Angel Beats! Episode 3 Review


It’s a friday, and i’m really bored.  Most of my games would end up in my sell list but i don’t want to sell them, so im just keeping them and not playing them.  Even Demon’s Souls bores me, but New Vegas comes out in a week so, i just need to make it past this week, thats why i have this place to waste my time on 😀

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The episodes starts of with a casual tone.  Iwasawa (the band leader of GirlsDeMo) performs a small song that she was planning to play during this episode’s operation, only to have it rejected.  If you weren’t paying a attention, Iwasawa is the leader of the Diversion Squad which includes herself, her band (GirlsDeMo is actually Girls Dead Monster which i personally think its a retarded name, but hey its original) , Yusa (the blonde-pig tailed girl) and another character of whom we shall be introduced to very shortly.  Yuri orders Otonashi to adjust the curtains and she reveals today’s operation.  This time, they are going to infiltrate Angel’s layer (this makes twice, the previous attempt is not shown but we can guess that it happened before Otonashi arrived).  However the members are not so satisfied with the idea and we are introduced to….

Oh dammit.

Noda’s idiocy interrupts our speaker even before he introduces himself.  However, our unknown, bespectacled friend here calmly recties PI, yes i mean Pi, the 3.14159, all that good stuff.  Noda being a complete idiot is subdued.

Then Yuri gives us a nice little compliment

Ain’t that the nicest thing you heard?

Moving on and i apologize for the concentrated number of pictures.  Yuri introduces our new friend as Takeyama, but he insists that everyone calls him by his “handle” name.


Fujimaki, our sword wielding friend commentso n Yuri ruining a cool name for Takeyama.  Yuri orders that with this guy around, things will go accordingly.  Yuri advises Iwasawa to put on an extra flashy performances to keep Angel and the students occupied.  And then TK (blonde dude with headband, oh come on, you can’t remember this dude?) yells

I just love that 2 second rave music.

The scene cuts off to show us Otonashi practicing using the handgun he recieved back in Episode 1. Then it changes again where we meet our other notable member of the Diversion Squad: Yui.  Otonashi tries to comment on her strange way of posting advertisement and catches her off guard.  She states that she already knows of Otonashi

Yui explains that she is a rather low ranking member of the diversion squad, but she states that just being close to the band is good enough for her, she starts fan-girling (over an all girl band…..), after a few seconds of witnessing fan-girling, Otonashi tries to leave only to have Yui desperatley clinging on to him

Otonashi remarks that she should start working and then she leaves.

While wandering around the school grounds, he finds the band’s practice room and talks with Iwasawa.

Iwasawa is our 2nd person to reveal their past.

Iwasawa’s previous life was a stress filled one, her parents were always fighting and she had no choice but to escape from reality, she wanted to express herself but she didn’t know what to do.  Then one day, she discovered a band called Sad Machine, the band expressed sadness and pain in their lives which mirrored her life as well.

With the discovery she found a love for music.  One fateful day, she finds a guitar in the rain, and she takes it with her, she practiced singing and started performing on the streets.  She told her teachers that she would not like to follow her parents and create a life of her own.  She started taking jobs to gain money and tried auditioning studios.  However, at work, she suddenly passed out, she awoke in a hospital, unable to speak, she had Cerebral Contusion due to a head injury that she had when she was struck while trying to stop a fight with her parents.  With that she died, unable to do anything.

The scene cuts off, Hisako calls Iwasawa back to practice some more.  Otonashi is stunned to hear another depressing story of an unfair life.  We change scenes again, Angel is seen removing the posters that Yui had (retardly) posted up.  As the NPC’s complain and blather, Angel has seemingly dissappeared.

Epic foreshadowing.

The operation begins as the NPC’s start gathering around the stage,

the band begins to play and we cut off.  Hinata is shown lock picking a door, this time instead of everyone we have Matushita, Hinata, Noda, Yuri, Otonashi and Takeyama.  They break into the room, and Otonashi turns on the lights

This catches the group by suprise and Otonashi is silenced by Noda and Matushita, while the idiots start arguing, Yuri and Takeyama start hacking into Angel’s computer.

We change scenes once more as the band finishes one song, Iwasawa is worried, not that many people have shown up.  Then they start singing again, as they sing this particular song called Alchemy (which is the only song i didn’t dismiss until i passed the 10 second mark) more people start showing up but this action garners the attention of the school staff (still NPC’s).

We’re cut off once again to the group hacking Angel’s computer, while Otonashi is still complaining that they are trespassing he gets quieted down.


They finally are given access to the computer’s information and they only find a name register with the names of every NPC and human alike.  Yusa calls Yuri and tells her that the Diversion squad has been supressed and they are advised to retreat.

We cut off again to find the band in dissarray, and the instruments being confiscated, one NPC tries to throw away Iwasawa’s original guitar and she charges and takes the guitar, Hisako runs off and activates the PA system and plays the microphones to max, and Iwasawa starts to sing the song that was rejected at the beginning of the episode.

While she is singing, the group back at Angel’s room find some program listing words like “Harmonics” and such.

Iwasawa finishes her song, crying, content, a light appears, and a guitar remains….

We cut off for the final time in this episode.  Yuri briefs the team on what they have learned.  She tells them that Angel is getting her own abilities and weapons by herself, just like the way the Afterlife Front (our team here) is making weapons on their own.  Yuri is worried, if Angel must make weapons by herself just like they do, she might be human and there might be no god after all.  While Yuri is thinking, Takamatsu (other dude with glasses) brings up their next troubling news, Iwasawa’s dissappearence.  While the guys argue that Angel has erased her, Yuri concludes that Iwasawa accepted her life with no regrets.

Otonashi than gives us the last statement in the episode

“To disappear, you have to obey what Angel says and lead a normal student life, but thats not the only way. and then the episode is finished.

The episode’s ending picture

Comments from


Without doubt or uncertainty, this is the most crucial episode for now.  We are given another past to look at, and this episode isn’t really filled with all laughs .  I will, in future reviews, reference this episode as this is our first disappearance of a character.  This episode as i said above, really important and a lot focused on the afterlife theme.  Oh, Iwasawa you will be missed, you haven’t even gotten to the quarter mark of the series, its sad really, and i thought she and Otonashi looked nice together.  Oh well , and as you can plainly see, our ending picture is different (which is the only reason why i posted it up there)



Unlike the guy below me, I liked this episode. This is because this is one of the few that have any meaning. I know there is barely any fun parts, but that is because they needed an episode to clear things up about the world. Other than that, Iwasawa and Yuri are the only ones that have any story behind them. Also, I enjoyed their singing. The episode didn’t flow that well either, but oh well.



I think I actually hated this episode out of the 13 there are. Mainly, it’s because of her singing. I don’t like the girl’s singing, other than the ending. Iwasawa was a minor character, either way, so it’s not like she mattered all that much. I honestly never cared for people with pink hair (yes that includes Yuri). It doesn’t even make sense. She’s played like 40000 other songs before, and suddenly she plays one song and decides, “Oh, I’m gonna make a dramatic entrance and disappear into thin air. Bye guys.” What the hell? Gonna go watch Episode 2 again. Yay for Guild!



Alright, episode 3 is quite weird. Good singer disappears because she finally got satisfied. I don’t really remember the episode but I remember the quire super genius that always wants to be “Christ”. This episode wasn’t that good. The reason for this episode is probably to show that you’ll disappear if you get satisfied or them finding out something about the Angel.  Neat song by “Girls Dead Monsters” by the way. ^^

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