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Angel Beats! Episode 6 Review


Prepare for the most serious episode, yes even serious than the last one ūüėÄ

The episode starts off with everyone (including Yui) is released out of their Reflection Rooms.¬† Reflection Rooms are basically prison cells and you have to think about what you have done wrong.¬† If you paid attention to last week’s episode, the team was sent to the reflection room.¬† As they are released, Takamatsu states that they should be gaining advantage now that Angel is gone, not the other way around.¬† Oh yeah, he’s topless this time, following his epic revelation of him being muscular, he refuses to put on clothing.

Shiina is uninterested

Back in their headquarters, Yuri tells the team to go to classes and do whatever they want, try to experiment, see what happens.  Yuri stays behind and thinks about the future of this organization.

In the classroom we are shown what the guys and girls are doing.¬† Ooyama is somewhat paying attention but is more focused on his snacks.¬† Yui plays the idiotic student who always asks to go the bathroom.¬† Noda is sleeping, Takamatsu’s working out, Shiina is balancing yet even more stuff on her fingers, and Otonashi and Hinata are being gay discussing some stuff.¬† Also, Hisako, Fujimaki, TK, and Matsushita are playing Mahjong.

It is revealed in the light novel that Hisako is a major cheater in this game, no wonder, TK can NEVER lose.

Yui returns from her trip from the bathroom, then she immediately asks to go again.  As she walks to the door, she is confronted by Naoi.

As Naoi arrives, Ooyama hides his chips, Shiina and Takamatsu disappears, Yui runs away, Otonashi and Hinata do nothing.  Now watch how our friends playing mahjong leave

Epic sendoff

Naoi obersves the room and finds Noda sleeping, as he orders the NPC’s to take him away, Noda wakes up and threatens to kill Naoi, as hes about to do so, Hinata and Otonashi run in and carries him away. (Because they are not allowed to harm NPC’s).¬† Change in scenes.¬† Yuri tracks down Naoi to the roof of the school, seeing him viciously beating NPC’s.

We see Otonashi walking into a classroom and finding Tachibana (Angel) alone (as always) and he says that he wants to treat her to some lunch, Angel refuses at first, then Otonashi mentions Tofu, and she gets up to go the lunchroom.  As they eat, they are caught by Naoi and sent to the Reflection Room.  And as i said, it looks like prison, what kind of school is  this???

Well the duo are trapped, as Otonashi rants and complains, Angel says that she is sleepy and decides to sleep.

So cute, my head exploded

Well, while she sleeps, Otonashi rap-i mean gets called by Yuri on a walkie talkie that he had recieved at the beginning of the episode.¬† Yuri finds out they Naoi is human and not an NPC, she requests backup from Otonashi because Naoi has tracked them down and has killed (wait i thought they couldnt die) a few of their friends.¬† Otonashi upon hearing this, wakes Angel up and begs her to help him get out.¬† Angel activates her Hand Sonic ability and attacks the door.¬† Suprisingly, it is unaffective, she explains to him that it was actually made for defensive use.¬† Otonashi claims that if he didn’t ask her the question he asked in the first episode, he would have been able to been her friend.¬† She tells, him that would be impossible, anyone who becomes friends with her, disappear.¬† This punches Otonashi’s heart, he finds this so sad and cruel, its funny.

Sad, isn’t it

Angel reveals another techniques, Hand Sonic Version 2-4 and all prove unsuccesful against the door.  Then, Otonashi comes up with an idea.  The 4th version of Hand Sonic is a huge mace shaped like a flower.  The first version is stabbed into the hinge of the door and she activates four, crushing the door from the side.  The duo escapes.

Its raining outside

Outside the school grounds, Otonashi and Angel arrive to see a massacre.¬† He sees his comrades dead (but WHY SO SERIOUS?) and finds NPC’s with guns.¬† Naoi is shown kicking Hinata.¬† Otonashi runs to save his friend, as he comes by his side, Hinata makes fun of him for running to him first.

Hah. No comment

Naoi declares, hes freakin god.  He declares that this world chooses its God based on whose past life was the most cruel.  Naoi believes that he had the worst life of all.  He promises everyone eternal rest, and he says that he killed everyone just because they resisted.  Naoi demonstrates his godhood, on Yuri, who for the first time, is completely powerless

Man, the wet clothes REALLY do bring out the size.

Naoi then reveals his god power, Hypnotism.¬† He then makes Yuri try to disappear by showing her parts of her past, (basically shows her false memories) Otonashi screams in rage and punches Naoi.¬†¬†Otonashi grabs Naoi by the collar and¬†he yells at him that their lives were important, their lives were real, and he asks them in a furious tone, wasn’t his life real too?¬† You have to watch this scene, the music and the atmosphere really gives the dark attitude.

Its time for a flashback.

Naoi’s brother died.¬† It was Naoi and his brother who lived with their family.¬† His brother had an extraordinary skill for pottery, Ayato (Our Naoi)¬† was ignored, nobody cared for him.¬† Then his brother died, but since they were twins, he was announced dead, and his brother, alive.¬† Naoi spent time training to become like his brother, but his father scolded him for his lack of skill.¬† Eventually, Naoi actually wins an award, but his father is not impressed.¬† He becomes proud of his work, and he looks foward to become the best in Japan.¬† But then, his father becomes bedridden, he cannot teach and cannot scold.¬† Everytime he helped his bedridden father, he would smile weakly at him.¬† “You were the one who died that day.” Naoi says his liife was nothing, a fake, living in the shadow of his brother.¬† Otonashi exclaims that its not fake, he embraces Naoi and tells him that his life was real, him being here signifies that, the rain slowly starts to stop.

Naoi asks Otonashi, “Will you awknowledge me?” Otonashi answers yes, hes the one who hes with.¬† Naoi then remembers one moment, he was complimented by his father, the only thing he wanted to hear.¬† Naoi is shown crying as the rain stops.

