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Music of the Week #133


Getting on Track


So with my thoughts on the Spring season done, all that’s left is just to post the appropriate recaps and talks. I’m thinking of continuing Galaxy Angel now since I’m in the middle of playing through it all again. My friend finally got himself a copy of UMVC3 so we brawl it out when we need to. Interest in Dark Souls 2 picks up again as my completionist self cannot stand by and not 100% and never touch it again.

The hype train has no end in sight for Jojo folks.  With the slow, developed pace we’re going at, I doubt this will be 26 episodes. Then again, rarely do they break protocol for episode airings.

Not much to say folks, I’ve settled into to the season and I hope to think up more stuff for me to talk about other than reviews.

Fly Away by Back-On. A song I just happened upon in a Jojo combo video and found extremely catchy. We’ll be covering some Kenshin themes I have forgotten to add so expect the classic tunes in the next few weeks.

Music of the Week #132


So much


I’ve been complaining about how little games I have to play. Dark Souls is near completed in terms of my 100% trophy run too. Recall that my computer had an untimely disaster that destroyed all of my programs. AKA: Nearly all my games that aren’t on Steam. Galaxy Angel, Kamidori, DotA2, League, and some Warcraft 3. I also lost some Warhammer games that I strangely crave again.

So what I plan on doing when I’m not Trophywhoring myself in Dark Souls is I will most likely be restoring lost data through constant plays. Vanilla Galaxy Angel will gets its entirety played out and I guess while I’m at the 2nd game when I’m eventually through with those, I’ll continue the Gametalks. Speaking of those, I have a few in mind that aren’t related to GA so yeah, the ideas aren’t completely expired.

That being said, every week is hype for new Jojo so that at leasts keeps me up. We’ll hopefully (and most likely) be graced with its opening and ending. I think I will legitimately explode if they even dare to hold off on airing the OP/Ed again. On another note, Date A Live airs this week as well so I get my guilty pleasure of the season.

More stuff to come in the chaos of season transitions!

But for now, an Eureka opening I forgot to add in with the rest, enjoy.

Music of the Week #131


Spring here we come!


Other than just continue covering Nisekoi, we’re going in fresh for the new season. I’m still hyped as shit for Jojo to air but we got two days to go. Not much to say since I got everything except Nisekoi out of the way. If anything I set my friend off on an anime binge and he’s finished Amagami and plowing through Cromartie high. In return, he told me to watch RWBY for the longest time now and I’m currently on Episode 7. Ruby talks too much, White is a bitch, Blake needs to show up more, and Yang’s name makes so sense unless Ruby is adopted for they’re legitimately Chinese. But I understand the naming theme going on so I can let it pass. Plus I sense blatantly obvious sexual tension going on between male Jeanne d’Arc and Pyrrha.

I plan on moving to anime music once again but there are two songs that I forgot to add in their respective segments in the past. I won’t bundle them up because I just don’t like bundling songs unless I was overdo on one.

That being said, this is Clutch from Bebop, enjoy and get hype for STARDUST CRUSADERS

Music of the Week #130


Never understood people saying “welp”

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure- The Heroes Jojo's Bizarre Adventure- Villains

Well with Dandy out of the way and Mahou Sensou to be finished this week I suppose, I’ll at least have one series to critique before the season ends. Jojo starts up immediately next Friday and you don’t even need to worry about me picking up that like a free hundred on the street. But I will deal with Spring when it comes next week.

I got one of my good friends hooked into the Metal Gear series and I legit summarized the plot of the Patriots and I have to say that even now I can’t begin to fathom how such a complex story too place. Speaking of games though, I have a slight issue with Dark Souls 2. I mean I want to beat it but once I Platinum it, I think I won’t play too much of it once I’m finished.  I can’t explain this feeling but I guess I’ll bring it up once I’m actually done with it.

My friend gave me Agarest War 2 so I could get into that but the battle system is a bit repetitive since I basically use most of all its functions every single battle.

