Angel Beats! Episode 2 Review


Because my colleagues were too lazy to post themselves (actually we just hung out playing Yu-Gi-Oh but thats beside the point) So lets get started

Note: Compared to last episode, there is an obscene amount of pics, there was a lot to point out (not really, i just found them funny)

Unlike the first episode we have an opening!

And as promised i will cover the characters

Left to Right: Otonashi and Yuri

Left to Right: Shiina, Hinata, Takamatsu, Noda

Left to Right: TK, Matsushita, Fujimaki, Ooyama

Left to Right: Iwasawa, Sekine, Yusa, Irie, Hisako

Right to Lef- you know the on left, right? On the right is Tenshi

And for just the hell of it this picture

Lets get started with the episode

The episode gets straight to the point, the team is running out of ammo and needs more of it, so they decide to head down the Guild, a series of passages that leads to an industrial factory like area that creates weapons for the team, how they make weapons shall be explained later. The team also finds Noda (halberd dude) missing, but since hes just muscle, hes really not needed.  Prior to leaving, Yuri explains that Tenshi does not know of the Guild’s exact positions, she also explains that the Guild has anti-angel traps that gives insta-kill to anyone that enters and falls for the number of traps.  Yuri contacts the Guild and requests the deactivation, then, the team leaves.

The team heads to the gymnasium (or something) and they reveal a hole leading deep underground.  Once they finally arrive at the bottom they find something and its…..

Noda refuses to believe that Otonashi is one of them, Otonashi gives him a snappy responses, Noda readies his halberd and then

this happens.

Yuri orders the squad to form a defensive perimeter, Hinata (blue hair) notes that the traps have not been deactivaed which either means Angel got to the Guild, or she is present inside the Guild.  Takamatsu (glasses) also explains a rule of this world, you won’t die but you’re gonna feel the pain.

The team advances, giving chase to Angel’s warpath to the Guild.  Immediately as they enter one of the Guild’s many passage ways, they activate a trap.  In a narrow passage way you can imagine one thing: Boulders…  The group run for their lives (and TK swears in english!  The group finds a opposite path.  Kinda reminds me of Indiana Jones

say hello the people who won’t matter anymore for the next half of the series

A few make it, Takamatsu gets killed by the boulder and Hinata pushes himself and Otonashi down to a corner to save themselves

-Insert gay sounding comment here- Hinata basically says: I kinda like you, which Otonashi to reply with a: Are you…. Hinata denies but this is one of the many gay sounding comments to come.

Gay jokes aside, the group enter yet another trap filled room, this time laser wires, reminds me of Resident Evil.

Yuri’s face just spells, “Oh shi-”  This time Matsushita (big dude) gets killed.

The phrase, insults to injury goes perfectly with this scene.  Basically you probably get the idea, for each trap, one person dies.

Next trap! whose it gonna be?

I guess theres no more english jokes for the remainder of the episode

Now they move on, this time, the ground collapses and leaves him hanging on to eachother.  Ooyama (short kid) falls to his death while Shiina (ninja girl), Fujimaki (black hair), Yuri, Hinata, and Otonashi try to get up.  Otonashi being first climbs up of Hinata, only to leave him in an awkward moment with Yuri.

You know, Yuri aint flat chested as i thought she was.  With that thought in mind, Hinata attempts to climb up, only for Yuri to hurl him to his death below, you only imagine (think the statemont above)  what he just grabbed.

Everyone gets up and most of the remaining members are suprised that Otonashi has survived.

Just guess what happens next


Now there are only 3 remaining, they swim across and find themselves in a grotto like location.  Next to die is Shiina (NOOOOOO) she falls to her death as she tries to save a puppy (fake)  Now i found that incredibly stupid, but hey, i would do that if it was game, or hell, a plate of bacon.

Otonashi and Yuri decide to reconiliate, Yuri explains her past. She tells him she was assigned to be the leader because she was the first to arrive here.  She tells him of their memory, she she in particular did not lose.

She tells him that she had 4 siblings, (including herself) her family was rich and they enjoyed their lives.  One day, burglars broke into their home while their parents were gone.  The criminals couldnt find anything and told Yuri to go found valuables to steal, if she doesnt bring something good in 10 minutes, she was gonna see one of her siblings die.  Yuri searched the house and finds nothing of value (rich my ass, don’t they have any paintings or good stuff? i think her parents lack taste), the police arrived 30 minutes later, she was alone.