Our episode ends here

Comments from


I really liked this episode, shows that although the series is funny, it has its serious point,¬† and notice i used Point without an S because this is as serious as it gets.¬† Rain really brings the epicness in any scene.¬† Imagine the Shawshank redemption, after Andy comes out of the sewer into his freedom, if there weren’t any rain, it wouldn’t be as epic now would it?¬† Naoi’s flashback does seem really sad, the irony and the feeling in my gut does say that he has the saddest one yet.¬† His character is arrogant and confident, just like me :D.¬† The episode was nicely done, music was great, the tone was great.¬† HOWEVER, the pacing was FREAKIN HORRIBLE.¬† Naoi is only bad for only ONE episode! thats dumb! it would have been better if they had given him a few more episodes of him doing misdeeds.¬† Probably the best but most flawed in pacing episode.


Ok. So, this is probably the episode were I went WTFDROP? This is probably the episode that shows all the wrong things about Angel Beats. This episode (which was a piece of crap) shows no explanation of anything, no development of anything, and the pace is faster than the speed of light. There certainly is not a point to this episode. At all. It adds another character, (I don’t see why we need another one, there are loads that are not even slightly explained) and only complicates the explanation of the story. At the start, the pace is easygoing, fun, and there are even funny parts of the characters. This is shown through about ten minutes. Later in the episode, Naoi is shown as the new “evil” kid in the world. He encloses Angel and Otonashi in since he is controlling the student council. OK THIS IS WERE IT STARTS TO GET AMBIGUOUS AND STUPID. First of all, how is he controlling NPCS of the student council? Aren’t they supposed to only act like they are normal! They are clearly shown that they have normal emotions and a sense of right and wrong. This is shown during the concerts, were they argue about cancelling their “only” joy. If they can do this, how can they even agree or even think about putting two people in an unbreakable (almost) jail? Does this mean that Naoi can control NPCs? Well, some can say “he was playing god and controlling everything” Oh really now? When is that explained again? Oh I forgot, because it was only described in the epic five secondes of the actual story! After this, it only gets worse. After no explanation AT ALL, somehow Naoi has found out everything about Yui’s secret organization. Well, we have no idea how and why this is discovered. It then goes on to a horrendous scene were everyone is fighting, but nobody knows why. Oh yea, now we see Naoi’s flashback for some other reason that nobody knows of. And Otonashi hugs him because he understands what he is going through. Isn’t that the biggest piece of crap that they could put for a plot? Ok now, Dragonball Z had about thirty episodes for one scene. Angel Beats has a scene that should be 50x longer packed into ten minutes. That’s a problem. This is probably one reason people should not watch AB. But anyways, some of the episodes later might resolve this horrid crunch problem. Or you can wait until someone reviews episode 13…


First of all, no one cares about that V.P.’s name. I don’t even remember it. It’s kind of like Christ. I call him the ‘nerd’ or Christ, as he likes it, but I don’t really care for his real name. Same thing with the vice president. I call him the ‘kiss up.’ It’s quite true, really. In the later episodes, the vice president is a total suck up to Otonashi. Whatever Otonashi says, he does. Anyway, how he even has the power to mesmerize and control people is quite ridiculous. Where the hell did he get this power? Obviously, he doesn’t script his powers, as Angel does. Wasn’t he supposed to be a normal human (other than the dead part)? Yes. You’re definitely God. That’s why you got your ass whooped by Otonashi, who punched you ONCE and then made you cry like my baby sister. Perfect description of God. Crazy, weak, foolish, overconfident, babyish, and a suck up. Tell me once your balls drop. Or you gain some.



Angel Beats! Episode 5 Review


Got New Vegas, Spirit Tracks, AND Mass Effect 2, so most of my time during the weekends are consumed by that.

Lets get started.

In my opinion, a retarded sounding title for an episode.

Well the opening changed once more and here are the one that changed

Yui is now a member of the GirlsDeMo, great…more music again.

Well the episodes starts with Yuri fearing the upcoming battle. Then Otonashi gets an epic picture in his head

Epic fight scene is epic.

Too bad that by “Battle” she meant testing week.

Allow me to inform you, in Asia (I’m Korean so i should know) instead of taking a multitude of small quizes and tests, Asia has just one big test that won’t matter until you’re in middle school.¬† Brief real life lesson ended

Yuri tells them that they need to take tests but not get good grades because it may factor into one of them disappearing.¬† Yuri proposes a plan, leading a small team to sabotage Angel’s grades to lower her honor and making her lose her seat of Student Council President.¬† The small team consists of herself, Hinata, Otonashi, Takamatsu, Takeyama, and Ooyama.

They arrive in their classrooms and she tells them that they need to get seat close to Angel.  Hinata misses, Otonashi misses, Ooyama misses, Takamatsu misses, Yuri gets number 1 seat but thats across the room, but Takeyama gets the seat in front of Angel

God i hate that hairstyle

Now the plan is for Takeyama, the one with the closest seat to take two tests, one for himself, and one the dummy test to replace Angel’s.¬† Now the dummy test will be written with stupid answers, but with discretion of the respective subject.

Here are the soles

  • Takeyama, the cheater
  • Hinata, attention diversion
  • Otonashi, on standby
  • Takamatsu, 2nd attention diversion
  • Ooyama, 3rd attention diversion

Then Takeyama brings up a point, whats her name..

After some stupid guesses on what to put Angel’s name as, Otonashi decides to find out himself.¬† As he tries to leave the room, Angel stops him.¬† She calmingly reassures him that he will do fine on the test.¬† Otonashi looks at her with guilt, harming this little girl by giving an extremely retarded answer to a sophisticated questions

Well, after this, he introduces himself, and then Angel finally reveals her name

Say hello, to Tachibana Kanade.

