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Figure Wishlist Early 2013


Time to see me prattle on about stuff I want.

Dying of Cute

In terms of figures these days….I’m actually suprised that I’m not fawning over a lot of them at the moment (pssh, of course I am). Winter WonFes 2013 was a few weeks back and of course, it brought along a load of pretty figures.

This time, it’s more speculation than anything. I have a definite fine line between “INSTABUY” and “Nope” but the middle ground is extremely annoying. The good thing is that I only have like 1 figure that I really want (and it’s not even prototyped yet) while I have a bunch of “maybe’s” sitting around. So what am I currently wishing and waiting for?

Thanks goes for the pictures to their respective sites

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Valentines Day 2013


It’s been a while since I updated with strictly pictures but eh, here you go folks, enjoy. It’s mostly Touhou like last year but hey, better than nothing right? Weekly posts and figure posts on their way

Happy Valentines Day folks, I wish you better luck than yours truly. While I’m not sure how Light and my other friend is doing, I personally wish you luck in any sort of romantic endeavor you plan on doing, go get em guys/girls.

Valentines 1

Valentines 2 Valentines 3 Valentines 4 Valentines 5 Valentines 6 Valentines 7

Fall Anime Week 12-13

Fall Anime Week 12-13

Completely forgot about these. Most of the series reviews are up and last week happened to be a break week anyway. Let’s quickly get this done.

Not before I flood this post with pictuers of Jojo’s New Opening and Magi’s. Magi’s opening just before we cover the weeks’ episode. Magi’s rather nice ending will get their own pictures next week. Jojo might get one but eh, until we get all the Jojo’s I prolly won’t screencap em all, not yet…But really wish they keep the same ending for the end.

By the way, the last two Magi opening pictures are actually gifs.

  JosephLisa LisaJojo Opening 2Jojo and ZeppeliWhamACDCCarsFight! Caesar   

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hippiefreak’s Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Wishlist and a few more stuff

hippiefreak’s Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Wishlist and a few more stuff

It is customary for me to make a list of demands things I want during the….well I haven’t done this enough to actually call it a tradition but it ain’t too late to start now. With the holiday season coming up, I might as well share some wallet-bleeding items that I covet for the holiday season. I’ve even put on some stuff that I have and stuff that I DON’T want but I’ll go out of my way to explain why.

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Game/Figure Wishlist + ACEN: Two and a half days of hunger and sore feet

Game/Figure Wishlist  + ACEN: Two and a half days of hunger and sore feet

Lemme get this post done quickly

First things first: Kore wa Zombie, Gametalk, a post about this site’s affiliate/new friend, and etc in that order shall be posted

Anyways, to make a long story short, ACEN was a complete source of awesome. Bunch of cosplay, crap to buy, and a crapton of people. Full story of my 2 and a half day expedition will probably end up in the Author’s Corner. The con was literally walking around. Looking for stuff to buy, stuff to eat, take pictures off, get autographs, attend panels. At least my crew had a nice place to rest when the day was over.

But it was the SHIT, and I spent a hundred dollars less (by not bringing my entire bag o money) than I intended. Even without the shopping scene, it was a hilarious and worthwhile experience.

Either way, I bought a picture, a mug, shirt, artbook, signed ACEN badge, a game, and a figure (which one? well, find out)

Pictures ahead

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100,000 Hits!


It’s around 1000+ views since we’ve actually hit the mark but oh well.

Thank you for 100,000 hits!

The title should have enough information to sate your needs for an explanation (if you actually needed one) but yes, 100,000 views!

It’s been a Year and 4 Months and we have racked over 100,000 views! and in my years of blogging, that’s the quickest time I’ve gotten 100,000 views!

I honestly have nothing else to say except that I want to thank everyone who visited here! Whether it was for the pictures, actual reading, or even if it was an obligation. I thank any and all sincerely for stopping by to this humble site ran by 2 lazy-ass kids (with one being significantly more lazier than the other). I know this site ain’t like the others, all fancy and all but I humbley thank you for visiting.

And of course, what’s a celebration (At-least around here…) without some pictures?

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