Yuri tells him that never wants to accept that kind of life, she vowed then to rebel against this “God”.  The two get up and head for the Guild after this epic revelation, Yuri also adds another rule to this world, You cannot get here by committing suicide.  The two FINALLY, make it to the Guild reminds me a lot of Fallout 3, The Pitt to be exact.  We see a bunch of kids gathering around to see Yuri, then, a trap sets off.  Yuri orders the Guild members to abandon the Guild, then an extremely old looking dude shows up

This scene looks EXTREMELY similar to this scene

Another rule added to the list: You can create lifelesss things by memory, so, if you remember a gun, you can make it, outta anything, dirt for example is used here.  The Guild Members decide to blow this Guild to use the Old Guild which apparently Tenshi doesn’t know about.  The Guild guys start loading explosives and start preparing an bigass cannon, while Yuri and Otonashi decide to buy some time.  Side note: Don’t worry people you won’t be seeing any of these guys again, and i’m serious

Yuri engages Tenshi in close combat (ITS KNIFING TIME)

She has an energy shield and 2 wrist mounted blades Tenshi=Zealot only japanese, and cuter.

Yuri however cannot stand up against her for long,  and by the time Otonashi tackles Tenshi a bigass (BIGASS) cannon is loaded, unfortunatly for them, it blows up in their face.  However, the force and pressure pins Tenshi to the ground, just enough time to detonate the bombs.  The duo are victorious and the Guild members survive.  Yuri contacts the other fallen members who wake up and later regroup.  The episode from there ends.

We are also given the ending theme to this series


Order of appearence just in case you didn’t listen to me in the beginning: Yuri, Otonashi, Hinata, TK, Noda, Matsushita, Ooyama, Fujimaki, Takamatsu, Iwasawa, Hisako, Irie and Sekine, Shiina, and Yusa.

Comments from


I particularly LOVE the ending theme, i find it so relaxing and meaningful, however Shiina’s location really messes up on what could be a great wallpaper.  I really like the ending over the opening.  The opening i really couldn’t find some good meaning to it.   the episode was a lot better than the first one, we got more character screentime, less bands :D, more comedy, more history of how the rules work here, and most importantly we are given Yuri’s past.  The episode in my opinion did a nice transition going from all funny deaths to hardcore serious, and then to somewhat comedic/epic fight sequence.   It was great :D. I apologize for the over abundance of pictures, i promise there wont be that much. 😀 and because of that fact, i had to adjust the pictures and the comments i had for them, if there a lot of pictures, i will probably do that again.

Update: heres a pic that tells how everyone died



Well he stole my thoughts on the ending so read the top one twice. The second episode was again pointless. It was very funandny and enjoyable, but I didn’t see the point of having an episode were everyone dies pointlessly for ten minutes. (TBC)


“Yuri searched the house and finds nothing of value (rich my ass, don’t they have any paintings or good stuff?)”

Well actually, she finds a pot/vase, if I remember, but she drops it or something and then gets screwed over.

“She also explains that the Guild has anti-angel traps that gives insta-kill to anyone that enters and falls for the number of traps.”

Well, since you can’t really die.. you’ll basically get knocked out and feel extreme pain. Unless you’re Angel of course, in which case you can just cut all of the shit and keep walking without a scratch.

@siegetank55: Well they have one or two more episodes of that… it’s quite funny, really.

This episode isn’t much better than the first one, but the episodes get better and better. Try to remember the songs that are played throughout the series, they’ll become significant in the end. *hinthint*

The opening > closing. The game. GG. -iSleepWitChu



To me I like the opening, My Soul, Your Beats! by Lia, better than the ending.  The second Episode wasn’t anything special just some funny and serious parts. The main guys die and comes back to life at the end, with the exception of Yurippe and Otonashi. And if you’re reading the manga explaining how everything started, then you’ll see that the guy with the gun in the manga is the Guild boss in the anime. Theres nothing much to talk about in this episode so just keep waiting for the better ones! ^^

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