And heres the theme that plays

Well that being done, Otonashi resolved the problem.   Test taking time.  Otonashi remarks how easy it is (science test) but he remembers to get an average score.  Now the moment of truth.

Note: After Hinata’s distraction, its Takamatsu, and then Ooyama.

Now instead of typing everything its time for a video which i think takes atleast a quarter of the episode

UPDATE: Well shit, the video is down, well go watch the damn episode.

The first two attempts attracted Angel’s attention to which Otonashi has to cover for the team (in an albeit hilarious fashion)

Heres one instance when he has to cover for Hinata’s rage for rocketing up twice, this is his excuse for Yuri and Hinata

The picture screams: GAY

They are all successful by the way.

After sabotaging the tests, and seeing that Takamatsu is as buff as Noda, we skip ahead to the small team having lunch.  Hinata complains that he has to keep flying up into the ceiling, he is scared that people might suspect something from them

Well after that, we see Otonashi meet Angel in the hallway, then we see the Principle dismissing Angel as the SCP (Student Council President [i wonder whats up with anime and student council president, i mean i had one in school in Korea but no one actually cared]) and promoting Vice President Naoi Ayato to the seat.  For the SSS (the good guys) today was a victory and they decide to go with Operation Tornado (from the first episode) again.

Well, Its Yui’s moment of truth when the band gives her the song called Thousand Enemies written by Iwasawa.¬† The band starts to play and the forces guarding the gates stay vigilent.¬† They see Angel approach but Otonashi sees something in Angel, like having no will to fight.¬† Takamatsu warns Yuri that Angel is in the building, Yuri is enraged but sees that Angel seriously has no will to fight at all.¬† The excitement level in the crowds at maximum (no dirty jokes, please) and Yuri orders Yusa to, once again, order the fans on.¬† Looks like Angel was trying to get some food as he tries to regain her lunch ticket back

The only time so far that she showed some emotion

The scene cuts off

Otonashi retrieves Angel’s ticket and it happens to be Mabo Tofu (In Korean, its Mapa) he decides to order it,¬†(suprisingly, atleast to me) there is only sauce and tofu and no rice, usually¬†you’re supposed to eat¬†with rice but not so much here i guess.¬† Both Hinata and Otonashi try it only to find burnt tongues¬†but find that the taste is actually good.

Otonashi thinks if it is possible for Angel to join them, Fujimaki who was sitting behind Otonashi jumps in disbelief because of all the pain they had to go through against Angel, even though no one can die.

Otonashi thinks of her [Angel’s] lonliness while the ending plays.

I would post the ending pic here, but the episode isnt over yet.  Suddenly, NPC students flood into the room, surrounding our guys here, Naoi steps up and orders them to be taken to the self reflection room.

Well, the episodes concludes there

Comments from


I can’t believe i did two reviews in a week, and me and Genesis were supposed to be doing a series review, but he keeps ignoring me, whatever.¬† This review was pretty quick, as the highlight of the episode was the video i posted up there.¬† Basically episode 1, with a bit more understanding in story, funny stuff in first half, actionless scene in 2nd part (the action was not present during this episode ) with the band playing music.¬† This episode is an episode that actually has connections to the last episode (the next episode in context[6]),¬†most¬†episodes don’t take immediately after the last episode but, this¬†episode also¬†starts a chain of events that lead to the final episode, episodes behind this did, but the actions of¬†characters will come to play in the following episodes.¬† I’m sorry if i’m hard to understand here.¬† Otherwise, funny episode, won’t be a lot more after this.¬† (Updated episode 2 review, go check it out, i added one new pic that should have covered the large amount of pictures.)


Very funny episode for me. I love the part were they are trying to get her to fail the exam. The rockets are very humorous and it gave us more information about the roles of the vague characters.


The rocket chairs were the focus of the episode… Not much to say in this one. Poor Angel, trying to get some food b/c they sabotaged her ass out of the president position. Oh well. Looks like there’s a new president in town, the vice president, who turns out to be a crazy ****************.



Ok at the end of most of my opinions i usually say “Wait for the better ones” or something like that. This IS one of the better episodes of Angel Beats! ūüėÄ I¬†typically¬†LOVE this episode because its one of the best of all. I especially LOVE how the dude confesses and gets rejected and Hinata flies :D. I also love the song at the end during “Operation Tornado”. Finally “GirlsDeMo” plays one of their good songs, “Thousand Enemies”. Enjoy! ^-^

Angel Beats! Episode 4 Review


Well lets get started, no witty comments or stories here ūüėÄ

The episode starts off with a figure in a sunny day in a basebal uniform, he is sweating and is obviously tired.  Then he hears a hit, its a flyball and it is hit directly toward him, then the scene fades into Hinata in deep thought.

This time instead of our angelic piano opening song, we have Yui from last episode tryout for the Lead role of guitarist and vocalist for the otherwise empty seat left behind by Iwasawa.  The group remark her look suggests that she wants to turn the rock band into a idol group.  Yui then decides to actually sing and perform for them, and she plays the opening sequence.

Now with awesome new format!

Notice Takeyama

No Iwasawa

As Yui tries to finish the performance with a bang, she accidentally throws her microphone into the air, gets it stuck in the ceiling, and hangs herself.


While Yui regains conscienceness, the group comments on her performance saying that it wans’t good, it lacked appeal and so forth.¬† Yui awakens in rage saying that her upperclassmen should be encouraging not ridiculing her.¬† Yuri compares the “cool beauty” of Iswawa to the tomboyish Yui.¬† They also say that she is just being trendy, nevertheless, the group lets the band decide if they will take Yui or not,¬† Yuri then discusses the next plan.

