they are caught by Naoi and sent to the Reflection Room.  And as i said, it looks like prison, what kind of school is  this???

Well the duo are trapped, as Otonashi rants and complains, Angel says that she is sleepy and decides to sleep.

So cute, my head exploded

Well, while she sleeps, Otonashi rap-i mean gets called by Yuri on a walkie talkie that he had recieved at the beginning of the episode.  Yuri finds out they Naoi is human and not an NPC, she requests backup from Otonashi because Naoi has tracked them down and has killed (wait i thought they couldnt die) a few of their friends.  Otonashi upon hearing this, wakes Angel up and begs her to help him get out.  Angel activates her Hand Sonic ability and attacks the door.  Suprisingly, it is unaffective, she explains to him that it was actually made for defensive use.  Otonashi claims that if he didn’t ask her the question he asked in the first episode, he would have been able to been her friend.  She tells, him that would be impossible, anyone who becomes friends with her, disappear.  This punches Otonashi’s heart, he finds this so sad and cruel, its funny.

Sad, isn’t it

Angel reveals another techniques, Hand Sonic Version 2-4 and all prove unsuccesful against the door.  Then, Otonashi comes up with an idea.  The 4th version of Hand Sonic is a huge mace shaped like a flower.  The first version is stabbed into the hinge of the door and she activates four, crushing the door from the side.  The duo escapes.

Its raining outside

Outside the school grounds, Otonashi and Angel arrive to see a massacre.  He sees his comrades dead (but WHY SO SERIOUS?) and finds NPC’s with guns.  Naoi is shown kicking Hinata.  Otonashi runs to save his friend, as he comes by his side, Hinata makes fun of him for running to him first.

Hah. No comment

Naoi declares, hes freakin god.  He declares that this world chooses its God based on whose past life was the most cruel.  Naoi believes that he had the worst life of all.  He promises everyone eternal rest, and he says that he killed everyone just because they resisted.  Naoi demonstrates his godhood, on Yuri, who for the first time, is completely powerless

Man, the wet clothes REALLY do bring out the size.

Naoi then reveals his god power, Hypnotism.  He then makes Yuri try to disappear by showing her parts of her past, (basically shows her false memories) Otonashi screams in rage and punches Naoi.  Otonashi grabs Naoi by the collar and he yells at him that their lives were important, their lives were real, and he asks them in a furious tone, wasn’t his life real too?  You have to watch this scene, the music and the atmosphere really gives the dark attitude.

Its time for a flashback.

Naoi’s brother died.  It was Naoi and his brother who lived with their family.  His brother had an extraordinary skill for pottery, Ayato (Our Naoi)  was ignored, nobody cared for him.  Then his brother died, but since they were twins, he was announced dead, and his brother, alive.  Naoi spent time training to become like his brother, but his father scolded him for his lack of skill.  Eventually, Naoi actually wins an award, but his father is not impressed.  He becomes proud of his work, and he looks foward to become the best in Japan.  But then, his father becomes bedridden, he cannot teach and cannot scold.  Everytime he helped his bedridden father, he would smile weakly at him.  “You were the one who died that day.” Naoi says his liife was nothing, a fake, living in the shadow of his brother.  Otonashi exclaims that its not fake, he embraces Naoi and tells him that his life was real, him being here signifies that, the rain slowly starts to stop.

Naoi asks Otonashi, “Will you awknowledge me?” Otonashi answers yes, hes the one who hes with.  Naoi then remembers one moment, he was complimented by his father, the only thing he wanted to hear.  Naoi is shown crying as the rain stops.

Our episode ends here

Comments from


I really liked this episode, shows that although the series is funny, it has its serious point,  and notice i used Point without an S because this is as serious as it gets.  Rain really brings the epicness in any scene.  Imagine the Shawshank redemption, after Andy comes out of the sewer into his freedom, if there weren’t any rain, it wouldn’t be as epic now would it?  Naoi’s flashback does seem really sad, the irony and the feeling in my gut does say that he has the saddest one yet.  His character is arrogant and confident, just like me :D.  The episode was nicely done, music was great, the tone was great.  HOWEVER, the pacing was FREAKIN HORRIBLE.  Naoi is only bad for only ONE episode! thats dumb! it would have been better if they had given him a few more episodes of him doing misdeeds.  Probably the best but most flawed in pacing episode.


Ok. So, this is probably the episode were I went WTFDROP? This is probably the episode that shows all the wrong things about Angel Beats. This episode (which was a piece of crap) shows no explanation of anything, no development of anything, and the pace is faster than the speed of light. There certainly is not a point to this episode. At all. It adds another character, (I don’t see why we need another one, there are loads that are not even slightly explained) and only complicates the explanation of the story. At the start, the pace is easygoing, fun, and there are even funny parts of the characters. This is shown through about ten minutes. Later in the episode, Naoi is shown as the new “evil” kid in the world. He encloses Angel and Otonashi in since he is controlling the student council. OK THIS IS WERE IT STARTS TO GET AMBIGUOUS AND STUPID. First of all, how is he controlling NPCS of the student council? Aren’t they supposed to only act like they are normal! They are clearly shown that they have normal emotions and a sense of right and wrong. This is shown during the concerts, were they argue about cancelling their “only” joy. If they can do this, how can they even agree or even think about putting two people in an unbreakable (almost) jail? Does this mean that Naoi can control NPCs? Well, some can say “he was playing god and controlling everything” Oh really now? When is that explained again? Oh I forgot, because it was only described in the epic five secondes of the actual story! After this, it only gets worse. After no explanation AT ALL, somehow Naoi has found out everything about Yui’s secret organization. Well, we have no idea how and why this is discovered. It then goes on to a horrendous scene were everyone is fighting, but nobody knows why. Oh yea, now we see Naoi’s flashback for some other reason that nobody knows of. And Otonashi hugs him because he understands what he is going through. Isn’t that the biggest piece of crap that they could put for a plot? Ok now, Dragonball Z had about thirty episodes for one scene. Angel Beats has a scene that should be 50x longer packed into ten minutes. That’s a problem. This is probably one reason people should not watch AB. But anyways, some of the episodes later might resolve this horrid crunch problem. Or you can wait until someone reviews episode 13…


First of all, no one cares about that V.P.’s name. I don’t even remember it. It’s kind of like Christ. I call him the ‘nerd’ or Christ, as he likes it, but I don’t really care for his real name. Same thing with the vice president. I call him the ‘kiss up.’ It’s quite true, really. In the later episodes, the vice president is a total suck up to Otonashi. Whatever Otonashi says, he does. Anyway, how he even has the power to mesmerize and control people is quite ridiculous. Where the hell did he get this power? Obviously, he doesn’t script his powers, as Angel does. Wasn’t he supposed to be a normal human (other than the dead part)? Yes. You’re definitely God. That’s why you got your ass whooped by Otonashi, who punched you ONCE and then made you cry like my baby sister. Perfect description of God. Crazy, weak, foolish, overconfident, babyish, and a suck up. Tell me once your balls drop. Or you gain some.



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