Angel Beats! Episode 4 Review


Well lets get started, no witty comments or stories here 😀

The episode starts off with a figure in a sunny day in a basebal uniform, he is sweating and is obviously tired.  Then he hears a hit, its a flyball and it is hit directly toward him, then the scene fades into Hinata in deep thought.

This time instead of our angelic piano opening song, we have Yui from last episode tryout for the Lead role of guitarist and vocalist for the otherwise empty seat left behind by Iwasawa.  The group remark her look suggests that she wants to turn the rock band into a idol group.  Yui then decides to actually sing and perform for them, and she plays the opening sequence.

Now with awesome new format!

Notice Takeyama

No Iwasawa

As Yui tries to finish the performance with a bang, she accidentally throws her microphone into the air, gets it stuck in the ceiling, and hangs herself.


While Yui regains conscienceness, the group comments on her performance saying that it wans’t good, it lacked appeal and so forth.  Yui awakens in rage saying that her upperclassmen should be encouraging not ridiculing her.  Yuri compares the “cool beauty” of Iswawa to the tomboyish Yui.  They also say that she is just being trendy, nevertheless, the group lets the band decide if they will take Yui or not,  Yuri then discusses the next plan.

Yuri decides to have a casual mission tone, which lets the members create their own team and play games (sports) with NPC’s, did i mention llegally? Yuri thinks that this will provoke Angel and gain some knowledge on her.  Although personally i think this is a stupid idea, the group goes with it.  Hinata tells Otonashi

Ain’t that gay.

Otonashi notes this and once again, Hinata denies it.  Hinata says that they should form a team.  Otonashi questions who should make up their team, Hinata reassures him and the duo set off to find their 1st teamate

Hisako the other guitarist is Hinata’s first choice, too bad she already joined up with Takamatsu, Hinata then decides to recruit someone else

Matsushita is our 2nd person to be recruited, however Takeyama promised him to give him meat udon (its good, i tried it) meal tickets, so hes obligated to stay with Takeyama.  Hinata is dissapointed that this

Otonashi saying what Hinata (gay soundingly) said about Matsushita’s friendship.

After the 2nd failed recruit attempted, the duo head out to find TK.

Recruitment failed.  Critical Mission Failure.

Hinata almost sounded like saying “Goddamn”

While thinking of more members to (not successfully) recruit, Otonashi asks which ball-game they are going to play.  Turns out its baseball, and Otonashi states that they need 7 more people.  Yui happens to be waiting for the duo, immediately, Hinata insults her singing appeal.  Yui proposes that he lets her to be recruited.  Hinata thinks and this is the process

  • Shes bad, lets get that down
  • If she gets hit then the pitcher is thrown out
  • Therefore to maximize her usage, she must get hit


Hinata agrees to recruit Yui, however seeing his obvious plan, Yui (FALCON) kicks Hinata and she gets kicked back, Hooray cause we got 6 more people to play.  Then Hinata pulls a wrestling hold on Yui, and this will be the first of many 😀

The three head into the gym storage room to Shiina, who, for the past few days, have been wondering how Otonashi outlasted her in  the previous descent to the Guild.  Since then she has been balancing a broom on her fingertip the entire time.  This is probably the only time Shiina does ANYTHING or talk about ANYTHING, so say goodbye to her for the next 5-9 episodes.  Hinata says that she and Otonashi can fight the dispute later after she plays for them, and she agrees to, trying to prove that her balance and concentration is far better than the “new guy”

With another idiot joining the ranks, they go to find the most idiotic man in the Afterlife

Noda trains in solitude with his halberd and seems to do it very efficiently has he massively RIPPED.

Noda says that he was waiting for them to arrive, and seizes the oppertunity to finally settle himself and Otonashi’s dispute.  Hinata trying to avoid a fight, tells Noda to prove his skills baseball.  Being the massive idiot, Noda agrees.

However, they still lack a few members.  While Yui fights with Shiina with a stupid reason and Noda doing absolutely nothing.  Hinata looks blankly at the night.  Otonashi breaks his trance when Yui says that she has friends that might to able to help.  We are introduced with 3 girls with no name and significance, so dont worry here.  With a considerable team and 3 fodder members, Hinata then signs up to play.

We cut off and see TK playing for Takamatsu’s team who also apparently recruited Fujimaki too.  TK hits a home run and his past is made even vauge-er (i think i spelled it wrong) with his skill in baseball.  Matshushita playing for Takeyama also hits a home.