Yuri decides to have a casual mission tone, which lets the members create their own team and play games (sports) with NPC’s, did i mention llegally? Yuri thinks that this will provoke Angel and gain some knowledge on her.¬† Although personally i think this is a stupid idea, the group goes with it.¬† Hinata tells Otonashi

Ain’t that gay.

Otonashi notes this and once again, Hinata denies it.  Hinata says that they should form a team.  Otonashi questions who should make up their team, Hinata reassures him and the duo set off to find their 1st teamate

Hisako the other guitarist is Hinata’s first choice, too bad she already joined up with Takamatsu, Hinata then decides to recruit someone else

Matsushita is our 2nd person to be recruited, however Takeyama promised him to give him meat udon (its good, i tried it) meal tickets, so hes obligated to stay with Takeyama.  Hinata is dissapointed that this

Otonashi saying what Hinata (gay soundingly) said about Matsushita’s friendship.

After the 2nd failed recruit attempted, the duo head out to find TK.

Recruitment failed.  Critical Mission Failure.

Hinata almost sounded like saying “Goddamn”

While thinking of more members to (not successfully) recruit, Otonashi asks which ball-game they are going to play.  Turns out its baseball, and Otonashi states that they need 7 more people.  Yui happens to be waiting for the duo, immediately, Hinata insults her singing appeal.  Yui proposes that he lets her to be recruited.  Hinata thinks and this is the process

  • Shes bad, lets get that down
  • If she gets hit then the pitcher is thrown out
  • Therefore to maximize her usage, she must get hit


Hinata agrees to recruit Yui, however seeing his obvious plan, Yui (FALCON) kicks Hinata and she gets kicked back, Hooray cause we got 6 more people to play.¬† Then Hinata pulls a wrestling hold on Yui, and this will be the first of many ūüėÄ

The three head into the gym storage room to Shiina, who, for the past few days, have been wondering how Otonashi outlasted her in¬† the previous descent to the Guild.¬† Since then she has been balancing a broom on her fingertip¬†the entire time.¬† This is probably the only time Shiina does ANYTHING or talk about ANYTHING, so say goodbye to her for the next 5-9 episodes.¬† Hinata says that she and Otonashi can fight the dispute later after she plays for them, and she agrees to, trying to prove that her balance and concentration is far better than the “new guy”

With another idiot joining the ranks, they go to find the most idiotic man in the Afterlife

Noda trains in solitude with his halberd and seems to do it very efficiently has he massively RIPPED.

Noda says that he was waiting for them to arrive, and seizes the oppertunity to finally settle himself and Otonashi’s dispute.¬† Hinata trying to avoid a fight, tells Noda to prove his skills baseball.¬† Being the massive idiot, Noda agrees.

However, they still lack a few members.  While Yui fights with Shiina with a stupid reason and Noda doing absolutely nothing.  Hinata looks blankly at the night.  Otonashi breaks his trance when Yui says that she has friends that might to able to help.  We are introduced with 3 girls with no name and significance, so dont worry here.  With a considerable team and 3 fodder members, Hinata then signs up to play.

We cut off and see TK playing for Takamatsu’s team who also apparently recruited Fujimaki too.¬† TK hits a home run and his past is made even vauge-er (i think i spelled it wrong) with his skill in baseball.¬† Matshushita playing for Takeyama also hits a home.

Hinata organizes the team, basically Otonashi goes first, then Hinata, Shiina, and last Noda, the rest can just sit down.¬† Hinata’s plan is to get a Cold Game.¬† He cheers for his team, with feeble responses.¬† You have to watch the scene to get a laugh.

Now, they actually pull this off, but Otonashi and Noda have a battle between themselves in these victories against the NPC teams

And you have to see how Noda holds the bat.

After winning 3 games in a row, Angel has taken notice of this and we are introduced to Naoi (Ayato) and behind them (Naoi and Angel) are the Student Council Baseball team.

What a team

I like what Naoi is wearing, old style Gakuran, the one that the characters in our banner are wearing, (the banner for the time being that is)

The Student Council team owns the other teams and the last remaining are Hinatas.  Matsushita also is recruited during their game against the Student council team because of his debt to Otonashi who previously gave him a meal ticket as well.

With the back and most of the bases covered nicely.¬† The score difference is by 1, runners on 2nd and 3rd bases, 2 outs.¬† The most overused baseball gimmic.¬† (Hinata’s team is up by 1).¬† Otonashi calls a time out and finds Hinata having that blank face again.¬† This time, Hinata confesses that this has to do with his past, and takes this time to finally tell us, his story.

He was in the baseball team, they were aiming for Koushien (being the highschool championships).¬† It was one day, the sun over his head, and his mouth taseted like dirt.¬† And we see the beginning scene again, that is Hinata during the time he was alive.¬† He was playing at the regional finals, and the setting was exactly like the one they are delaying with this flashback.¬† The batter hits an easy flyball to second base (Hinata), from there, he didn’t know what to say, he isnt sure if he caught it or not, but he said that if he did, he should have remembered.¬† Back in the lockerooms, his team ridicules him for ruining their efforts, as Hinata was about to leave, he is greeted by someone, who offers him what may look like to be drugs, to calm his nerves.

From there, the story ends.

Otonashi remarks that if they win this game, Hinata might disappear, Hinata denies this and tries to focus on the game.  Time is called back in, and Otonashi throws the ball.  The ball (predictably) goes to 2nd base, where Hinata is.  Hinata is shocked, his face goes blank and he reaches up to end the game.  Otonashi starts to run to him, yelling at Hinata not to catch the ball.

Just as Hinata was about to catch the ball, Yui jumps in and pulls another stranglehold.¬† Hinata is saved! But with a victory lost, Hinata counters Yui’s attack and puts her in a stranglehold.¬† Otonashi is relieved, and the scene goes back to Yuri, obviously not caring for Hinata and asking for them both (Yui and Hinata) to disappear.

