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Music of the Week #152


At least this is somewhat on time

Earthbound 1

Classes are starting back up and getting into rhythm of things also motivated me to keep up with writing here (which honestly is the opposite of what I expected). Dandy and Blade Dance are ready to go tomorrow and the next while the grace of the American Education system gives me this Monday off. For better or for worse, I have part-time job for that 4-day event so I’m not too free in all honest.

Either way, it’s going to get busy so I’ll have minimal time trying to play anything.

Speaking of playing games, today marks the 20th anniversary of Earthbound’s release in Japan. Being one of my all-time favorite games to play, let’s dig into its exceedingly bizarre tracks. Let’s begin with its opening credits seen after the foreshadowing of the “invasion” of Gigyas

Music of the Week #151


EDIT: Turns out I actually have something to do today. Non-review stuff next time. But not like you were looking forward to anything.

Less than a week remains.


Classes start up on Monday and it’s going to get busy once again. I’m actually up to date with this published so I guess I can work all day today on a non-review post for tomorrow. Then the usual fanfare with the weekend trio line-up. There’s literally not much else than that going on with my life as I just await the inevitable.

Either a figure post, game talk, or just something else. I have no idea what I want to do for tomorrow either but I got a lot of drafts up and going at once.

See ya folks later and to leave and end this summer with a farewell theme, let’s have one of my most nostalgia inducing songs from none other than Champloo’s final song. Here’s San Francisco by Midicronica.

Music of the Week #150


The Hunt


I’ve got Blade Dance ready to go and a Gametalk (surprise) prepped up as well. Other than that, the weekend fiasco shall return as regularly scheduled. I’m sort of in the “hunting” mood as I’ve learned Galaxy Angel’s 3rd game’s PS2 version has Extra CG for everybody so I’m on the prowl to hunt them down. I’m also on the lookout for GA’s artbooks while I’m also getting two figures. The life of a  collector can only get more disastrous.

Other than that, work has ended so like I said last week, I’m trying to get ahead of schedule before classes hinder my progress.

So I’ll leave you with this while I go hunt and type some more stuff for you all. Sanctuary ship from Impression

Music of the Week #149


That was just one


Dandy will be up tomorrow while Blade Dance will come down on Friday and the usual shtick involving Jojo, SAO, and Dandy will repeat itself again. I’ve got Part 1 of the Figure post down and got a few more non-review posts coming down the line so there’s that to look out for.

There’s honestly not much to say since I’m just going to be typing and relaxing until classes start on the 25th. It’ll be smooth sailing until then. I’ll be having a lot of time to type since work is now over. Short stuff but I’ll hopefully get more stuff up for you guys

Here you folks, Chambers from the Champloo OST

Music of the Week #148


More non-recap posts coming.


Jojo is going strong and the fights will continue to get “Better” in terms of Part 3 as the weeks move on. Space Dandy is a fluctuating wave so we’ll just wait and see what happens. It’s not bad but every episode isn’t always great. SAO will be watched just because torturing myself is a must for every season. Admittedly, I’m okay with it so far since Asuna is gone. Blade Dance got a tad bit more interesting but I don’t expect anything else from it since everyone apparently praises the later novels over the older ones.

With that said, I got some other non-review posts coming in so look out for those.

I only got a good month left before classes begin so I plan to make the most of it in my definition. See you later folks.


Music of the Week #147


Almost caught up


SAO is going to get posted immediately after this so look out for that one.

Then we got the rest of this week to get down and I’m essentially back on schedule. With the little bit of extra time on my hands, I actually got some work to get done regarding some educational stuff while I got a bigger post planned for later. Look forward to it. Other than that, not much else going on with my life other than working, writing, and playing a game that I talked above above.

Have a Funkin’ Wednesday folks

Music of the Week #146



Samurai Champloo L@mBerT

I was busy with work for the past few days but apparently I’m getting shorter times because more people are coming in to work so I have even more free time. We got an episode of Dandy and Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance and Jojo at Friday morning. Blade Dance will be coming out shortly while Dandy will be done with this week’s episode on Saturday. Then Jojo and the cycle repeats itself and of course SAO when I have to.

I’ll explain what game has put me under its thrall but I feel like I already mentioned it but either way, I’ll give a full post on that so expect that soon.

Either way, I got stuff to write so see you all later.

This week’s belated theme is Nightshift, enjoy