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Music of the Week #161


A bit delayed

Earthbound 2

The early parts of this week really did its number on me but I should be able to get some stuff out. In terms of administrative things: SAO’s Three Episode arc will be either skipped over or just not talked about at all depending on the final episode this week. Bahamut and Chaika will get their posts in this week and Twintails will get bundled and will just get really brief summaries since I’m not the best at covering comedies like those.

That being said, I’m really late so let’s just get on with this and prepare the next posts

The Runaway Five (or the Tonzabura Brothers) are the traveling group of musicians that Ness and co. meet a few times on their journey. Whether its getting them to another town, getting out of debt, the Runaway Five always puts on a funky tune before parting with our crew. Strangely enough, they have Five in their name, they actually have six members in total.

Music of the Week #160


We’re riding through the season

Earthbound 11

So Bahamut and Chaika are currently my favorites for the season while Twintails can only get more insane. If you didn’t hear, Yona will be reviewed at the end of the season or I will end up dropping it sometime in between. I’m all for Korea but I’m not the best with reverse harems. Same thing goes for FSN but I honestly doubt you need a review of that unless I do an objective look at the adaptation.

SAO on the other hand is getting annoying. I realized that the mediocre melodrama is actually required for me to stomach what’s going on. That means to say that when the series is just about the characters playing the game for fun, it’s pretty unwatchable for me. I didn’t like last week’s episode and I guess I can either bundle it up with this week’s or judge the entire arc in two weeks, we’ll see. Other than me questioning myself why I’m replaying Fallout New Vegas, that’s all for now folks.

Past the grove with UFO’s and walking trees, through the eerie town painted blue, we find Ness’s first companion trapped in a small building. Paula becomes the essential “mage” of the team. Ness’s adventure only gets livelier as his journey continues.

Music of the Week #159


This season is pretty great


So before I begin, here’s the release schedule for this season

  • Mondays: Bahamut
  • Tuesdays: Akatsuki no Yona
  • Wednesdays: Chaika
  • Thursdays: Twintails
  • Saturday: SAO and FSN

As one can plainly see, it’s a loaded season for me and my educational prospects are also naturally taking my time. I made a bad move and delivered Chaika’s Episode 1 on Monday when its Episode 2 came out today but sucks for me, I’ll have to talk about Episode 2 very soon. With those bullet points, you can expect Bahamut to go up tomorrow while the rest follow through til the weekend so I’ll have plenty to talk about and do.

Other than that, this season is looking pretty great.

The theme for this week is the theme of Twoson, or as it is called in-game as Boy Meets Girl. Twoson is where Ness meets his first permanent companion Paula. Other than the shadowy history behind the city’s conflict with the Happy Happy Cult, Twoson’s theme still rings nice in my ears as the pleasant town in every RPG.

Music of the Week #158


Really behind.

Earthbound 10

Had an assignment due today so I was busy writing that and that should explain to you where I’m at.

Dandy took an unexpectedly long time to write but that’s getting to you all first. I’m thinking of bundling SAO episodes since last episode was more drama and explanation than anything and apparently we’re going into a 3 episode mini-arc back in ALO. GREAT. In terms of Fall shows, I’ve watched around 1 episode of like 2 shows but I promise to get them to you through the weekend if I’m not too busy with friends. Expect them to be bundled up.

That’s mostly the stuff heading your way. On my end, I bought DMC4 again because I desperately needed to play with the Exceed system on Nero. So other than pressing L2 profusely, it’s legitimately more Galaxy Angel which reminds me I need to talk about MKnK when I have the chance. Maybe when the dust settles I will finish it since the bulk of it is more or less done. Also thinking of getting New Vegas for the PC since I’m stuck on it all day and the PS3 version lags hard. The addition of mods help a lot too.

This week’s track are the collection of My Sanctuary locations and tunes whenever Ness and crew reach Sanctuary for Ness to unlock his inner power later in the game. One might question this sort of side journey in the middle of the adventure but it becomes an essential in overcoming the final enemy. Enjoy



Music of the Week #157


And Happy Birthday to us. This makes Year 4

Earthbound 10

I’ve got Blade Dance ready to go for tomorrow while Dandy is taking a bit for me to write. Picking Blade Dance apart is always fun while Dandy itself needs to be viewed and talked about in a different approach since it’s an episodic series, something I don’t normally get to talk about.

With those two done, only SAO remains to be complete its GGO arc while moving on to its next arc. The new season is rolling in and I’ll get to the shows eventually. Other than that, not much else going on for me other than me buying DMC4 again just to play around with Nero’s moveset

This week’s theme is the Sanctuary Guardians from Earthbound. One of the things Earthbound has other than the main quest are the Sanctuary spots for Ness to discover. It’s essentially optional but something that beneficial overall.

Music of the Week #156



Earthbound 4


Like I mentioned, I get busier as the week ends but thankfully enough this week is somewhat free of the problems that plagued me the last few weeks. That being said, it was fortunate of me to experience the transitioning weeks now. From a little more exposure to the previews the Fall schedule for me looks like

  • Chaika
  • Fate
  • Amagi Brilliant Park
  • Grisaia
  • Twintails

I honestly found Grisaia to be a bit more overrated than the amount of hype its getting and even with that, VN adaptations tend to be complete nightmares. Brilliant Park and Twintails are just there for my seasonal dose of stupid shit.

Space Dandy has already ended since they aired the final episode a bit sooner in Japan. That gets a series review very soon. On the other side, Blade Dance is just Blade Dance while I have no idea how many episodes SAO is going to drag out for. I still pray for an entertaining final fight.

Anyways, Music time. Take the theme that was redone in Super Smash Melee as this the “Mother 2″ song that played in the Onett Stage. Home Sweet Home indeed.

Music of the Week #155


The usual

Earthbound 6

Jojo is finished until next January and Dandy closes its long run soon as well. Blade Dance and SAO will soon reach a curious conclusion in a few more weeks as we enter the Fall Season. Summer was pretty boring in my opinion but it wasn’t the worst summer season thanks to Jojo and Dandy keeping it a visual fireworks show every week.

Work tends to pile up in number by the later half of the week but thankfully enough, this week and next following weeks are transition weeks for the new season so I should be able to keep up. We got SAO and Blade Dance prepared to go for tomorrow and Friday while SAO and Dandy once again come back up on the weekend. Other than that, not much else going on.

We continue with the Earthbound trek and this week’s theme is the Camera man theme. A mysterious man in a suit flies down from the sky and takes a picture of Ness and Co. in their adventures wherever location they might be. While it might be strange the first time around, the game then presents to you all the pictures that the camera man takes during your escapades at the credits scene. It’s those little things that make a game so memorable.