Our episode ends there ūüėÄ

Comments from


This episode was one of the better ones,¬† basically its episode 2 with a little less laughs and more serious backstory.¬† Although Hinata’s story is nowhere near as depressing as Yuri or Iwasawa’s, losing something that the person holds dear to like a sports game, person or anything can really affect them.¬† Although it was like episode 2, i liked this episode.¬† The music in the episode fit really well with the moment, especially the final scene of the baseball game.¬† Looking back at episode 3, i was scared that our possibly gay friend Hinata was going to disappear, thank goodness he didn’t.¬† Looking at the episode, i think we (everyone in the world) seriously need someone like Hinata, a very loyal friend.¬† Overall, episode 2 with a lot more atmosphere.¬† The ending song went really well with¬†the end of the baseball game.


This episode was really funny, and also shows the story of the main¬†character, Hinata. Again, this episode is one of those add-ons that don’t have to do much with the story. It is enjoyable to watch, and it shows how Angel Beats can be funny and serious in two episodes. Again, the plot was added like a kid builds legos, attached but disorganized. I wouldn’t think playing baseball would be the best idea to do if they really wanted to sabotage Angel. Even though it strays a little from the story, (like all the episodes lol) it is enjoyable to watch.


This episode was pointless. Then again, most of the episodes were. What do you gain by playing a ball game and winning against someone you hate? Just get out there and stab them to death, already. “Hey. I hate you. Let’s fight to the death, then later have a ball game to decide who’s the more awesome person/team.” What?



This is one of the good episodes of Angel Beats and also idiotic. I just love how Noda keeps getting mad at Otonashi and they like keep hitting the ball back at each other and playing by them selves (not even the right way to play baseball but fun way :D) This episode was probably all about Hinata and baseball. There wasnt really any other interesting parts in it than Otonashi vs. Noda. Wait for the Test episode… Now that was Hilarious!

Angel Beats! Episode 3 Review


It’s a friday, and i’m really bored.¬† Most of my games would end up in my sell list but i don’t want to sell them, so im just keeping them and not playing them.¬† Even Demon’s Souls bores me, but New Vegas comes out in a week so, i just need to make it past this week, thats why i have this place to waste my time on ūüėÄ

You know which anime im reviewing, so no logo

The episodes starts of with a casual tone.¬† Iwasawa (the band leader of GirlsDeMo) performs a small song that she was planning to play during this episode’s operation, only to have it rejected.¬† If you weren’t paying a attention, Iwasawa is the leader of the Diversion Squad which includes herself, her band (GirlsDeMo is actually Girls Dead Monster which i personally think its a retarded name, but hey its original) , Yusa (the blonde-pig tailed girl) and another character of whom we shall be introduced to very shortly.¬† Yuri orders Otonashi to adjust the curtains and she reveals today’s operation.¬† This time, they are going to infiltrate Angel’s layer (this makes twice, the previous attempt is not shown but we can guess that it happened before Otonashi arrived).¬† However the members are not so satisfied with the idea and we are introduced to….

Oh dammit.

Noda’s idiocy interrupts our speaker even before he introduces himself.¬† However, our unknown, bespectacled friend here calmly recties PI, yes i mean Pi, the 3.14159, all that good stuff.¬† Noda being a complete idiot is subdued.

Then Yuri gives us a nice little compliment

Ain’t that the nicest thing you heard?

Moving on and i apologize for the concentrated number of pictures.¬† Yuri introduces our new friend as Takeyama, but he insists that everyone calls him by his “handle” name.


Fujimaki, our sword wielding friend commentso n Yuri ruining a cool name for Takeyama.¬† Yuri orders that with this guy around, things will go accordingly.¬† Yuri advises Iwasawa to put on an extra flashy performances to keep Angel and the students occupied.¬† And then TK (blonde dude with headband, oh come on, you can’t remember this dude?) yells

I just love that 2 second rave music.

The scene cuts off to show us Otonashi practicing using the handgun he recieved back in Episode 1. Then it changes again where we meet our other notable member of the Diversion Squad: Yui.  Otonashi tries to comment on her strange way of posting advertisement and catches her off guard.  She states that she already knows of Otonashi

Yui explains that she is a rather low ranking member of the diversion squad, but she states that just being close to the band is good enough for her, she starts fan-girling (over an all girl band…..), after a few seconds of witnessing fan-girling, Otonashi tries to leave only to have Yui desperatley clinging on to him

Otonashi remarks that she should start working and then she leaves.

While wandering around the school grounds, he finds the band’s practice room and talks with Iwasawa.

Iwasawa is our 2nd person to reveal their past.

Iwasawa’s previous life was a stress filled one, her parents were always fighting and she had no choice but to escape from reality, she wanted to express herself but she didn’t know what to do.¬† Then one day, she discovered a band called Sad Machine, the band expressed sadness and pain in their lives which mirrored her life as well.

With the discovery she found a love for music.  One fateful day, she finds a guitar in the rain, and she takes it with her, she practiced singing and started performing on the streets.  She told her teachers that she would not like to follow her parents and create a life of her own.  She started taking jobs to gain money and tried auditioning studios.  However, at work, she suddenly passed out, she awoke in a hospital, unable to speak, she had Cerebral Contusion due to a head injury that she had when she was struck while trying to stop a fight with her parents.  With that she died, unable to do anything.

The scene cuts off, Hisako calls Iwasawa back to practice some more.¬† Otonashi is stunned to hear another depressing story of an unfair life.¬† We change scenes again, Angel is seen removing the posters that Yui had (retardly) posted up.¬† As the NPC’s complain and blather, Angel has seemingly dissappeared.

Epic foreshadowing.

