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Music of the Week #155


The usual

Earthbound 6

Jojo is finished until next January and Dandy closes its long run soon as well. Blade Dance and SAO will soon reach a curious conclusion in a few more weeks as we enter the Fall Season. Summer was pretty boring in my opinion but it wasn’t the worst summer season thanks to Jojo and Dandy keeping it a visual fireworks show every week.

Work tends to pile up in number by the later half of the week but thankfully enough, this week and next following weeks are transition weeks for the new season so I should be able to keep up. We got SAO and Blade Dance prepared to go for tomorrow and Friday while SAO and Dandy once again come back up on the weekend. Other than that, not much else going on.

We continue with the Earthbound trek and this week’s theme is the Camera man theme. A mysterious man in a suit flies down from the sky and takes a picture of Ness and Co. in their adventures wherever location they might be. While it might be strange the first time around, the game then presents to you all the pictures that the camera man takes during your escapades at the credits scene. It’s those little things that make a game so memorable.

Music of the Week #154



Earthbound 4

Work piles up for me near the end of the week so it gets a bit more hectic trying to get these in on time. Thankfully enough, I already got a few posts written out and just need to be finalized so if anything I’m usually kept up. The first half of Jojo Part 3 ends this week but I think Fall will be decent enough to get me through it. Other series like Dandy will reach its end as well and I’ll be sad to see it go. You can wait for the rest of my judgments when the season ends of course.

I’ve been playing Dark Crusade again for a while and I’ve had the worst habit of accidentally saving over my latest save files (this has happened twice) so I’m on an aggravated third playthrough of a race of my choice again. I hate repeating things so this is especially frustrating. On another note, I’ve been hunting episodes of Galaxy Angel but have found no luck other than the complete 1st season. The GA II posts will reach their conclusions from me too. It’s just that I want them to be nicely spaced out.

On a final note on what’s going on, I’ve ordered a figure and two artbooks coming my way so I’ve got some things to look forward too.

We’re still on the Earthbound train and this week’s theme is Onett’s theme, the iconic town where Ness hails from. There’s a lot of memory to be had with this theme.

Music of the Week #153


Closing in.

Earthbound 2

I realized that I’m looking forward to the Fall Season series but the only series I’m actually looking at are Chaika and Fate. I’m sad to see Jojo go on break but Egypt will be worth the wait. Other than that, not much else going on than just replaying some SNES games on the go while I fit in League and GA between work.

We’ve got around a month left before the season ends and I honestly can’t wait for that because this seasons was pretty lackluster. Thankfully Jojo was around to liven that up but if it weren’t for my other gaming projects, this summer was just dreadfully empty. For that reason, I was thinking of picking up Akame Ga Kill but what’s the point if I’m already spoiled on the character deaths?

We’re going to chug through the more memorable tracks of Earthbound and I’m not going to limit this to just a few tracks so bear with me if you’re not a fan. This time it’s the theme that plays with the Bee from the future telling you of your great destiny to purge evil.

Music of the Week #152


At least this is somewhat on time

Earthbound 1

Classes are starting back up and getting into rhythm of things also motivated me to keep up with writing here (which honestly is the opposite of what I expected). Dandy and Blade Dance are ready to go tomorrow and the next while the grace of the American Education system gives me this Monday off. For better or for worse, I have part-time job for that 4-day event so I’m not too free in all honest.

Either way, it’s going to get busy so I’ll have minimal time trying to play anything.

Speaking of playing games, today marks the 20th anniversary of Earthbound’s release in Japan. Being one of my all-time favorite games to play, let’s dig into its exceedingly bizarre tracks. Let’s begin with its opening credits seen after the foreshadowing of the “invasion” of Gigyas

Music of the Week #151


EDIT: Turns out I actually have something to do today. Non-review stuff next time. But not like you were looking forward to anything.

Less than a week remains.


Classes start up on Monday and it’s going to get busy once again. I’m actually up to date with this published so I guess I can work all day today on a non-review post for tomorrow. Then the usual fanfare with the weekend trio line-up. There’s literally not much else than that going on with my life as I just await the inevitable.

Either a figure post, game talk, or just something else. I have no idea what I want to do for tomorrow either but I got a lot of drafts up and going at once.

See ya folks later and to leave and end this summer with a farewell theme, let’s have one of my most nostalgia inducing songs from none other than Champloo’s final song. Here’s San Francisco by Midicronica.

Music of the Week #150


The Hunt


I’ve got Blade Dance ready to go and a Gametalk (surprise) prepped up as well. Other than that, the weekend fiasco shall return as regularly scheduled. I’m sort of in the “hunting” mood as I’ve learned Galaxy Angel’s 3rd game’s PS2 version has Extra CG for everybody so I’m on the prowl to hunt them down. I’m also on the lookout for GA’s artbooks while I’m also getting two figures. The life of a  collector can only get more disastrous.

Other than that, work has ended so like I said last week, I’m trying to get ahead of schedule before classes hinder my progress.

So I’ll leave you with this while I go hunt and type some more stuff for you all. Sanctuary ship from Impression

Music of the Week #149


That was just one


Dandy will be up tomorrow while Blade Dance will come down on Friday and the usual shtick involving Jojo, SAO, and Dandy will repeat itself again. I’ve got Part 1 of the Figure post down and got a few more non-review posts coming down the line so there’s that to look out for.

There’s honestly not much to say since I’m just going to be typing and relaxing until classes start on the 25th. It’ll be smooth sailing until then. I’ll be having a lot of time to type since work is now over. Short stuff but I’ll hopefully get more stuff up for you guys

Here you folks, Chambers from the Champloo OST