Angel Beats! Episode 5 Review


Got New Vegas, Spirit Tracks, AND Mass Effect 2, so most of my time during the weekends are consumed by that.

Lets get started.

In my opinion, a retarded sounding title for an episode.

Well the opening changed once more and here are the one that changed

Yui is now a member of the GirlsDeMo, great…more music again.

Well the episodes starts with Yuri fearing the upcoming battle. Then Otonashi gets an epic picture in his head

Epic fight scene is epic.

Too bad that by “Battle” she meant testing week.

Allow me to inform you, in Asia (I’m Korean so i should know) instead of taking a multitude of small quizes and tests, Asia has just one big test that won’t matter until you’re in middle school.  Brief real life lesson ended

Yuri tells them that they need to take tests but not get good grades because it may factor into one of them disappearing.  Yuri proposes a plan, leading a small team to sabotage Angel’s grades to lower her honor and making her lose her seat of Student Council President.  The small team consists of herself, Hinata, Otonashi, Takamatsu, Takeyama, and Ooyama.

They arrive in their classrooms and she tells them that they need to get seat close to Angel.  Hinata misses, Otonashi misses, Ooyama misses, Takamatsu misses, Yuri gets number 1 seat but thats across the room, but Takeyama gets the seat in front of Angel

God i hate that hairstyle

Now the plan is for Takeyama, the one with the closest seat to take two tests, one for himself, and one the dummy test to replace Angel’s.  Now the dummy test will be written with stupid answers, but with discretion of the respective subject.

Here are the soles

  • Takeyama, the cheater
  • Hinata, attention diversion
  • Otonashi, on standby
  • Takamatsu, 2nd attention diversion
  • Ooyama, 3rd attention diversion

Then Takeyama brings up a point, whats her name..

After some stupid guesses on what to put Angel’s name as, Otonashi decides to find out himself.  As he tries to leave the room, Angel stops him.  She calmingly reassures him that he will do fine on the test.  Otonashi looks at her with guilt, harming this little girl by giving an extremely retarded answer to a sophisticated questions

Well, after this, he introduces himself, and then Angel finally reveals her name

Say hello, to Tachibana Kanade.

And heres the theme that plays

Well that being done, Otonashi resolved the problem.   Test taking time.  Otonashi remarks how easy it is (science test) but he remembers to get an average score.  Now the moment of truth.

Note: After Hinata’s distraction, its Takamatsu, and then Ooyama.

Now instead of typing everything its time for a video which i think takes atleast a quarter of the episode

UPDATE: Well shit, the video is down, well go watch the damn episode.

The first two attempts attracted Angel’s attention to which Otonashi has to cover for the team (in an albeit hilarious fashion)

Heres one instance when he has to cover for Hinata’s rage for rocketing up twice, this is his excuse for Yuri and Hinata

The picture screams: GAY

They are all successful by the way.

After sabotaging the tests, and seeing that Takamatsu is as buff as Noda, we skip ahead to the small team having lunch.  Hinata complains that he has to keep flying up into the ceiling, he is scared that people might suspect something from them

Well after that, we see Otonashi meet Angel in the hallway, then we see the Principle dismissing Angel as the SCP (Student Council President [i wonder whats up with anime and student council president, i mean i had one in school in Korea but no one actually cared]) and promoting Vice President Naoi Ayato to the seat.  For the SSS (the good guys) today was a victory and they decide to go with Operation Tornado (from the first episode) again.

Well, Its Yui’s moment of truth when the band gives her the song called Thousand Enemies written by Iwasawa.  The band starts to play and the forces guarding the gates stay vigilent.  They see Angel approach but Otonashi sees something in Angel, like having no will to fight.  Takamatsu warns Yuri that Angel is in the building, Yuri is enraged but sees that Angel seriously has no will to fight at all.  The excitement level in the crowds at maximum (no dirty jokes, please) and Yuri orders Yusa to, once again, order the fans on.  Looks like Angel was trying to get some food as he tries to regain her lunch ticket back

The only time so far that she showed some emotion

The scene cuts off

Otonashi retrieves Angel’s ticket and it happens to be Mabo Tofu (In Korean, its Mapa) he decides to order it, (suprisingly, atleast to me) there is only sauce and tofu and no rice, usually you’re supposed to eat with rice but not so much here i guess.  Both Hinata and Otonashi try it only to find burnt tongues but find that the taste is actually good.

Otonashi thinks if it is possible for Angel to join them, Fujimaki who was sitting behind Otonashi jumps in disbelief because of all the pain they had to go through against Angel, even though no one can die.

Otonashi thinks of her [Angel’s] lonliness while the ending plays.

I would post the ending pic here, but the episode isnt over yet.  Suddenly, NPC students flood into the room, surrounding our guys here, Naoi steps up and orders them to be taken to the self reflection room.

Well, the episodes concludes there

Comments from


I can’t believe i did two reviews in a week, and me and Genesis were supposed to be doing a series review, but he keeps ignoring me, whatever.  This review was pretty quick, as the highlight of the episode was the video i posted up there.  Basically episode 1, with a bit more understanding in story, funny stuff in first half, actionless scene in 2nd part (the action was not present during this episode ) with the band playing music.  This episode is an episode that actually has connections to the last episode (the next episode in context[6]), most episodes don’t take immediately after the last episode but, this episode also starts a chain of events that lead to the final episode, episodes behind this did, but the actions of characters will come to play in the following episodes.  I’m sorry if i’m hard to understand here.  Otherwise, funny episode, won’t be a lot more after this.  (Updated episode 2 review, go check it out, i added one new pic that should have covered the large amount of pictures.)


Very funny episode for me. I love the part were they are trying to get her to fail the exam. The rockets are very humorous and it gave us more information about the roles of the vague characters.


The rocket chairs were the focus of the episode… Not much to say in this one. Poor Angel, trying to get some food b/c they sabotaged her ass out of the president position. Oh well. Looks like there’s a new president in town, the vice president, who turns out to be a crazy ****************.



Ok at the end of most of my opinions i usually say “Wait for the better ones” or something like that. This IS one of the better episodes of Angel Beats! 😀 I typically LOVE this episode because its one of the best of all. I especially LOVE how the dude confesses and gets rejected and Hinata flies :D. I also love the song at the end during “Operation Tornado”. Finally “GirlsDeMo” plays one of their good songs, “Thousand Enemies”. Enjoy! ^-^

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