The operation begins as the NPC’s start gathering around the stage,

the band begins to play and we cut off.  Hinata is shown lock picking a door, this time instead of everyone we have Matushita, Hinata, Noda, Yuri, Otonashi and Takeyama.  They break into the room, and Otonashi turns on the lights

This catches the group by suprise and Otonashi is silenced by Noda and Matushita, while the idiots start arguing, Yuri and Takeyama start hacking into Angel’s computer.

We change scenes once more as the band finishes one song, Iwasawa is worried, not that many people have shown up.¬† Then they start singing again, as they sing this particular song called Alchemy (which is the only song i didn’t dismiss until i passed the 10 second mark) more people start showing up but this action garners the attention of the school staff (still NPC’s).

We’re cut off once again to the group hacking Angel’s computer, while Otonashi is still complaining that they are trespassing he gets quieted down.


They finally are given access to the computer’s information and they only find a name register with the names of every NPC and human alike.¬† Yusa calls Yuri and tells her that the Diversion squad has been supressed and they are advised to retreat.

We cut off again to find the band in dissarray, and the instruments being confiscated, one NPC tries to throw away Iwasawa’s original guitar and she charges and takes the guitar, Hisako runs off and activates the PA system and plays the microphones to max, and Iwasawa starts to sing the song that was rejected at the beginning of the episode.

While she is singing, the group back at Angel’s room find some program listing words like “Harmonics” and such.

Iwasawa finishes her song, crying, content, a light appears, and a guitar remains….

We cut off for the final time in this episode.¬† Yuri briefs the team on what they have learned.¬† She tells them that Angel is getting her own abilities and weapons by herself, just like the way the Afterlife Front (our team here) is making weapons on their own.¬† Yuri is worried, if Angel must make weapons by herself just like they do, she might be human and there might be no god after all.¬† While Yuri is thinking, Takamatsu (other dude with glasses) brings up their next troubling news, Iwasawa’s dissappearence.¬† While the guys argue that Angel has erased her, Yuri concludes that Iwasawa accepted her life with no regrets.

Otonashi than gives us the last statement in the episode

“To disappear, you have to obey what Angel says and lead a normal student life, but thats not the only way. and then the episode is finished.

The episode’s ending picture

Comments from


Without doubt or uncertainty, this is the most crucial episode for now.¬† We are given another past to look at, and this episode isn’t really filled with all¬†laughs .¬† I will, in future reviews, reference this episode as this is our first disappearance of a character.¬† This episode as i said above, really important and a lot focused on the afterlife theme.¬† Oh, Iwasawa you will be missed, you haven’t even gotten to the quarter¬†mark of the series, its sad really, and i thought she and Otonashi looked nice together.¬† Oh well¬†, and as you can plainly see, our ending picture is different (which is the only reason why i posted it up there)



Unlike the guy below me, I liked this episode. This is because this is one of the few that have any meaning. I know there is barely any fun parts, but that is because they needed an episode to clear things up about the world. Other than that, Iwasawa and Yuri are the only ones that have any story behind them. Also, I enjoyed their singing. The episode didn’t flow that well either, but oh well.



I think I actually hated this episode out of the 13 there are. Mainly, it’s because of her singing. I don’t like the girl’s singing, other than the ending. Iwasawa was a minor character, either way, so it’s not like she mattered all that much. I honestly never cared for people with pink hair (yes that includes Yuri). It doesn’t even make sense. She’s played like 40000 other songs before, and suddenly she plays one song and decides, “Oh, I’m gonna make a dramatic entrance and disappear into thin air. Bye guys.” What the hell? Gonna go watch Episode 2 again. Yay for Guild!



Alright, episode 3 is quite weird. Good singer disappears because she finally got satisfied. I don’t really remember the episode but I remember the quire super¬†genius¬†that always wants to be “Christ”. This episode wasn’t that good. The reason for this episode is probably to show that you’ll disappear if you get satisfied or them finding out something about the Angel. ¬†Neat song by “Girls Dead Monsters” by the way. ^^

My Watchlist


Well my friends here are either too busy or too lazy to actually post anything by themselves, let alone if it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t have watched anime to review or actually post anything here.¬† We go to different schools, or atleast i do.¬† They never answer texts or rarely get their phones so only on weekends can we actually meet to discuss whats best.¬† Well thats the situation which we will never change, the least they can do is answer back for Christ’s sake.

Well the review list on the side, but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who actually watches anime in my spare free time.¬† Evidently, my friends here go to school, and i mind you, we all are very intelligent….eerr blahboy5253 might be an exception, but hey, we are honor students.¬† But i go to a private school but i get less homework than these guys, whats the deal here.

So i guess im done, I’m¬†the only one who would actually post here.

So what am i watching right now. Lets see


Bakuman to me sounded almost like Bomberman but i looked over it and decided to check it out.¬† Guess what? i liked it, not only is it painfully accurate, its extremely realistic (to an extent, not all girls accept future marriage proposals in highschool mind you).¬†If Japan should be proud of anything they have done for the world in the past 100 years (next to getting bombed twice and surviving) is contributing heavily to the entertainment industry in the world.¬† Japan owns the most say in the gaming and entertainment industry.¬† Nintendo, Sony, Capcom, Square Enix, and Konami¬† form a formidable combination in the gaming world, but however, America isn’t looking to shabby in their game makings.¬† But for comics, its either good old Western comics like Batman and Iron man or its from the Land of the Rising Sun with their¬†countless manga.¬† Gah im going off topic.¬†

But this manga really shows the hardships of becoming manga artists, very recently, this famous series turned into an anime and so far, only 2 episodes are out so im looking foward to this series.

That is probably the only realistic series i have ever seen.