Hinata organizes the team, basically Otonashi goes first, then Hinata, Shiina, and last Noda, the rest can just sit down.  Hinata’s plan is to get a Cold Game.  He cheers for his team, with feeble responses.  You have to watch the scene to get a laugh.

Now, they actually pull this off, but Otonashi and Noda have a battle between themselves in these victories against the NPC teams

And you have to see how Noda holds the bat.

After winning 3 games in a row, Angel has taken notice of this and we are introduced to Naoi (Ayato) and behind them (Naoi and Angel) are the Student Council Baseball team.

What a team

I like what Naoi is wearing, old style Gakuran, the one that the characters in our banner are wearing, (the banner for the time being that is)

The Student Council team owns the other teams and the last remaining are Hinatas.  Matsushita also is recruited during their game against the Student council team because of his debt to Otonashi who previously gave him a meal ticket as well.

With the back and most of the bases covered nicely.  The score difference is by 1, runners on 2nd and 3rd bases, 2 outs.  The most overused baseball gimmic.  (Hinata’s team is up by 1).  Otonashi calls a time out and finds Hinata having that blank face again.  This time, Hinata confesses that this has to do with his past, and takes this time to finally tell us, his story.

He was in the baseball team, they were aiming for Koushien (being the highschool championships).  It was one day, the sun over his head, and his mouth taseted like dirt.  And we see the beginning scene again, that is Hinata during the time he was alive.  He was playing at the regional finals, and the setting was exactly like the one they are delaying with this flashback.  The batter hits an easy flyball to second base (Hinata), from there, he didn’t know what to say, he isnt sure if he caught it or not, but he said that if he did, he should have remembered.  Back in the lockerooms, his team ridicules him for ruining their efforts, as Hinata was about to leave, he is greeted by someone, who offers him what may look like to be drugs, to calm his nerves.

From there, the story ends.

Otonashi remarks that if they win this game, Hinata might disappear, Hinata denies this and tries to focus on the game.  Time is called back in, and Otonashi throws the ball.  The ball (predictably) goes to 2nd base, where Hinata is.  Hinata is shocked, his face goes blank and he reaches up to end the game.  Otonashi starts to run to him, yelling at Hinata not to catch the ball.

Just as Hinata was about to catch the ball, Yui jumps in and pulls another stranglehold.  Hinata is saved! But with a victory lost, Hinata counters Yui’s attack and puts her in a stranglehold.  Otonashi is relieved, and the scene goes back to Yuri, obviously not caring for Hinata and asking for them both (Yui and Hinata) to disappear.

Our episode ends there 😀

Comments from


This episode was one of the better ones,  basically its episode 2 with a little less laughs and more serious backstory.  Although Hinata’s story is nowhere near as depressing as Yuri or Iwasawa’s, losing something that the person holds dear to like a sports game, person or anything can really affect them.  Although it was like episode 2, i liked this episode.  The music in the episode fit really well with the moment, especially the final scene of the baseball game.  Looking back at episode 3, i was scared that our possibly gay friend Hinata was going to disappear, thank goodness he didn’t.  Looking at the episode, i think we (everyone in the world) seriously need someone like Hinata, a very loyal friend.  Overall, episode 2 with a lot more atmosphere.  The ending song went really well with the end of the baseball game.


This episode was really funny, and also shows the story of the main character, Hinata. Again, this episode is one of those add-ons that don’t have to do much with the story. It is enjoyable to watch, and it shows how Angel Beats can be funny and serious in two episodes. Again, the plot was added like a kid builds legos, attached but disorganized. I wouldn’t think playing baseball would be the best idea to do if they really wanted to sabotage Angel. Even though it strays a little from the story, (like all the episodes lol) it is enjoyable to watch.


This episode was pointless. Then again, most of the episodes were. What do you gain by playing a ball game and winning against someone you hate? Just get out there and stab them to death, already. “Hey. I hate you. Let’s fight to the death, then later have a ball game to decide who’s the more awesome person/team.” What?



This is one of the good episodes of Angel Beats and also idiotic. I just love how Noda keeps getting mad at Otonashi and they like keep hitting the ball back at each other and playing by them selves (not even the right way to play baseball but fun way :D) This episode was probably all about Hinata and baseball. There wasnt really any other interesting parts in it than Otonashi vs. Noda. Wait for the Test episode… Now that was Hilarious!

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