Angel Beats! Episode 1 Review


I stumbled upon Angel Beats when I was browsing through the Internet, I saw this title and promotional poster.  The poster, frankly, did not get my attention.  2 Girls and 1 guy, I expected a harem but then I saw a gun on one of the girl’s hand.  I dismissed this anime and played Demon’s Souls.  By the next 2 months, I would stumble upon it again, I would hear this anime being called horrible or just great, I guess its our turn.

After I was done watching, I asked my friends to watch this, out of 4 people (including me), all 5 of us loved it.  But that’s for a later time


The episode starts off in pure darkness, a second later, someone wakes up.  The main character who has lost his memory finds himself in a strange world.  Immediately following his observation of this strange new world, he is greeted by another person, a girl.

She says to him very bluntly, You’re dead. After some boring explanation on which no one gives a crap about, the sniper’s scope is shown to be aimed at another girl.  She introduces our main man to the person she and her friends are fighting against.

The girl with the gun explains that this is the Afterlife, and if you do nothing, you shall be erased by the one and only God.  Then another dude appears with yet another gun.  Seeing this as just a trick, our protagonist steps up and approaches the seemingly innocent girl, much to the chagrin of the girl with gun.

As he approaches the small girl he tells her that someone has a gun pointed at her, they are calling you angel or what not.  The girl tells him that she is not an Angel, only the Student Council President.  She (Angel or Tenshi) tells him that everyone here is DEAD.  The dude seeing this as another trick asks her to prove it.  Without even blinking, the girl materializes a blade out of her upper wrist after muttering “Hand Sonic” and stabs him in the heart.

Our main man wakes up yet again (only without a shirt) to find himself in a school infirmary and to find his shirt in a bloody mess.  Then he stands up to find this crazy son of a bitch with a large halberd.

With an ominous theme playing in the background, you could only imagine what kind of show this could be, I mean a halberd? That’s just too original or just plain generic.

The dude with the halberd walks forward and states that the protagonist has disgraced “Yurippe” Our guy here thinks this is a joke after halberd dude says’ You wanna die?’ He sees this as a joke because he just survived after being stabbed through the heart….

After this, he wakes up again.  He stumbles upon the principle’s office, then, he gets hammered out the window by a giant hammer trap.

He then wakes up again with a bunch of people, including the girl and boy with the guns.

Our main guy states that he wants to get out of here, however, glasses dude states that if you do what Angel says, you reincarnate as something random whether it’s human or a barnacle.  Yurippe (Girl leader with the gun) tells Otonashi (Main guy) that they are the Afterlife Battlefront, their goal is make sure that Angel is erased from this world.   She then tells Otonashi, “join us.” Right then, when he was about to give them an answer, the crazy halberd dude shows up by the door and gets hammered out the window BY HIS OWN TRAP.

After a brief thought, main dude agrees to join, thus starting the story.  (Note: The blue-haired dude back at the beginning is introduced as Hinata [which is strange for a boy])

Main girl introduces herself as Yuri[ppe] and she is the leader of the Afterlife Battlefront alongside this cast of colorful characters, in which I will cover in the next episode review.  The main dude remembers his name as well, Otonashi, but he doesn’t remember anything else that.

After introducing themselves, Yuri and Otonashi meet and Yuri explains their world.  She tells him that almost everyone student and teacher in the school (school being purgatory) are human but those who are not really conscious but it’s sort of complicated, she calls them NPC’s (Non-player Characters). Otonashi asks if they can be talked to or be interacted with.

Theres our answer, we can.

Later, Yuri gives Otonashi a handgun and it looks like it’s time for business.

Because it is rebelling against God, they can do basically any devious thing, but this time, it’s just stealing lunch tickets.  Just for that to happen, the group must pull together as many students are they can, and by doing this, Angel arrives to intervene; this is where the main members try to hold of Angel, while holding Angel at bay, the other girl in the series (the one that looks like Yuri only taller)  then diverts the students’ attention by playing some music (i.e a badass girl band).  After enough attention has been gained, the members fall back while the diversion group opens the windows and turn on giant fans, to lift up lunch tickets up in the air for grabs.