The World God Only Knows

Is it me, or is almost every anime focusing on girls now? I remember the old days of action packed fighting (not the ones like today) and good old comedy like cromartie highschool.¬† But once in a while, a original series with girls comes along and stands out amongst this shameful pile people call entertainment, although indeed entertaining, it just factors into the level of human perversion.¬† The World God Only Knows is one hell of a creative idea.¬† A (particularly good) ¬†gaming nerd (not the ones you would expect,¬†he’s a¬†dating sim nerd) whose obsessed with 2-D Girls is visited by a demon from hell to capture lost spirits.¬† These lost spirits inhabit the most mysterious phenomenon, a women’s heart.¬† Confusing our hero (named Keima) with capturing “real girls” compared to 2-D girls, the demon (named Elsee) fears losing their head, because making a contract with demons happens to do so.¬† So our hero has to woo certain girls to drive out lost souls.¬† For me, thats one damn good idea.¬† Well guess what, this is turned into an anime too.

To Aru no Majutsu no Index

Don’t ask about the title, its ridiculous, i know but the series is probably the strangest one.¬† An extremely unlucky kid named Touma live¬†s in a city full¬†of mages, espers, whatever you call them, one day he¬†happens to find a small girl perched on his veranda.¬† She introduces herself as Index as she carries an huge selection of ancient scriputures, grimoirs, and writings in her tiny adorable head.¬† She reveals she is targeted by many other magician guilds for the forbidden texts in her head.¬† Touma also runs into some allies, a strange girl, a maniac, and a bunch of other nuns.¬† It’s strange but you will understand when you actually watch it, the 2nd seaons was recently released.

Sora no Otoshimono

This is an extremely perverted anime which i happen watch.¬† I don’t know why but i like the series, what i hate is that the main character’s real face is almost NEVER shown, he’s always into this animated-animated form.¬† Other than that, the main character is a huge pervert, and i mean huge.¬† He laters gets visited by some robotic angels called Angeloids.¬† The manga/anime has an overarching plot behind it, but it is rarely addressed.¬† 2nd season its out, yeah it had a previous season…

Is it just me or is anime getting extremely centered on to guys?¬† I’m seeing an increasing number of manga/anime with characters whose breast¬†are the largest thing on their bodies.¬† I would also like to point out about the same topic.¬† Pantyshots and fanservice has infested the murky waters of anime and manga, and for a guy with atleast some decency, i want that to stop.¬† Hopefully its just a passing trend, like Americans liking retardly stupid rap songs about absolutley nothing.

My rant/talk is done here, see you next week ūüėÄ

Oh wait i don’t have school this monday….HAHAHAHA

Angel Beats! Episode 2 Review


Because my colleagues were too lazy to post themselves (actually we just hung out playing Yu-Gi-Oh but thats beside the point) So lets get started

Note: Compared to last episode, there is an obscene amount of pics, there was a lot to point out (not really, i just found them funny)

Unlike the first episode we have an opening!

And as promised i will cover the characters

Left to Right: Otonashi and Yuri

Left to Right: Shiina, Hinata, Takamatsu, Noda

Left to Right: TK, Matsushita, Fujimaki, Ooyama

Left to Right: Iwasawa, Sekine, Yusa, Irie, Hisako

Right to Lef- you know the on left, right? On the right is Tenshi

And for just the hell of it this picture

Lets get started with the episode

The episode gets straight to the point, the team is running out of ammo and needs more of it, so they decide to head down the Guild, a series of passages that leads to an industrial factory like area that creates weapons for the team, how they make weapons shall be explained later. The team also finds Noda (halberd dude) missing, but since hes just¬†muscle, hes really not¬†needed.¬† Prior to leaving, Yuri explains that Tenshi does not know of the Guild’s exact positions, she also explains that the Guild has anti-angel traps that gives insta-kill to anyone that enters and falls for the number of traps.¬† Yuri contacts the Guild and requests the deactivation, then, the team leaves.

The team heads to the gymnasium (or something) and they reveal a hole leading deep underground.¬† Once they finally arrive at the bottom they find something and its…..

Noda refuses to believe that Otonashi is one of them, Otonashi gives him a snappy responses, Noda readies his halberd and then

this happens.

Yuri orders the squad to form a defensive perimeter, Hinata (blue hair) notes that the traps have not been deactivaed which either means Angel got to the Guild, or she is present inside the Guild.¬† Takamatsu (glasses) also explains a rule of this world, you won’t die but you’re gonna feel the pain.

The team advances, giving chase to Angel’s warpath to the Guild.¬† Immediately as they enter one of the Guild’s many passage ways, they activate a trap.¬† In a narrow passage way you can imagine one thing: Boulders…¬† The group run for their lives (and TK swears in english!¬† The group finds a opposite path.¬† Kinda reminds me of Indiana Jones

say hello the people who won’t matter anymore for the next half of the series

A few make it, Takamatsu gets killed by the boulder and Hinata pushes himself and Otonashi down to a corner to save themselves

-Insert gay sounding comment here- Hinata basically says:¬†I kinda like you, which Otonashi to reply with a: Are you…. Hinata denies but this is one of the many gay sounding comments to come.

Gay jokes aside, the group enter yet another trap filled room, this time laser wires, reminds me of Resident Evil.

Yuri’s face just spells, “Oh shi-” ¬†This time Matsushita (big dude) gets killed.

The phrase, insults to injury goes perfectly with this scene.  Basically you probably get the idea, for each trap, one person dies.

Next trap! whose it gonna be?

I guess theres no more english jokes for the remainder of the episode

Now they move on, this time, the ground collapses and leaves him hanging on to eachother.  Ooyama (short kid) falls to his death while Shiina (ninja girl), Fujimaki (black hair), Yuri, Hinata, and Otonashi try to get up.  Otonashi being first climbs up of Hinata, only to leave him in an awkward moment with Yuri.

You know, Yuri aint flat chested as i thought she was.  With that thought in mind, Hinata attempts to climb up, only for Yuri to hurl him to his death below, you only imagine (think the statemont above)  what he just grabbed.