But I digress: It’s time for some music while I prep up the Nisekoi recap. This week we conclude with Jojo after a good 30 weeks of it. I’m still playing All Star Battle and of course, the English localization drops on shelves the 29th. While I have some issues with it, I’m sure fans of the series who exactly who everybody is.

This week’s theme is the Credits theme for Jojo at the end of it’s Story mode run. It sure as hell beats the opening but then again, it does somewhat spoil a bit of the fights. Enjoy, we’ll tackle something new next week!

Music of the Week #128-129



Diver Down

So scratch that about my computer getting fixed. It’s still blue screening itself to oblivion and further research reveals that they gave me an even worse video card that the old one. Expect more delays and more recap posts. If anything, I’m glad Dark Souls II is chipping away at my life since the videocard can’t even handle League of Legends at the present moment. I’m hesitant to redownload the games since I’m eventually going to get myself a labtop soon.

Spring break starts after classes tomorrow so if Dark Souls II doesn’t eat up my time, I’ll be trying to catch up with everybody through here. Prepare for a three weeker recap.

Anyways, with Anasui heading this dual weeker, I got two songs to share. But since I don’t like it when I’m delayed, I’m adding one more. This week’s themes are the themes for Lisa Lisa, Anasui, AND Vanilla Ice

Nisekoi and Space Dandy recaps coming up. Which is funny because it’s gonna be Mahou Sensou only. Nisekoi is 20 eps while Space Dandy is confirmed for two cour’d 26

Music of the Week #127



Jojo-Gangstar Dance

So my gaming schedule seems pretty booked with Dark Souls II coming out in less than a week and Chronophantasma on the 25th. Other than that, I’m awaiting Spring with bated breath. The two shows that instantly get on my watch list is of course, Jojo and the 2nd season of Date A Live. Everything else I forget but I will cross that bridge when the snow melts. Warner Anime on Youtube has the Character trailers up for Joseph and Avdol and I dare say they are pretty damn good. Sugita couldn’t pull off the Old Joseph as well as he did Younger Joseph but I feel like the new one is a great rendition. Both Avdols are great, but “judgement” (HAH, REFERENCE!) comes after Avdol gives us “YES I AM” and “HELL2U”. Kakyoin is up next and I have a hard time not imaging him as Koji Yusa. Do me proud.

Mahou Sensou is everything worse that I imagined. I wait. I will compare it later with some series when the season is up. On a happier note, I’m obviously enjoying Space Dandy (well, I liked the first half more in all honesty but I hope they can prove me wrong) and Nisekoi so far. I’m completely caught up with the latter as well.

If you aren’t  following Twitch and Pokemon, we beat Generation 1 a while ago and we’re having a considerably easier time with Gen 2 in my opinion. Because navigation was tricky again and because we didn’t release our starter yet, our Feraligatr is above Level 40 while the rest cower at his power.

Anyways, I forgot to add Diavolo’s theme in the Character theme portion of the JJBA ASB theme marathon so here we are folks.

Music of the Week #126


Catchin Fire

Killer Queen

So other than getting the three episodic posts out, I’ve picked up:

  1. Downloading another eroge
  2. Following the Twitch Plays Pokemon craze

What eroge did I download? A trippy Lewis Carroll-esque bugger called Hapymaher, I’ll explain if I ever need to but Google it up and you’ll see why I went for it (Hint: blonds). Anyway, I need a break from Fallout New Vegas and Dark Souls II looms around the corner. Galaxy Angel is still a point of interest but at this point, discontinued for a while as I build up my love for the series again. League is once again the only actual game I’m playing.

But Twitch’s pokemon game that has been going on for 2 weeks is something I take great joy in. Even though we rarely get things done. I hope to tell you people all about it but I wasn’t fully aware of its hilarity until last week. Go on and check it out, go worship a Helix Fossil.

Moving on:

This week’s song is probably one of the really uncommon ones. I was playing the game with my brother who pointed out the song in the Gallery mode was really relaxing. He insisted that I leave it on as the controllers recharged while we lounged around. Here’s the Gallery theme which is also called Why Don’t You Come Into My Room? Fitting as the Gallery menu narrator is none other than Emporio Alnino.