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Music of the Week #146



Samurai Champloo L@mBerT

I was busy with work for the past few days but apparently I’m getting shorter times because more people are coming in to work so I have even more free time. We got an episode of Dandy and Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance and Jojo at Friday morning. Blade Dance will be coming out shortly while Dandy will be done with this week’s episode on Saturday. Then Jojo and the cycle repeats itself and of course SAO when I have to.

I’ll explain what game has put me under its thrall but I feel like I already mentioned it but either way, I’ll give a full post on that so expect that soon.

Either way, I got stuff to write so see you all later.

This week’s belated theme is Nightshift, enjoy

Music of the Week #145


The transition week is upon us

Samurai Champloo L@mBerT

So far it’s Space Dandy and SAO II that are out that I have watched. One because it’s just fun with great music while the other is it to confirm Light’s judgement of the light novels, although he has recently reread GGO and said it was pretty weak. I apologize for not posting those two post as they came out on Saturday. I got myself a new labtop and had to move around 40 gigs worth of stuff here. Downloading some games took some time as well. My highlight of the week was that I was able to run GA II with the PCSX 2. Feels so good man.

Anyways, I’m free of work for the rest of the week so I should be able to get the important stuff up so see you then.

Here’s this week’s music folks, I’m off to download more stuff and write.


Music of the Week #144


Summer’s here and it rained for 3 days here.


Only two things remained to be reviewed. Black Bullet will be up tomorrow while Friday will have Ping Pong. That’s right, I marathoned the entire thing on Monday and yeah, you can probably guess my reaction to it. Anyways, Summer just let loose its first episodes and they both have nothing to do with my interests so nope.

Not sure if I should just make a large preview post or just go through everything individually. Then again, as If I’m going to branch out and watch SoL and yuri stuff.

Here’s Tsurugi ni Mai from Champloo enjoy folks. Watch out for Black Bullet tomorrow.

Music of the Week #143


One More week

Champloo 5

Allow me to explain why I’m a bit late on things. I went for a trip down to California for educational and family reasons on Saturday. The reasons however aren’t that important since it was small enough to warrant only 2 days. Jojo is written up and only needs pictures, Black Bullet is 13 episodes long so it has one more week left. This leaves us with the Hitsugi no Chaika review coming up. So 3 things to look out for.

Other than that, not much else going on. Actually, I got myself a 3DS on my trip to California so that’s an amazing thing. What’s even better is that I got it for free and it is fully functional. Only thing holding the system back is that I have no games for it and I’m going to lend it to a friend of mine for his own trip to Delaware. For some reason or another, he owns both X and Y and wants to transfer his data to the other so in a week, I’ll finally get to play the 6th Generation. Not that it’s that exciting since I only have four 6th gen pokemon I like.

That’s enough of that though.

Here’s Silver Morning from the ever glorious soundtrack of Champloo.

Music of the Week #142


Late again, oh well.

Champloo Jin

So DAL and Nisekoi are over which leaves us Black Bullet with one episode left (after I do the double recap) while we’re not even halfway done with Stardust Crusaders. Hitsugi no Chaika is also ends next week and that will be talked about as well. It gets a second season for the Fall and you can best believe I’m going to cover that for sure. I haven’t fully looked into the Summer season but the shows I know I’m watching are:

  • Space Dandy: Obvious reasons
  • Kantai Collection: Seasonal fanservice
  • Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance: LN series that Light likes

Only now do I realize I’m watching absolute fanservice. I hope that I find something because Summer seasons have, in my recent memory, been pretty boring. Thank god for Jojo.

Well that’s all for now folks, let’s get you the music.

This is the 4th ending of Samurai Champloo during the baseball episode. Here’s Fly by Tsutchie

Music of the Week #141




Work ended late and I took a nap before going out for an extremely late dinner so I completely forgot about this week’s post. So as you can see, it’s a day late.

Black Bullet will be bundled with next week’s episode mostly because it’s an emotion with nothing but emotion going on there’s not much for me to write about that’s worthwhile for posting. There wasn’t a fight, only Rentaro’s sense of justice being heavily shaken. When the fighting inevitably happens next week, the recap will be posted. Date A Live II ends this week and I’ll be giving Episode 10 a post while doing a series review early next week. Jojo will truck through without hesitations.

I picked up Hitsugi no Chaika on Monday and by yesterday I was completely caught up. I’ll be honest: I regret not covering it weekly but oh well, it has a second season airing Fall so that’ll be my chance. I’ll speak more of Chaika once it ends so look foward to that.

Everything nears its end, so prepare for Summer. Speaking of Summer, it was chilly as hell two days ago.

Continuing the Champloo chill-train, here’s the 3rd ending. That opening scene still reminds me why I still cherish this series even with its shortcomings. This is Love Song, the ending for Episode 17.

Music of the Week #140


The hype is back


Black Bullet will be bundled. Episode 8 was finished up on Sunday but I thought it was too short. Since by the time I would be putting it up would be the day before Episode 9 aired, I decided to keep it all in one place and release it on Thursday

Work is going fine and my labtop will soon come. I have the entirety of the PS2 gamefiles to run Galaxy Angel II and my hype to get back into League and DotA 2 are at an all time high. Might even end up buying Metal Gear Rising. To add to all of this, I’m playing through Dark Souls II again after Platinuming it last Sunday to prepare for the DLC coming out. The gaming void finally seems to be at its end.

Other than that, season’s nearly over and I’m sad to see Date A Live go, it was getting so good too. Jojo is picking up speed with one of my favorite fights in Part 3 coming up this Friday too.

We’re continuing the Champloo train with Who’s Theme, the 2nd version of the usual ending