Everyone gets up and most of the remaining members are suprised that Otonashi has survived.

Just guess what happens next


Now there are only 3 remaining, they swim across and find themselves in a grotto like location.  Next to die is Shiina (NOOOOOO) she falls to her death as she tries to save a puppy (fake)  Now i found that incredibly stupid, but hey, i would do that if it was game, or hell, a plate of bacon.

Otonashi and Yuri decide to reconiliate, Yuri explains her past. She tells him she was assigned to be the leader because she was the first to arrive here.  She tells him of their memory, she she in particular did not lose.

She tells him that she had 4 siblings, (including herself)¬†her family was rich and they enjoyed their lives.¬† One day, burglars broke into their home while their parents were gone.¬† The criminals couldnt find anything and told Yuri to go found valuables to steal, if she doesnt bring something good in 10 minutes, she was gonna see one of her siblings die.¬† Yuri searched the house and finds nothing of value (rich my ass, don’t they have any paintings or good stuff? i think her parents lack taste), the police arrived 30 minutes later, she was alone.

Yuri tells him that never wants to accept that kind of life, she vowed then to rebel against this “God”.¬† The two get up and head for the Guild after this epic revelation, Yuri also adds another rule to this world, You cannot get here by committing suicide.¬† The two FINALLY, make it to the Guild reminds me a lot of Fallout 3, The Pitt to be exact.¬† We see a bunch of kids gathering around to see Yuri, then, a trap sets off.¬† Yuri orders the Guild members to abandon the Guild, then an extremely old looking dude shows up

This scene looks EXTREMELY similar to this scene

Another rule added to the list: You can create lifelesss things by memory, so, if you remember a gun, you can make it, outta anything, dirt for example is used here.¬† The Guild Members decide to blow this Guild to use the Old Guild which apparently Tenshi doesn’t know about.¬† The Guild guys start loading explosives and start preparing an bigass cannon, while Yuri and Otonashi decide to buy some time.¬† Side note: Don’t worry people you won’t be seeing any of these guys again, and i’m serious

Yuri engages Tenshi in close combat (ITS KNIFING TIME)

She has an energy shield and 2 wrist mounted blades Tenshi=Zealot only japanese, and cuter.

Yuri however cannot stand up against her for long,  and by the time Otonashi tackles Tenshi a bigass (BIGASS) cannon is loaded, unfortunatly for them, it blows up in their face.  However, the force and pressure pins Tenshi to the ground, just enough time to detonate the bombs.  The duo are victorious and the Guild members survive.  Yuri contacts the other fallen members who wake up and later regroup.  The episode from there ends.

We are also given the ending theme to this series


Order of appearence just in case you didn’t listen to me in the beginning: Yuri, Otonashi, Hinata, TK, Noda, Matsushita, Ooyama, Fujimaki, Takamatsu, Iwasawa, Hisako, Irie and Sekine, Shiina, and Yusa.

Comments from


I particularly LOVE the ending theme, i find it so relaxing and meaningful, however Shiina’s location really messes up on¬†what could be a great wallpaper.¬†¬†I really like the ending over the opening.¬† The opening i really couldn’t find some good meaning to it.¬†¬† the episode was a lot better than the first one, we got more character screentime, less bands :D, more comedy, more history of how the rules work here, and most importantly we are given Yuri’s past.¬† The episode in my opinion did a nice transition going from all funny deaths to hardcore serious, and then to somewhat comedic/epic fight sequence.¬†¬† It was great :D. I apologize for the over abundance of pictures, i promise there wont be that much. ūüėÄ and because of that fact, i had to adjust the pictures and the comments i had for them, if there a lot of pictures, i will probably do that again.

Update: heres a pic that tells how everyone died



Well he stole my thoughts on the ending so read the top one twice. The second episode was again pointless. It was very funandny and enjoyable, but I didn’t see the point of having an episode were everyone dies pointlessly for ten minutes. (TBC)


“Yuri searched the house and finds nothing of value (rich my ass, don‚Äôt they have any paintings or good stuff?)”

Well actually, she finds a pot/vase, if I remember, but she drops it or something and then gets screwed over.

“She also explains that the Guild has anti-angel traps that gives insta-kill to anyone that enters and falls for the number of traps.”

Well, since you can’t really die.. you’ll basically get knocked out and feel extreme pain. Unless you’re Angel of course, in which case you can just cut all of the shit and keep walking without a scratch.

@siegetank55: Well they have one or two more episodes of that… it’s quite funny, really.

This episode isn’t much better than the first one, but the episodes get better and better. Try to remember the songs that are played throughout the series, they’ll become significant in the end. *hinthint*

The opening > closing. The game. GG. -iSleepWitChu



To me I like the opening, My Soul, Your Beats! by Lia, better than the ending. ¬†The second Episode wasn’t anything special just some funny and serious parts. The main guys die and comes back to life at the end, with the¬†exception¬†of Yurippe and Otonashi. And if you’re reading the manga explaining how everything started, then you’ll see that the guy with the gun in the manga is the Guild boss in the anime. Theres nothing much to talk about in this episode so just keep waiting for the better ones! ^^

Angel Beats! Episode 1 Review


I stumbled upon Angel Beats when I was browsing through the Internet, I saw this title and promotional poster.¬† The poster, frankly, did not get my attention.¬† 2 Girls and 1 guy, I expected a harem but then¬†I saw a gun on one of the girl’s hand.¬† I dismissed this anime and played Demon’s Souls.¬† By the next 2 months, I would stumble upon it again, I would hear this anime being called horrible or just great, I guess its our turn.

After I was done watching, I asked my friends to watch this, out of¬†4 people (including me), all 5 of us loved it.¬† But that’s for a later time Read the rest of this entry