That’s the plan.

Otonashi is put into a relatively secluded location.  Much to his anticipation, Angel arrives in his direction.  At first Otonashi is reluctant to shoot but he guesses he has too.  He shoots, it hits! But too bad, newbie, she ain’t stopping.

The rest of the team (excluding Yuri) joins Otonashi in holding Angel back.  But before they can actually get a hit on her, she activates “Distortion” covering herself in an energy shield which apparently deflects bullets or physical objects.

But fortunately the all-girl band succeeds in diverting attention from the action going on outside.  Yusa (another girl who acts as operative) orders to turn on the fans and boom, lunch tickets for everyone (who doesn’t pay, some way to anger God…) but nevertheless: plan successful, Angel retreats and then the group falls back for lunch (yes they can eat lunch, even if they are dead, they still have bodies [here at least]).

Looks like Otonashi has found himself a new (dead but okay) life here.  We can only wait on what happens next.

Comments from


This episode was okay; it was a pilot episode, so it explained what it needed to do.  Gave us some rules and what happens here and there.  In my opinion, I didn’t really like the all-girl band, I mean it focused on that too much, reminds me on K-ON! which i never bothered to watch just because of the raging fangasming the Internet is doing to it.  Also, Angel reminds me of these guys

FOR AUIR>>>Energy shields, dual wrist mounted blades, hell, no wonder guns don’t do shit.

Characters will explained in the next episode review.


First Impression: Well, the first episode was confusing at the start – it was quick paced, not explanatory, and something you would need to watch twice to understand what actually was going on. So our protagonist gets killed twice in the first three minutes while there was only a quick introduction of what was happening. Yet, the well-drawn artwork and the fast action definately grabbed my attention to watch it on and on.

Looking back: [Spoiler] The first episode is also sort of mismatching with the rest of the anime. We later find out that world of NPCs was created to give the children a good lifetime, but it is so corrupted that the kids despise being there. That just contradicts itself right there – Why would there be an imperfect heaven in the first place? Even if the first episode grabbed my attention, it did not seem to be the ultimate plotline it could have been (Along with the rest of the anime). It is definately worth watching though.


The first episode wasn’t one of the better ones, few laughs here and there. It was pretty much pointless other than for the purpose of explaining the scenario and the characters. Still, some things were unclear. First off, why doesn’t God just zap them from the heavens? Second, why go through all that trouble trying to steal meal tickets when you can simply steal food? They are NPCs, right? Third, so basically, you’re dead and in some freaking ‘paradise’ with crazy ass dudes with 100 combo halberds and angelic monsters that can torture you forever since you can’t die…? Seems to me like I’d do what Angel says. That brings us to the fourth question. What the hell does Angel even want them to do? In the meantime, watch this:

Episode 1.



At the beginning of the episode Otonashi gains consciousness and right next to him a girl with a 50 cal. Barret aimed at another girl. After that Hinata comes in with a GLOCK 17. Later after that they show you some more guns like the Dessert Eagle, AT4, Remington 700 rifle, MG3, and others. With all these weapons they still can’t harm the angel. If Yuri actually shot the 50 cal. Barret it would have probably only scratch the angle. Even if there aren’t too many people in their group, they could still fight a war and have a good chance of winning.

Still some questions comes to me for the first episode. First, why do they have such fire power when it doesn’t even do much to the angel? Second, how come that angel can use “Hand Sonic” while the others can’t? Lastly, why are they fighting the angel when you can clearly see that she’ll only retaliate if you attack her first?

This anime has good comedy and action at the same time. It also has some sad parts too and if you don’t cry from that you might cry from just laughing. The best part of this episode is probably “Operation Tornado” because it actually had some action and also has a neat song in the background while they try to keep the angel away from the band.

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  1. In response to siegetank55:
    You said that this “heaven” was so corrupt that the kids hated being there. This is not true at all. This is not meant to be a heaven. It just place that’s supposed to fulfill for these kids what life couldn’t so that

    • They could pass on and be reincarnated in peace. And it’s not corrupt they’re just scared if brewing reincarnated as barnacles and didn’t want to pass on.

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